Salon Style Short Almond Shape Acrylic Nails Full Look – Naio Nails Tutorial

Hi, I’m Kirsty Meakins from Naio Nails. In
this video, I’m going to show you how to sculpt a short almond nail for all those people that
like those short itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny nails. So this video is for all those people that
want to know how to do a short almond nail. Lots of people in the salon do have short
almond nails. They’re really, really wearable, super easy to do, so I’m going to show you
how to do them. I’ve already removed the surface shine off the nail. I’m just prepping the
nail with dehydrator. Do that on all five nails and then we’re going to go ahead and
go in with a primer. Then we’re going to fit this sculpture forms.
Just get rid of this for a moment. Tab on the back, give it a wiggle between your thumbs.
I’m going to do this on every single nail. Because we’re going an almond-shaped nail,
I’m going to open the back, kick it under that tiny, tiny, tiny free edge, and the form
will drop a little bit. So the angle of the form will drop down slightly. If you look
at the side view, you can see how it slopes, a touch which means you still got a nice straight
side wall and then the almond nail will come up here. I’m going to do that on all five
nails. So the colour that I’m using today is soft
beige, I’ve got Max Adhesion liquid. I’m going pick up a big bead. I’m not going to go straight
to the cuticle I’m going to do that part after. I’ll concentrate on doing this free edge.
It’s all going to be one colour. Okay, small bead at the back, not bled out
cause we don’t need that high pigment of the cuticle. So I’m going to do these on all
of these nails, yeah? Watch again. So, if you look at the number we’ve gone onto on
this one, just shine number 1. You’re going to do that on all other nails apart from the
little finger, you’re going slightly shorter. The reason we’re going to go slightly shorter
on the little finger is because it will be balanced. If we actually went the same length
like among the longer nail, now we’ve come to this thumb, we’re doing opposite, a little
bit longer, because if we do the same length on the thumb, it will look shorter. We’re
going to this on one bead, because it’s a small finger. One bead application is the
easiest way to do salon nails. It’s quick. You get the structure laid in all on one go.
Salon nails are a shorter nail, a quick nail, and you would never do a competition nail
in one bead because your every single part of that nail needs to be absolutely perfect
so you have to do it stage by stage because it needs to be so perfect. So, the thumb,
we’re going to take to the number 1, all the way to that number 1. So, taking all the forms
off now, so I’m going to file this into shape, go sidewards first. I’m just doing the free
edge a little bit, and I’m going to go over the electric file. I’m going to use the electric
file, just with some cuticle. You’ve got to be really careful when you’re using this file.
I’m just refining the surface, taking off any bulk where needed. So I’m going to tidy
up these nails now, we’ve gone over the file and just make them a little bit more perfect,
smoothen them out. So I’m going to file the sidewalls, just whip around that length, get
that cuticle area nice and smooth. Now I’m just going to whip over the full surface just
to refine that further. This length, this short almond length that
I’ve done today is really wearable. I have a lot of client. They have busy lifestyles.
They have this kind of length but I try to encourage them to have them even longer but
they say no. Damn it. More is more in my book. I’m going to smooth them over with a white
block. Dust them off. Now I’m going to wipe them over with pure acetone. This is going
to smooth the top surface and also get rid of any oil and get rid of any of the dust.
Now we’re going to seal this with mega gloss. Now at this stage, you could apply gel polish
or any other nail art that you wanted to. In this video, I just wanted to show you how
to create a short, wearable almond nail. 1 minute in LED or 2 minutes in UV. Look at that! That is beautiful! Look, they
look really nice for this one. So if you know any nurse in [inaudible 7:38], “Aww, I can’t
wear nails.” Well, guess what? Get a set of these on. They’re just simply your natural
nails. So I’m just finishing off with some cuticle
oil now. But just look, I’m not being funny but come on now. Just look at these nails.
Just look at how beautiful they are for a natural almond salon style nail. Don’t forget all of the products we use
today are in the description box below. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and don’t
forget to like us on Instagram and Facebook and we will see you next time! Bye!

100 Replies to “Salon Style Short Almond Shape Acrylic Nails Full Look – Naio Nails Tutorial”

  1. You can’t have long nails at all when you work at the hospital my mum is a nurse 👩‍⚕️ and she said you can’t

  2. Why are local salons using tips when I see most nail channels on YouTube using forms? Forms are ideal because each nail is unique and they can mold it to your specific nail shape. Tips can’t do this because they’re precut and supposedly universal. I’m tired of going to salons and getting looked at like I’m crazy when really it’s them who’re crazy. Why don’t they know this stuff? I’ll ask for a simple gel overlay and they think I mean shellac and when I say NO, I want a hard gel layover they’re clueless. Maybe they’re just lazy, but it’s super discouraging.

  3. Those look really really good! You're a truly skilled technician and are really good at what you do! I enjoy watching your vids 😊😊

  4. i can't put on forms to save my life. well first off i do not have a free edge due to insufficient nail plates due not enough nutrients. in another vid, Adam mentioned living dead nails and that describes my nails to a tee.

  5. I’ve never had my nails done before and I’m 16 and I’m getting acrylic soon. Are they going to cut my cuticles and stuff? I have pretty Short nails and I’m scared it’s gonna hurt then the first push back my cuticles and stuff

  6. Omg they are beautiful I wish we had someone like you here in Gatineau, Québec that would do nails the way you do them.🥰

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  8. Im a nail bitter and was wondering if i could wear alicrycal nails for more than sex months by taking them off and regetting new once (once every 3 weeks). Is that save? Will it be dangerous? Is it even possible to do?
    Hope you'll answer.
    Love your channel.

  9. Love to watch these videos but can't stand that filing sound of nails, please mute it in the following videos you make, that scratching noise is non-tolerable for many people.

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  13. knowledgeable and talented as ever. What is with almond shape all of a sudden? Even to this day Almond shape is still popular.

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    Also 2019 anyone

  15. It was very hard to find someone in TN, who would do this and than ended up paying $95 and $74 for filling. She used 2 whites.

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  17. Im watching this in 2019 and I am 16 yrs old. I've always had short almond nails, but they've NEVER looked good. Next time I have my nails done I'm getting them longer and a coffin shape. Fingers crossed they the out good

  18. I love, love, love these beautiful almond nails. If only I could do these for myself. I watch all your videos but it would be impossible for me to wear such long nails that you usually sculpt. These almond would be perfect for me.

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