Should We Avoid Soy, Almond, Oat Milks? Calcium Dangers? Dr Greger

We’ve known for some time that taking calcium
supplements can be dangerous for human health and in particular has been linked to an increased
risk of heart attack and stroke. This is because when we take the calcium supplement
we get a spike of calcium in our bloodstream and this rapid and sustained increases in
serum calcium after ingestion can last as long as eight hours. This produces a hypercoagulable state, where
your blood clots more easily, which could increase the risk of clots in the brain and
heart. Those on a plant based diet need to pay close
attention to their calcium intake ensuring they get adequate amounts. It’s recommended that adults need anywhere
from 500- 700mg of calcium daily. Thankfully there are some excellent vegan
sources of calcium which include kale which has 139mg of calcium per 100g serving, 1 cup
of collard greens provides 357mg 100g of calcium set tofu has roughly 350mg, 30g of Almonds
has 75mg 100g chia seed has 631mg of calcium. And 1 cup of steamed bok choy has 158 mg. What can also be very helpful are the calcium
fortified plant milks such as soy, oat and almond milk. And what’s great is the body absorbs the
calcium from soy milk just as well as it does from cows milk but without all harmful other
things found in dairy. But are these fortified milks really safe
or will they too cause a spike in our serum calcium levels and have similar effect as
supplements do? Well in a interview with and chat and chew
Dr Michael Greger was asked this very question. The link to the original video is in the description
below I highly recommended heading over to chat and chew‘s youtube channel as they
have tons of fantastic interviews with many plant based educators. All the links are below. [Dr Greger] The ideal source of calcium is
what are called low oxalate dark green leafy vegetables which are all greens with the exception
of spinach, swiss chard and beet greens-which are fantastic foods they’re just a little
stingy with their calcium and they don’t have great absorbable calcium sources. But all other greens like collards and kale
and bok choy etc are great sources of calcium. Why better sources than fortified almond milk,
soy milk? Because it’s not a processed food it doesn’t
have added sodium salt and has all these other wonderful goodies like fiber and folate and
potassium all these other wonderful things that you may be missing eating some kind of
soy milk or something. Soy milk is better than dairy milk though,
but wait a second isn’t there still kind of a large calcium load? Actually it’s not. The reason that we’re concerned about calcium
supplements is because we get this huge spike, so people take 500mg pills and that gives
you a huge spike in calcium levels in your blood and that’s what we think is causing
the problem whereas physiologically, naturally we’d get little bits of calcium throughout
the day and that’s something like you’d get in a glass of soy milk you get about 100mg
here 100 there and those are the more kind of natural levels that you’d get throughout
the day and you don’t get that artificial exaggerated spike in your calcium levels in
the blood which is why we think calcium supplements have been associated with heart attacks and
other adverse cardiovascular outcomes.

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