SCP-1407 DJ’s Headphones | Object Class: Euclid | electronic scp / parasitic scp

Item #: SCP-1407 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: All instances
of SCP-1407 are to be contained in standard security lockers, located within Site-77.
Personnel assigned to SCP-1407 are to wear ear protection while interacting with SCP-1407.
Any subjects found to have been affected by SCP-1407 are to be quarantined for study,
followed by termination. Description: SCP-1407 designates a number
of headphone sets, commonly referred to as ear buds. Instances of SCP-1407 are composed
of ordinary plastic and various metal wires, along with other components normally found
in headphones. Instances of SCP-1407 function normally. When an instance of SCP-1407 is worn in the
ear of a human subject, it will begin to extrude metal wires into the subject’s ear canal.
Subjects will not report feeling these wires, but will indicate that they find the SCP-1407
instance extremely comfortable to wear. After a period of 20-45 minutes, these wires reach
the cochlea, and will begin to extend into the pores of the ear canal, physically removing
any hairs and replacing them with wires. At this point, the subject will be unable to
remove the SCP-1407 instance without severely damaging their ear canals. SCP-1407 will continue spreading through the
subject’s body, most commonly to the outer epidermal tissue and ocular cavities. Subjects
may report rashes or impaired vision. Underneath the epidermal tissue, SCP-1407 will create
additional instances of itself by replicating its components with bone, muscle, and bodily
fluids. In addition, follicles existing on the surface of the epidermal tissue will be
replaced with SCP-1407 wires. Additional SCP-1407 instances will also be created in the stomach,
cranium, and intestines, usually growing beneath the outer tissue layer and appearing as cysts
or hemorrhoids. It takes 1-3 days for an SCP-1407 instance to fully spread through the subject’s
body. If the subject is exposed to sounds greater
than 115 dB, the speakers within the subject’s body will begin to replicate the sound. As
exposure time increases, the subject’s skin tissue and any matter occupying the ocular
cavities will begin to flake off or dissolve, as the speakers within the subject become
louder. In addition, the number of SCP-1407 instances present within the subject will
increase continuously, until the pressure within the body causes them to be violently
ejected through the subject’s orifices, or through tissue weakened by SCP-1407’s effect. SCP-1407 was recovered from a nightclub in
Miami, FL, after a DJ suddenly expired during a party. When autopsy reports reached Foundation
assets in the local police department, the body was secured along with one instance of
SCP-1407. As of 11/14/2006, SCP-1407 has been classified as Euclid. Currently, 11 instances of SCP-1407 are in

30 Replies to “SCP-1407 DJ’s Headphones | Object Class: Euclid | electronic scp / parasitic scp”

  1. As an electronic music producer, this is fucking terrifying. But, like…do they sound good? I mean, I like my Sennheisers and all, but, I'm always looking to upgrade to better sound quality. Haha

  2. I came to this specific SCP thinking I could eat without being forced into vomiting.
    "It's just a pair of headphones." I said.
    "No way this could ever make me not want to eat anymore." I said.

  3. This SCP is boring. Just another monster copying an appliance/technology to trick you into using, eating your body from the inside-out, and making copies of its self.
    Where's the creativity?! Come on, when I was going through the SCP files I found like 50 to 60 or more scp's exactly like this one. Why couldn't it have I don't know, made them more In tune with the music, causing them to feel and see the music as well as hearing it? Maybe it could have caused them to become a speaker, where their body produces ambient music all the time based on their personality. Or perhaps it allows them to control the device it's plugged into using their mind. Maybe it could have increased their audio range to the point of hearing something incredibly quite while also having the endurance to listen to something that would have made a normal person deaf in an instant. I mean these were all just off the top of my head, why can't someone come up with something original and creative, and not everything has to be absolutely mysterious and utterly and completely dangerous! Some things they can just have and solved but be able to experiment with and try to innovate for their own uses. So far all of the SCP stories give me an impression of a lack of information gathering skills, lack of in telegenic gathering, lack of luck, lack of willingness to experiment, lack of willingness to destroy a dangerous SCP that they can easily deal with. It's silly. And the SCPs get boring after a while, it's really predictable with their outcome, information, or lack their of.

  4. my earbuds should get SCP status. when my earbuds are unobserved both directly and indirectly for any amount of time its anomalous properties will take effect. It will be noticed upon later observation that the earbuds will have been tangled in various knots. The way in which it tangles appear to be random. The earbuds can be untangled and used normally, however it is extremely difficult to do so. The earbuds will later begin to re entwine themselves once unobserved.

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