South Goa Veg Food EP 1 | Things to do in Goa, Food & Travel show

It was my personal choice to start my Goa food journey from South Goa. You will get to see South and North Goa very closely during this whole series. In South Goa, you would notice lots of greenery, scarce traffic,… …peaceful environment & neat and clean beaches. You would feel like sitting down anywhere and watch & enjoy the beautiful sceneries. However, if you are a vegetarian, even then you’ll enjoy the Goan cuisine very much. Hello friends! Welcome to Visa2Explore! This is your host, Harish Bali. Right now, I am at the Benaulim Beach of South Goa. It is 7 am. Just look behind me, what a beautiful view! Fast moving waves! There are not many people on the beach right now, just look at the cleanliness of this beach. As it is, I’ve heard that beaches in South Goa are usually neat & clean. We will stay here for 30 minutes and enjoy the beach. After that we will go for our breakfast. I can see till far away, boats going for fishing in the sea. Right now, we are leaving Benaulim for Margao. It is a distance of 7kms. In Margao, we are going to have breakfast at Tato’s. Usal and Patal Bhaji (both chickpea dishes), both are very tasty! The one thing common in both the dishes is the use of coconut. The base is coconut. Adding coconut changes the taste completely. We eat matar (Pigeon peas) at home too, but adding coconut changes the taste of this dish here. This aloo bhaji (potato dish) has a very good taste. It is called Sukhi Bhaji (Dry dish) here. You can see coriander leaves, green chili, small potato pieces, and mustard seeds. There is no garlic or onion in this dish. Despite that, the taste is amazing. Almi is a local name for this kind of mushroom curry, also known as Mushroom Tonak. The taste of Almi gravy is different from this dish. But again, what is common is coconut. When I started eating the sukhi bhaji, I was expecting the chili to be on a heavier side. But, in reality, what they’ve done is removed the seeds from inside the chili. As a result, it doesn’t feel so spicy. So, what we are actually experiencing is the flavor. Very good! Tasty & yummy! It is my first experience of Goan food. I’m enjoying it very much. In fact, not just one dish, I’ve enjoyed all the four dishes in today’s breakfast. I would really like to order more poori to eat but I won’t because I have to eat more in the day. But I’ll finish this! We are leaving for Loutolim area. There we will visit ‘Big Foot’ area, where we will see the way of life during ancestral times in Goa. It is a good experience to visit here, and to see how Goans used to do fishing during ancient times. Also, the kind of houses they lived in. Also, there is an installation explaining the method of distillation for fenny in Goa. Bangle seller! Different dance forms for different festivals! All this feels good to see. Also, a little further, we can see a music school installation too. Since this place is known as Big Foot, people place their right hand like this and ask for a wish. So, that is another attraction for people to come to this place. One more thing to notice here is the largest laterite sculpture of Saint Meera Bai. This sculpture has been carved out of one single rock within just 30 days. This sculpture looks beautiful! Meet the man behind this show, Mr. Maendra! He has designed this whole structure, where tourists come from far and near. Host: “Sir, I liked being here and experience Goan culture like this.” Host: ” I am really glad that I made it to this place.” Host: “So, you want to say something?” Maendra: “Well, this is a place which I have always thought of making. To show the other side of Goa.” Maendra: “I mean what is the culture & how the festivals & everything is being done here in a nutshell.” Host: “Yeah, great!” Host: “Only thing is if you want to come to this place and spend quality time… …, you should be spending about 2-3 hours.” Host: “I actually feel that 30 minutes or 1 hour would not be enough to do justice to this place.” Host: “Thank you Sir, nice meeting you!” Maendra: “All the best.” We are traveling to Jila Bakery, 2kms from Big Foot. These guys have been baking products at home and selling them to customers for many years now. I’ve heard they’ve been in this business for 30-40 years. I’m going inside. Once inside, I discovered that the bakery system at this place is completely traditional. They have been baking for the past 35-40 years. They start at 4 am daily and by 11 or 12 pm everything is ready. And by 3.30 pm or 4 pm, they are done for the day. As a result, customers who come at 5 or 5.30 pm don’t get any bakery products. There is a lot available but I am going for two items – Eclairs and Melting Moments. There is chocolate on top of Éclair. In Melting, there are basically 3-4 ingredients. It is made of egg white, dessicated coconut, cocoa powder & cashew powder. Now what do I eat first? Melting! Right after the first bite, the first feeling comes from the coconut and the second feeling is that of cocoa. And cashew later on! What you see here inside is cream, and chocolate outside. This is how this bun has been made. It is tasty. Eclairs is sold at Rs. 220/- per dozen and Melting is priced at Rs. 400/- per kg. I am going to buy half a kg of Melting and 12 pcs of Eclairs. For the rest of the day, we explored seafood, which will be shown in a separate episode. We had the day end at the sea beach. I’ve hired a scooty to move around locally here. The scooty can be rented at Rs. 300 per day. We spent yesterday moving around on this and today also, we are going to do the same. Right now, we are going to have some food. We are going to start our day from Mobor area. First of all, we will enjoy a ride on the speedboat in the river. I am enjoying the speedboat ride. How fast it goes! A speedboat can carry 6-7 people at a time. And a 20-minute ride on this costs Rs. 3000/-. Complete fun! Our next destination, Cavelossim, is nearby, hardly 4kms away. I got a reference to eat authentic, traditional Goan food, in South Goa. I was told to come to Ai in South Goa Cavelossim area. Ai means mother in Marathi. So, I am here at Cavelossim at Ai. I’ve ordered thali for myself. Now this thali has rice, curry, vegetable dish made of cabbage & coconut, and salad. Notice this curry first of all. Number 1, it has okra in it. This curry is made of coconut and has okra in it, as already told. And just one bite of it is enough to ensure that it has lots of red chili powder in it. Which means it is spicy too! Good! Rice and spicy curry like this, since I love spicy food, I’m enjoying it. Otherwise, if someone doesn’t like spicy food, it would be too spicy for him. Hmmm! This is tasty! This cabbage-coconut mixture, look at it closely. It is slightly sweet with some green chili in it too. Tasty vegetable dish! This place is open between 12 and 3 pm. People come to eat vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food here. Host: “So man, are you locals?” Man: “Yes.” Host: “So, you are eating fish curry?” They are eating fish curry. Anyways, fish curry is so popular in Goa that it is made inside every household. And many people have told me that locals eat fish curry, at least once a day, almost on a daily basis. At this moment, since I’ve come here for veg food, I’m enjoying that. The food is very simple in preparation, very different and enjoyable! Right now, we are at the Colva beach. It feels good to watch these sea waves coming towards you. Since I’m wearing shoes, I cannot go further. Otherwise too, it is not advisable to go any further in the monsoon time. We will stay here for about 30 minutes and enjoy the sea. To feel the air with your arms spread like this, too good! If you have some experiences related to Goa, do share with us in your comments! As always, I shall be waiting for your comments. Till then, goodbye! See you soon! Where is our luggage! Yes! Yes! Since it is August right now, there are not many tourists here. Just wait for another two months, you’ll see tourists, shacks and the whole Goa beach… Let us do it again! This food joint is named after this Ma’am here. People come to this Ai ka dhaba because of her. We also enjoyed our food here. You cook really delicious food. Host: “How long have you been cooking like this?” Woman: “12 years.” Host: “12? I said 40 earlier!” Off camera voice: “12 years?” (Woman nods) Host: “I said 40 years there!”

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