Sodhi Meal Recipe | Tirunelveli Sodhi and Inchi Pachadi Recipe (Tamil)| Vegan Recipe- Ungal Kitchen

Hello everyone, today we are going to see an another traditional recipe called Sodhi This is very famous in Tirunelveli region This recipe is made with coconut milk Let’s get this started Let’s take a look at the ingredients First, take 3 tbsp of cooked Moong Dal/ Split Green Gram One Carrot Two Drumsticks One Potato Five Green Chilis Adjust this based on your spiciness 1/2 Lemon Take three green chilis and a piece of ginger to make a paste I used approx. 500 ml of coconut milk to make this recipe You can either use homemade fresh coconut milk or store bought canned coconut milk as well Let’s see how to take out coconut milk at home using the fresh grated coconut Combine the grated coconut and lukewarm water in a blender and then blend the mixture well for few minutes Strain using a fine mesh strainer by pressing out all the liquid to extract the milk Repeat this process for a couple of times The coconut milk, which we extracted at the very first time will be thick so keep aside separately, and the milk we get from the second and third time will be diluted Now add the coconut milk and the vegetables together to cook Stir well occasionally, until all the added vegetables cook well in the coconut milk Add the cooked dal when the vegetables are cooked Then add the ginger and chili paste You can add the paste as it is or by extracting the juice from the paste Mix thoroughly to incorporate all ingredients Finally, add the thick coconut milk, which we extract first time Allow it boil for a few minutes and put off the flame Now do seasoning in a coconut oil with mustard seeds, urad dal, and curry leaves Now add the 1/2 leamon juice and salt Add the salt and lemon juice only after you turned off the stove, because it may curdle if you add those ingredients while boiling Now our authentic Tirunelveli Sodhi is ready This goes well with rice, but some people like to have with appam, idiyappam or with dosa too Let’s see the recipe for Inchi Pachadi / Ginger Pachadi Grated ginger 3tbsp of grated coconut Small lemon sized tamarind Small piece of jaggery 3 red chili Fry the red chili, grated coconut, and the grated ginger for a while Then blend all the ingredients with salt to make a smooth paste Finally, seasoning with mustard seeds, urad dal, and curry leaves Now add the ginger paste to it Then add the tamarind juice with jaggery to mix well Now our Inchi Pachadi/ Ginger Pachadi is ready This Sodhi goes well with Inchi Pachadi, Chips, and Potato curry Try this Sodhi recipe out and enjoy 🙂

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