Smelly, Itchy Vag! 😿 How To Naturally Cure A Yeast Infection, BV, Vaginal Odor FAST!

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Do you have an annoying, yet very common yeast infection and want to get rid of
it fast while saving money? Well stay tuned, while we give you our top three
favorite home remedy tips to fight even the most stubborn yeast or bacterial
infections. Number 1: Tea Tree Oil- tea tree oil has very powerful anti-fungal
and antibacterial properties, it also leaves the vagina feeling and smelling
fresh. To use, take an unused tampon and push the cotton out so that you’re left
with just the applicator. Fill the empty applicator with coconut oil and add two
to three drops of tea tree oil into the coconut oil. Place filled applicator in
the refrigerator for three to five minutes or until the oil has solidified,
then insert the solidified oil into your vagina. Be sure to wear a pad or pantyliner to catch the excess fallout. Number 2: Baking soda, we all know that baking
soda is used for baking but did you know that it’s been known to help balance
your pH within your body and also stop the growth of fungus and bad bacteria
out of the body? It can be used in two ways,
internally and externally! To use internally, simply mix a teaspoon of
aluminum free baking soda into an 8 ounce glass of water drink, the mixture
slowly until the glasses empty. Repeat this process every day for two weeks for
the best results. To use externally, simply add a half a
cup to two cups of baking soda to a warm bath, swish the water around until the
baking soda dissolves completely. Soak in the bath water for 10 to 15 minutes, do
not exceed the time mention as long baths are not recommended for yeast
infections. Be sure to rinse your body thoroughly with clean water then relax
for 30 minutes immediately afterwards. Repeat this process for 5 to 7 days or
until symptoms dissipate. Number 3: Apple Cider Vinegar – apple cider vinegar has
been used for a long time to get rid of fungal infections rashes and ease itchy skin. To
use, run a lukewarm bath, not a hot bath as too much heat can make fungus and
bacteria grow. Add two cups of apple cider vinegar into your bathwater, the
smell of vinegar may be a little strong but this bath will certainly do the
trick. Soak in the mixture for 10 to 15 minutes,
do not exceed. Repeat this process for 7 days or until you no longer have
symptoms. And that’s three tips in three minutes. Thanks for watching!

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