Should You Use Hydrogen Peroxide ‘Down There’?!

The following program contains mature subject matter viewer discretion is advised in 2017 we were shocked by trends down there, and it looks like 2018 is not going to disappoint, so what are people putting down there now and why? Well one of them apparently hydrogen peroxide So dr. Aneta apparently women are putting hydrogen peroxide down there Tell us why and tell us if you heard of this yes really yes so they use it some women will use it for itching so they think they have a yeast infection or some discomfort But a lot of times women use this if they notice an odor specifically if they think they have bacterial vaginosis so since they do that a lot of times Let’s just kind of quickly talk about what bacterial vaginosis is so it’s a very common vaginal infection also known as BV It’s particularly common in women between the ages of 15 and 44 And it’s due to an imbalance between the good bacteria and bad bacteria in the vagina now BV is not a sexually transmitted infection but if you have bacterial vaginosis Then you have a higher probability of getting a sexually transmitted infection like HIV or chlamydia if you are exposed so BV is notorious for causing a fishy vaginal odor and that’s where the hydrogen peroxide Is in fact in people are thinking if I use it. I’ll help disinfect exactly and neutralize that odor so they’re saying it helps my vagina smell fresh and Clean and just brand new and healthy so I would say you know of course. This is not my first choice if you have vaginal itching And you’re using it for that doing over-the-counter antifungal cream or your doctor can give you a pill if you think you have Bacterial vaginosis, then ideally we would treat that with an antibiotic But I will say there is some research suggesting that perhaps Hydrogen peroxide can help bacterial vaginosis a little bit, but women are soaking tampons with this stuff putting it in I’m very careful very Mucosa, and there’s very pink and gentle and you have to be thinking I mean that hundred that full strength can be Caustic yes to tissues, so I I don’t like that idea and some people even do it in a diluted fashion But still you can still get that irritation, and if you use a strength that is too strong You can get some corrosion, so just as a general principle. Don’t corrode your vagina. Yeah – are You sure you don’t want in the same senses Corrosion and vagina I don’t but that just does not sound right. It’s not right You

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  1. HI there I so disagree with Travis on hydrogen peroxide therapy Dr Charles H Farr cured 3000 patient from his technique from herpes to hiv, cancer and the list goes on, how do you think Charleton therapy was created.Didn't you know that phagocytes eat vitamin c and excrete h202 hydrogen peroxide to kill disease thru oxidizing it, also oxidizing metals.

  2. I think this should be
    teached in pre Med before you use caldium that exacerbated the pineal gland and is in every pill you Dr's provide thus causes a thin shell that necrot the pineal gland the pineal gland causes homeostasis I would appreciate hydrogen peroxide therapy before they put a sodium IV to cause water retention and further exacerbate the infection with raising the blood pressure some virus can survive in a acidic or high salt diet sorry.

  3. Peroxide causes air embolism due to bubbles. This can cause a stroke. Bacterial vaginosis responds to vitamin d taken by mouth in capsule form.

  4. I had BV a few months ago, I went to the Dr. my mother goes and tells me, oh you can just dilute peroxide, she also douches every damn day. No. Absolutely not. Why do people believe this crap.

  5. Is this woman stupid?
    How do you get HIV from BV?
    Explain properly or not at all.
    If a woman has bacterial vaginosis she could transmit that to her partner.
    Or if she has gotten that from another person who carried the bacteria and transmitted to her, he could still transmit HIV to her. If people have multiple partners, and are not honest with one another this could be problematic.
    You don't get HIV from BV.

  6. Hydrogen Peroxide mixed with sterile water had been used decades ago in the hospitals for vaginal douches. H202 (H. Peroxide) is a wonderful way to destroy dead tissue and to oxidize the area. It is used to flush people's ears in some Nursing Homes.    H202 is the least of our worries.  Antibiotics, however,  are bad news – take only in dire cases of major infections.  The misuse in humans as well as animals has caused major problems.  That is why something as innocuous as Hydrogen Peroxide is surely of little concern.

  7. Shes wrong to say that it will corrode you vagina. Just dilute it with water. And hydrogen peroxide does not come in different strengths. Caught her in two lies

  8. I’m sorry she’s wrong. Two parts water mixed with one part hydrogen peroxide definitely helps kill bv. So does apple cider vinegar baths with a few drops of tea tree and lavender essential oils. Doctors always wanna push meds.

  9. Ewww, woman smell fishy down there. Sometimes I'm glad I'm gay. It only happens to us after a couple days of not washing.

  10. These people are so dramatic. I douched with 1 tsp of peroxide to 1/2 cup of water and I got rid of my yeast infection in two days. It works faster and better than anything specifically for it including from the doc. I don't even bother going to the doc for this anymore. I only get one once every few years but this works like a charm.

  11. What they forgot to say is DO NOT USE THE KIND OF DRUGSTORE HP SEEN IN THIS VIDEO. It is filled with parabens and other chemicals that are aboslutely no good for internal use. The type of peroxide that should be used is FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. You can purchase it pre-diluted to 3% online or you can purchase full 35% strength food grade hp but IT MUST BE DILUTED to 3% using distilled water. The full strength should be handle with care and avoid contact with the the body before diluting because it will burn and can cause serious internal injury. I think its best to just order the pre-diluted 3% food grade version which is safe on contact with the skin and can be safely used as a douch with about 2 oz of the 3% food grade peroxide in about 4 oz of distilled water.

  12. BV is horrible…. Hydrogen peroxide neutralizes the odor but does NOT get rid of the bacteria. I have had it many times. If you want to go natural remedy wise….. Plain yogurt, garlic, onion… Or probiotics. But I do agree: an antibiotic will help more. And do not use a douche if you had this before…. May as well use boric acid if you want to use the hydrogen peroxide.

  13. It's definitely not safe to use H2o2 down there I did it & I can tell you all about my nightmare encounter. Not fun @ all

  14. I thought it would be too much acid. Your not even suppose to wound care daily with it because it eats at the skin. Lol

  15. Hydrogen peroxide should never be use. Instead what should be used is “Certified 35%Food Grade”. Which has to be broken to 3%. 1:11 ratio (1oz peroxide 11oz distilled water)….

  16. I always use it after sex and my period. I mix it with water and iodine in a douche and I haven't had any issues. I don't know about you but I like to be clean.

  17. I take shower once a week with hydrogen proxide. I am doing it for almost 10 years. I have to say, so far so good.

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