ScrewAttack! “Guts VS Nightmare” DEATH BATTLE REACTION!!!!

Ooh… Ooh… Yes, get him! Yes! Beat his ass! [Laughs] How is it going today, Loyalists Kingdom? My name’s Dwayne. My name is Jasmine. We’re Dwayne N Jazz. Today we have for you… “Guts VS Nightmare,” Death Battle. You guys have really been requesting this one… a lot. I don’t think I know either of these two. I think I may know Nightmare… But I don’t know Guts. I don’t know who Guts is. I think Guts is from “Berserk,” the anime. Oh, I didn’t finish watching that. See, I only saw like the first episode. I couldn’t get with the animation, and so I stopped. So… Let’s dive right on in. [Hums theme song] I love that music. I know. Oh, that’s Cloud. Oh, man… I forgot what that was. That thing just looks bad. Yep. Oh, I didn’t… Play… I didn’t see… Well, I watched “Berserk.” I thought I played “Soulcalibur.” I never played “Soulcalibur.” They have little… It’s like R.K classic. Yeah, it is. It’s a old game. Oh, see now, I need to watch that one. The older one. That one has the regular animation. The new one is like… Weird. Yeah, I need to watch that one. Mhm. [Chuckles] Oh, my god… Oh, my goodness. Heh. The camp whore? Ooh. Ugh. Yeah, that’s the one I saw. Yep. Okay. Oh! Wow… Woah. Oh, my goodness. Mhm. Yep, yep. Now, he’s a Fullmetal Alchemist. [Laughs] [Laughs] I’m so negative about it. I know, me too. 6 and a… Oh, my god. Oh, okay. Oh, it’s a game? That was a game, I thought. Yeah. Oh, my god. Is he indestructible? Seem like it. [Chuckles] What is that? It look like Medusa. Ooh. Hmm. Oh, geez. Wow… Ugh! Ew. Damn. So, it’s like… It’s disgusting. It’s be cooler if it was able to heal him. Yeah. That’d be dope. But he’s just a human, so… Right? Yeah. I like that. That’s like some “Resident Evil.” [Laughs] [Chuckles] He’s still roasting people. I know. That thing looks evil. Mhm. Of course. Damn. Wait, right. [Chuckles] She’s got the… Why you gotta make them so big? Woah… You saw his hand? Mhm. Hmm. Ugh. Why does it have to get uglier? Right. [Laughs] Wow. He said “Watch this.” Damn. I ain’t watching nothing. I’m leaving. Bye. Ooh. [Chuckles] Mhm. Oh. Okay. Mhm. What the… Oh, my god. As if Nightmare wasn’t enough, they use Night Terror. Right. That’s so ugly as hell. It is! Soulcaliber is beautiful. Who you got? I got… uh… Guts, actually. I think I got… I’d got to say Nightmare, man. I’m saying Guts because… Like… His sword. You know… They said his sword could cut through anything that’s like… Uhh… Evil, demonic. Yeah. So, it might be able to cut through that. Yeah. So… I don’t know though. ‘Cause like Guts got it. I hope he do. Oh, boy. Uh oh. It’s about to get real. Yes! I almost didn’t understand what he said. I know. You have to listen like… hard. Ooh… Ooh… Yes, get him! Yes! Beat his ass! [Laughs] I thought you had Nightmare. I have Nightmare, I know. But, I think Nightmare is going to win because he’s a demon. Oh. Overpowered-ass demon. Look at that! Oh, you think he’s going to win but you’re really rooting for… Guts, okay. Damn. I don’t know what he just said. I don’t know what in hell he just said. What? Oh. He like slashed his face. Uh oh. Oh, my god. Night Terror. Look at this! Ooh. Dead. I still think Guts is going to win. I hope. You got it Guts! Show him what your name means. He can go through fire. Yep. Ooh. Yes! Yes! Cut him up! Do it again. It’s not over yet. See? That’s why you gotta double tap. Yeah. You can’t just go one and done. Oh, that when he was like all fire. Yeah. Uh oh. Berserk. I told you. Yeah, he double tapping now. Yeah. Now he keeps shooting it. Yeah, like his sword can cut through it. Mhm. [Laughs] That is a terrible life. Yep. That was dope. I’m glad you guys had us watch that. That was really good. The story lines for both of them were good… But you defiantly want to check out the “Berserk” anime. Not the new… The new one is kinda hard on the animation. Yeah, ’cause when I saw “Berserk,” I saw the new one. The new adaptation. It has that new type of… 3D-ish. Animation 3D. I couldn’t get with it. I was trying, but I couldn’t get with it, so I just stopped. Jazz’s eyes were hurting. Yeah, like it hurts your eyes. So like now I saw that there’s an older version. So I’m like “Oh, okay.” So it kinda reminds me of… uh… “Yu Yu Hakusho.” And he was like younger so I was like… “Why don’t he look like him?” Yeah, like new… But I’ll try to watch that one because that one actually looks like watchable. Instead of like the second one, I couldn’t do it. Yeah, but the battle. As far as the battle go, it was great. I was like… I was really… I wanted Guts to win but I was like… “That demon seemed overpowered.” Yeah, but it’s a demon though. Yeah, so that’s what he does all the time so… And so I knew he was going to win because of that. And plus, he got stabbed in the face and kept going. And that Berserker suit makes him keep going anyway. It’d be dope if the Beserker suit lets him heal. That’d be dope. It’d be a little over powered, but… Yeah, but he’s just human so… But anyway guys… Please comment down below and subscribe. And don’t forget to share, like, and subscribe. See you tomorrow guys.

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  1. Honestly, I personally think guts should have been outmatched, I feel like, as amazing as he is, his feats area all like the same as nightmare's except nightmare did it 10 times stronger…

  2. I'm surprised you guys didn't notice "Killed a demon lady disguised as a human while banging her" under Guts' list of accomplishments.

  3. I love when people who never seen or read berserk see that scene its like all your nightmares on crack. Please record your watching of berserk

  4. I'd actually be honored if someone designed a weapon specifically to kill me. Cuz that means I'm such a badass that nothing else works

  5. I feel you. The older version, at least in terms of animation, is leagues above this new CG crap they be doing these days. The only anime I’ve seen using this technique well is yowamushi pedal

  6. Hey I'm a new youtuber and I would love it if you did a reaction to one of my videos. It's a berserk video I tried to improve it from the original.

  7. They also forgot to mention that his girlfriend basically became mentally disabled after she got raped, and Guts has to take care of her AND kill demons at the same time… Pretty depressing

  8. im sorry but the moment soul edge whe t through guts' chest, guts SHOULD have died the armor may pin stuff in place but with how wide soul edge is, it had to have split his fucking heart open, the berserker armor doesn't prevent the wielder from bleeding out

  9. Berserk manga is glorious. Not just due to how bad-ass it can be, but it also has its moments of levity and existentialism that really touches with the reader.

    And the art is SOOOO good. The creator has a knack for expressing so many emotions in each of his panels.

  10. This episode made me read berserk. I had never heard of it before. An now I want a berserk tattoo

  11. Before modern weapons, the most people killed by one person was 40 on a bridge and the warrior was a viking berserker.

  12. Just read the manga actually only read the manga if you can handle very very gross and gory stuff cause screw attack used the manga version of Guts

  13. the only shit about the new adaptation of berserk is the animation and i hope berserk will get the adaptation it truly deserves. still waiting for it to come.

  14. "How do you describe Berserk in one sentence?" "Well, fate was basically like 'Fuck this one guy in particular'…"

  15. I hate the "they do this all the time argument." Guts is good at fighting demons but put him up against spawn and he is gonna loose, Batman fights people with ice abilities like Mr.Freeze but put him against Ice Man or Sub Zero and he will loose, Daredevil is good at fighting people without powers but put him against Guts and he will loose, Michael Myers is good at killing humans but put him against Bayonetta and he will loose (as much as it pains me to say it cuz I love Michael Myers.) Put Guts against Nightmare and he should have lost

  16. If anybody else here has ever played the first Soul Caliber game, tell me who's your favorite og character, mine is Astaroth.

  17. To admit, im not a huge fan of reaction videos or channels, but I enjoy watching you two react to Death Battles. I look foward to watching more.

  18. The the reason for the armor not having a heal factor was because of how the author did not like weird hacks or cheats. The only health item in berserk is bandages and medicine which makes senses.

  19. Guts is by far the manliest man in the history of manliness, also got the jaw line of a fucking sledgehammer

  20. I read the berserk manga so you thinking that Guys is going to lose and that Nightmare could beat him,Adorable

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