36 Replies to “Should Pregnant Women Take Calcium Supplements to Lower Lead Levels?”

  1. But most supplements if not plant based are not even bioactive so absorption is so low, also kidney stones can develop. This is a very insightful video

  2. Algae derived DHA, no lead, Hg, pesticides. Post partum depression may be liked to the depletion or reduction of DHA in women as they breast feed. Some 20 years ago the WHO mandated that all infant formula will contain DHA, the building block of the brain and retinas, etc. A good read on this subject is The Toxic Metal Syndrome. A person's first exposure to cannabinoids is through breast milk. Cannabinoids are what makes the magic in medical cannabis. Cannabidiol influences osteoblast and osteoclast activity in the body. Israel recently showed with clinical evidence that bone fractures heal much faster in the presence of supplemental cannabinoids. D3 is criitcal for bone health and calcium should never be taken without magnesium, see Dr. Carolyn Dean. Here is the NIH paper explaining the role of cannabinoids in bone maintenance. For further reading use www.ProjectCBD.org
    Cannabidiol, a Major Non-Psychotropic Cannabis Constituent Enhances Fracture Healing and Stimulates Lysyl Hydroxylase Activity in Osteoblasts.

  3. This is disturbing. So the recommendation is for American women to take calcium supplements regardless of whether or not they have adapted to lower calcium intake, and thus supplementation may or may not cause additional resorption. And what did researchers ever do for the Gambian women whose bodies they destroyed? I'm not convinced that supplementation is the way to go, for pregnancy or menopause. If anything, eat more organically – grown greens, right?

  4. what are your recommendations in terms of calcium intake.. i've been getting 300-500 mg of calcium a day for a long time.. since i heard garth davis say that if you filtered out the people that ate more then 500 mg there was no osteoporosis i'm making sure cronometer gives me at least 500 mg (which usually ends up being 510 not much more)
    is this ok?
    also since not too long ago i've been eating tofu maybe 1 or 2 times a week.. does the high intake of calciumsulfate effect me negatively in any way since my body is used to low calcium intake?

    i'm a man so i'm not breastfeeding or pregnant by the way.

  5. No they should also not take fluoride water GMO food vaccine med drugs alcohol cigarettes or abortion its all BAD

  6. Maybe science in doctors are wrong maybe the body absorbs the bad minerals when her body builds the small child and it gives the child the good minerals

  7. what about eating calcium rich food instead of taking calcium supplements? btw which foods are your favourite calcium rich foods guys? also, what is your favourite website or tool to check foods' nutrients?

  8. something about these studies must be wrong…
    i know the american RDA of calcium being somewhere in the 1000-1200 mg/day range…and i eat very mindfully – but its not an easy task to reach the calcium intakes suggested (i guess u know what im talking about when u punch the numbers into chronometer)
    …i doubt the woman they followed around actually got the 1000+ mg calcium a day (especially non dairy calcium)…nearly no one gets that much unless they eat a lot of veggies or leafy greens..which…lets face it…95++% of ppl dont
    i barely reach the 1000 even WITH knowing of the importance of calcium…so average eaters probably dont get even half that (ontop of eating acid forming foods that spill them right around again :p)

  9. id be much more curious if the calcium in eggshells is fine (OMG NOT VEGAN)
    usually synthetic chemicals r differently synthesized and contain inorganic compounds (no carbon atoms) whereas plants/animals contain organic molecules

  10. No need if you consume dairy and meat and fish too (animal sourced phospholipid DHA is very important for mothers to have a healthy offspring)

  11. They should have just slowly backed those women off of the Calcium supplements so their bodies could adapt.
    The problem was poor Calcium management.

  12. Would you please do a video on healthiest birth control options? Specifically health effects of the copper IUD. I’ve had that for a couple of years now and it’s hard for me to find very many studies on its health implications

  13. The study does not say what the source of the calcium was that they were taking . Most supplements are calcium carbonate , the same as eating rocks. What about an organic source of calcium. What about adding vitamin K2 as well.

  14. I think supplements may be an exception while pregnant…I could not keep much down for a couple of months and even after that there was a lot of food I just couldn’t handle.

    Green smoothies aren’t that nutritious if you puke them back up!

  15. Typical dumbass studies only look at one nutrient and a time. So typical of the medical community. Functional Medicine is far superior.

  16. Will drinking milk in the weekend at my parents negativly impact my bone health or will my body adapt and know how to keep the absorption of calcium on point, if my calcium intake is of the same magnitude (minimum of1200mg/day)

  17. I wish he had mentioned high dose vitamin c for lowering lead levels, as discussed in a previous video. This seems a safer method, being beneficial regardless of baseline calcium intake. https://youtu.be/tuxAhzVVI5I

  18. So are the calcium supplements in soy milk and tofu bad? They're not there naturally, they are put in there as a supplement.

  19. Can you do a video about this? https://youtu.be/7HbsyF-xBkc Specifically the iron and zinc part. The studies are in the description.

  20. so basically if you take 500mg/d, you dont poison the fetus, but you might get osteoporisis once you stop taking it? What about eating more tahini and working out to stimulate bonegrowth?

  21. This study was flawed because first of all the research says you must take a calcium supplement that also contains magnesium and vitamin D to absorb it, the body cannot absorb single nutrients well at all, and also 1500 mg is way above the RDA level.

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