Should We Stop Taking Vitamin B12 Supplements? Dr Greger

Jeff Nelson and vegsource have recently released
another fantastic video in which Jeff discusses the potential dangers of having high B12 blood
levels. I highly recommend watching the video in full,
linked below. And it’s on the basis of that information
shared in the video that I have changed my own Vitamin B12 supplement schedule. The concern with high dose Vitamin B12 supplementation
is the connection between higher B12 blood levels and lung cancer but also due to a recent
study where researchers found an association between higher B12 blood levels and death
from all causes. As mentioned there’s mounting evidence that
higher B12 blood levels are associated with aggressive lung cancer. This study found that long term high dose
B12 use was associated with increased lung cancer risk among men and this study also
found that higher circulating vitamin B12 concentrations increase the risk of lung cancer. Now it’s really important to remember that
Vitamin B12 is required for proper red blood cell formation, DNA Synthesis and neurological
function. This is because Vitamin B12 is essential for
the preservation of the myelin sheath around neurons and for the synthesis of neurotransmitters. A Vitamin B12 deficiency therefore can be
extremely dangerous as it can cause severe neurological problems and blood diseases so
for me the key takeaway from Jeff’s video is to test your serum B12 methylmalonic acid
and homocysteine levels before making any changes to your Vitamin B12 supplement intake. Dr Michael Greger has recently changed his
B12 recommendations so let’s take a listen to that first. This clip comes from Dr Greger December 2019
Q and A. [Dr Greger] And I’ve updated my recommendations you an got to nutritionfacts
.org and find those so for supplements 2000mcg of cyanocobalamin one a week or 50mcg once
a day and those over 65 years of age should take 1000mcg everyday or if you’re doing
fortified foods, 3 times a day so like at each meal containing at least 190% of the
daily value listed on the nutrition facts label based on the new labeling landing January
1st 2020.In his recent February 2020 Q and A Dr Greger shares his take on the new vitamin
B12 supplement concerns. Let’s take a listen….[Dr Greger] Robert
asks vegsource is pointing to studies that too much B12 could be associated higher risk
of cancers do we need to be watching out for that or not I actually have a whole webinar
coming up May 28th 2020 2pm EST. I’m going to be doing a whole webinar talking
about my new vitamin B12 recommendations- what type is the best? Can you get too much? What about acne? What about lung cancer? What about bone fractures? Blah blah blah. We are going to go through all the research
but bottom line, spoiler alert don’t worry about it because those with higher levels
of B12 in their blood are more likely to suffer cancer- how do you get higher B12 levels in
your blood? You eat a lot of meat, associating high meat
consumption with cancer is no big shocker and it can be reverse causation cancer actually
causes B12 to go up and so that’s why cancer patients have high levels of B12 on and on
I go through all the science so stay tuned!

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