Selvi Mess – Salem – A Mess In Salem Providing Excellent Non Veg Food

we prepare mutton biryani and chicken biryani separately… chicken biryani, mutton biryani, quail biryani, egg biryani, plain biryani meals country chicken varuval, country chicken sukka, country chicken fry, quail sukka, quail fry, quail masala prawn fry, prawn sukka, prawn masala mutton head curry, mutton brain fry, mutton liver, mutton kothu curry, mutton varuval in fish… chilli fish, katla fish, what is famous here? country chicken fry, country chicken pepper fry mutton brain fry, mutton head curry fry my name is perumal.., iam the owners brother.general manager here we started in the year 1984 did u start here ? at first it was in chennai and bangalore, but we soild it.. now we have four branches in chennai, a new one is being constructed now the new building has veg and non veg separately we start at 10.30 and server lunch till 4 pm after that tiffin items will be available vanjaram is famous here…. country chicken fry customers buy biryani parcels we grind our own masalas

39 Replies to “Selvi Mess – Salem – A Mess In Salem Providing Excellent Non Veg Food”

  1. Why are they using same spatula to stir different kind of non-veg dishes? It's highly disrespectful for customers who wants to eat Chicken but don't want to touch Mutton or vice-versa

  2. Humble request to all you tube channel who do the food review …. review and share the details please don’t do marketing and advertisement … it’s like marina sundari Akka Kadai .. you dis big mistakes

  3. One thing i have noticed in TN food joints, the word High-class displayed in broad bold letters. To attract families I suppose.

  4. He is using the same spoon for chicken mutton and fish dishes. Taste gets all mixed up and ends up tasting the same.

  5. Can anyone let me know what style biryani do they serve there? And also please share the biryani recipe, if anyone has it..

  6. முதல்ல மாதிரி சுவை இல்லை இங்கு வேலை செய்பவர்கள் சிக்கன் மட்டன் வாங்க வேண்டும் என்று மிரட்டி கேக்கரான் புரோட்டா என்றால் கேவலமா பார்க்கரானுக

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