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  1. I saw in an ayahuasca trip that I had inside me (heart chakra) a black hole like a black water mirror (Portal?/connection with source? Harald Klaus Vella spoke about that somewhere)…..so my thinking is to travel through there if I can when i die.
    What is your opinion about that?

  2. Thank you very much Marc and Sherry for this most timely discourse !
    I went through a similar process to re-program my Divine Self and my sub&un consciousness and super consciousness to re-align and attune as a daily practice!

  3. Great guest! Sherry is very knowledgeable in this subject. The late Robert Monroe, of the Monroe Institute, spoke about LOOSH rote and how it's harvested by astral entities.

  4. You need to pray before you go to bed to protect yourselves when astrol traveling. These GREY'S and Lizards /reptiles love to fear humans and that opens portholes in your defence sheild. These weaken portholes give demonics a easy way into your physical body.
    This causes hip replacements, knee replacements, they bind you. FACT✔
    So people go to the doctors, but what they really need is prayer and faith. ✔
    These entities drop off and no need for a operation. They want you to go into hospital to drop in chips, plasmas, antennas. FACT✔
    People are hearing computer voices, this is high tec ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE by the Greys Archrons➡demons in bio suits, a evil spirit in the fat head of a Grey equals their BLACK EYES no soul. ✔👍
    Lizards/ reptiles serpents dwell under the earth and sea with dug out earth tunnels. Ive seen a Reptilian swimming in the water with a Grey holding onto it. They look for GOLD!
    They have airships, Yes UFOS. Ive seen a Grey driving a small airship UFO with sophistication technology. I've seen many UFOS but I call them airships because they are really from the LOWER underworld. FACT.✔
    They feed off us, she is 100% right. Downing us in all ways by mind and hurting our bodies into a fast grave.
    They poisoning us in sprays, nanos, drones, orbs, palpitations, particles, Lazer beams and rythums.
    They use mind scripe dreams & visions on us.
    Dont trust all your dreams.
    They are the VOICES!!! Three people jumped off balconies in a public housing block where I lived through hearing voices. (2 died)😔
    young people.
    There was a mother ship straight above us.
    I can see the unseen world.
    There was drugs mostly Crack and sexual parties in the housing block😨.
    I was getting into JESUS by then. I had called out GOD a lot of times at night through seeing these evil pricks. They cause illusions, sickness, mental health and death.
    Just what they want. These Greys hook onto you. FACT! Binding you in obligations of packs treaties deals deeds and ownership of you and you whole family tree. By advanced hypothesis FACT!✔
    Only GOD/ JESUS can completely cure you and renounce Satan and his advocates, Repent your sins and clean up your mind/ its redemption changing your thought patterns. Look up redemption it means change.
    Truth is through JESUS to GOD.
    I ran to a Catholic Cathedral and they gave me a exorcism, prayers of deliverance & liberation plus the Catholic BINDING PRAY😊 Woe awesome.
    I saw Holy Angels of GOD binding these demonic entities up.
    So now I have 100% faith.
    THEY ARE BULLIES and can never let you go. That's why you need GOD/JESUS thats the only way. UP!
    Thanks be to GOD the most high. Amen

  5. Sherry, part of being a natural human is to perform mundane tasks. There is humility, beauty, spirituality, and mediation in their performance. There is no freedom in unlearning how to do for yourself. This is also a form of self hatred. Fundamental, necessary, mundane human chores are beneath the human? Holding the human back from ascending – not at all. Mixing robotics w a currency-less society removes the promise of the currency-less society. It's dependence not freedom. No thanks. I think the possibility to evolve to greater consciousness as a group was shackled on purpose by injecting technology into it, the black smokey swirl luring ppl with glass beads and wampum. Robots to work for you so u can do important things. Ppl need to grow their food themselves, clean their surroundings themselves, remember things themselves, make decisions themselves, darn their socks, pack a lunch, etc, etc. None of our mundane tasks hold us back. The slave jobs hogging 40+ hours a week that could be spent growing fixing building cleaning playing meditating for colored paper and electronic credits is all that needs to moved out if the way, oh and abdicating responsibility, that's the biggest. What you describe with AI is a trap. It sounds like a prison. If humans live in touch with nature and in accordance w natural law, no AI environmental detection system is needed. I am incredulous you don't see through that esp after you were shown self sufficiency by your dad. Sorry but the world u describe sounds like the lies from politicians trying to sell a raw deal to the populace. Not that u r a deceiver but I think u bought into all the trappings because you liked and we're inspired by the founder of the Venus project. I suggest exposing yourself to universal law as presented by Mark Passio to integrate into your schema for what an advancement in humanity looks like. Thanks for your interview. I enjoyed it. Please reevaluate your belief in robotics and software to help humans move past the isms. Humans need to be humans and embrace it. Humans are fundamentally of the earth with input from the universe. Robots can't get us to the next phase of consciousness. It takes us away from accepting and loving our true selves. It's like having slaves. It's like the promise of Splenda. Owning slaves has a spiritual cost

  6. bonjour Marc
    dommage que les sous-titres ne fonctionnent plus à partir de la 33 eme minute.. beug?
    Merci pour tout Marc 🙂

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