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Hello everyone, and boy do I have such
great news to share with you! Now is the best time to become a vegetarian and eat
nothing but lettuce. NOTHING but lettuce! if you’re looking for a fast way to lose
weight, look no further than lettuce. You can even eat a burger from McDonald’s!
All you got to do is just eat a little bit of it!
Unlike big companies that don’t want to reveal the secret formula, we’ll go ahead
and let you in on the inside scoop. There are no superfoods, and there are no
vitamins, it’s just lettuce. The secret is on the lettuce and it’s a parasitic
illness that comes up whenever something has come in contact with shit. Yes,
literal shit. It’s called Cyclospora, and no, that’s not a hipster bicycle bar that
you can join. It’s a parasitic illness that causes diarrhea and weight loss.
There’s your secret. Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is Dante, and on this
episode of Y’all Messed Up, we’re going to talk about lettuce. So here I have
this this article called “Romaine Lettuce in Salads and Wraps Recalled, This Time
for Possible Parasite Risk” now that’s kind of crazy to me.
As usual, I’ll go ahead and leave a link in the description below so if you want
to see this article for yourself, you can. Oh romaine, we hardly had time to eat ye
after the recent e.coli outbreak officially ended back in May. Yeah, let’s
talk about that because I remember seeing articles like in June also, so,
like, this is not the first rodeo that lettuce has had with e.coli. We’ve
had a pretty bad year for lettuce, let’s be real. I mean there’s been so many
outbreaks of e.coli other diseases and it like there recalls like crazy,
Salmonella is making a huge freakin resurgence too I don’t know what to say
about it. Now the beloved salad green has found
its way into controversy again as part of a recall involving parasites at this
point no illnesses have been reported in connection with a recall but the FSIS
says illnesses might not have been reported yet due to the time it takes
when a person becomes ill and when the Illness is reported for Cyclospora
infections this could take up to six weeks.
Symptoms include gastrointestinal issues like watery diarrhea a loss of appetite
cramping or bloating fatigue and nausea in some paces… hold on a second. Okay .I’m
not gonna lie I’ve actually had some of these symptoms late.
I’ve been extremely bloated. I’ve been rather tired honestly. As you can see in
the suggested thing, there’s also Ritz cracker products recalled for possible
Salmonella… oh my god, so really this is just a bad year for food. Like
there’s a lot of crap going on, I don’t really know what to make of it because…
you know, everybody eats food. Everybody needs it, everybody needs that
nourishment in their lives, so I don’t really know what to make of it if
I’m being honest with you. Five dead nearly 200 sick in e.coli
outbreak from lettuce. So this food contamination thing is getting a little
ridiculous. I don’t know… I don’t know if it’s just like the mass amount of things,
like quality control is just hard to maintain, I don’t know what it is but
guys it’s a bad time to eat. This is kind of serious, especially whenever e coli
left literally people dead, and a lot of people hospitalized and sick because of,
you know, lettuce and stuff. So that’s where I’m gonna go ahead and wrap up, so
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below because this is kind of ridiculous. This is kind of crazy, I mean you can’t
even eat lettuce you know how many things they put lettuce on. They put it
on burgers, they put it on salad, salad is just a head of lettuce, if you get a
sandwich from pretty much anywhere… like it could be Jimmy John’s, could be McDonald’s, two different types of places, Subway, all
those places, they’re all gonna have lettuce optional on your sandwich and
even like places like, I don’t know, Chipotle and Qdoba… Qdoba is better than Chipotle by the way,
you’re gonna find the option for lettuce and I’ve had
lettuce from from Qdoba plenty of times and Chipotle, so I don’t know I could
have possibly been affected I by this because I have been rather bloated the
past like, I’d say couple days. I mean, it’s starting to get better, but I have
experienced quite a bit of bloat. So hey that’s where I’m gonna wrap up this
episode, so thank you all for watching and as always the most important part,
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want and I’ll see you in the next episode.

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