100 Replies to “South Odisha Tour – Berhampur to Rayagada EP 7 | Famous food , silk saree”

  1. Sir aap jab ayodhya ji jab aayenge to gorakhpur bhi aayiyega yaha gorakhnath madir hai
    Bahut saare food joints hai so bhi popular
    Aapse milna bhi hai love u sir from gorakhpur
    Ayodhya ji se 90 km hai

  2. If we can buy directly from them, we both can be benefited. Handloom lovers peysa dene me nehi jhijakte behen, we are art lovers, we respect art.

  3. Harish ji, lot of effort and great content. Aap ko ek muddat ke baad likh rahi hu. Aapke itane sare subscribers ho gaye ye behad khushi ki baat hai. Congratulations!!

  4. Sir u left BALASORE CITY in Odisha u can find out here
    The DRDO also seabeach of CHANDIPUR ,also the mountains of NILGAIRI and PANCHULINGESWER. Also find out the stone utensils.

  5. Odisha is rich in culture, cuisine, handloom, scenic beauty . Each and every part of Odisha has got amazing variety. Worth visiting!

  6. Berhampur is the one and only place where's you can get the best food with awesome taste I.e like better than any 5 star hotel and with cheapest price, my favorite place where I was brought up, love berhampur

  7. Harish ji my mother and I love your blogs every Wednesday and Sunday we wait for you I have some videos for you will you mind giving them a look https://youtu.be/sPvuV8RUPms

  8. Sir, i am big fan of visa2explore, mature content and informative videos like a documentary or govt sponsored, "seedhi baat no bakwas" …

  9. Sir ap mujhe job de Skte ho apne sath
    5 years driving experience hai sir
    Or travel lover hun
    Answer ka wait rahega sir

  10. I have been observing the food vloggers of India since the beginning (<10,000 subs). Saare k saare Unhealthy and leading a dangerous life style.

    Only one person has kept his health a bit constant or rather better( just like Mark Wiens). He is Visa to explore.

  11. sir I saw in one of your video…that u were eating mixture of some seeds including pumpkin seeds…plz tell more about it

  12. They are very innocent people because they are all from village…And villages are the main identity of our india…Our culture and roots are jointed from our villages so we should try to keep alive our villages and their heritage…๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’•๐ŸŒน

  13. Wonderful Video Harish ji….๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™ Jai Jagannath Prabhu…… ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  14. Are to un logo ke liye kuch karo na aapko to sirf apne kamane se matlab hai
    Mai dekh raha hun aapka kya Matlab hai

  15. My father introduce me to your videos, and gosh I am hooked up . I have seen your char dham videos and you have inspired me to visit more in India . Live your videos and keep up the good work.

  16. Amazing episode…The part that touched me in this episode where you presented the pain of the silk saree handicraftsman and asked people and govt. to take a note of it. Really so beautiful sarees and dhoti but 2000 rupees for five days not justifiable. The music at 19:24 repeated in many episodes but its a soothing and catchy music, liked it. Please put similar new ones in new episodes. Just FYI, I watch all your episodes on TV :).

  17. I really thank you for visiting all over the state, I mean as much as you can over. Believe me, no matter how much you see, you will still be surprised see all the scenic beauty,culture and great food. My state is rich in every aspect but sadly many tourists are not aware of these things due to lack of promotion and highlighting of the features of my state. I am hooked to your series now because you are travelling to places which I think not many have gone,I mean blogger like you,outside of Odisha. I do not know whether you came back again to bhubaneswar and cuttack or not because you said, you would be attending the bali yatra. May be it would be in coming episodes. Bhubaneswar food tour, I do not know whether you have another video or not because I think you missed some famous spots in that episode. Like the sweet market of Pahala, Nana Dhaba near Pulnakhara, Ananta Vasudev Prasad at the temple, Famous Kora khai(Bhubaneswar is famous for it just like dahi bara aloo dum of cuttack) at Old town, Chaat at Saheed Nagar,rupali(Mahalaxmi Chaat is one of the oldest and famous shop at that place. I have been going there for 25 years), Lingaraj Lassi at Saheed Nagar Puja ground,just opposite of the Chaat place, Chaapan Bhog Restuarant and some other places. I hope you have covered these in your coming episodes along side with Bali Yatra or may be next time. Looking forward towards your coming episodes. A big thank you.

  18. Odisha is the hidden gem of Indian tourism.

    Shout out to Harish and visa2explore for the good work!

    Love and regards from a proud Odia living in Los Angeles, California!

  19. The handloom workers are getting paid 2k for two persons for 5 days worth of labour and the cooperative society is selling it for 6.8k. Heights of amping up. Nothing but cheats

  20. Thanks Sir for exploring various places of India…..I am always eagerly waiting for your new videos.Hope you will continuously give efforts to explore such splendid and beautiful places of India. No doubt every state has it's unique style and variety and hope to see all this in your channel because your way of expression is very much different than other, no artificiality, everything seems naturally.

  21. Wonderful experience…the labour charges paid to the handloom weavers was realli bad…these sarees cost anything beween 13 and 15k in Mumbai

  22. Mere hostel me aisa breakfast milta tha at bhubaneswar…miss those days…thanks sir for making me nostalgic.

  23. I like South Odisha tour videos very much. In the beginning you were eating Suji halwa….it was looking same as gajar halwa … i like cooking too…I will definitely try this suji halwa flavour at my home. you have shown the hard work of silk weavers. people should know their hard work and paid appropriate. Because i belong to a tribal community …we wear dhoti in our festivals an many ocations . we should promote handloom products. tell me sir how did you feel meeting with tribes of Odisha?

  24. Thanks Harish sir for explain my Odisha in different style ur exploring style is awesome. Really Odisha is incredible.

  25. Thank you sir u r the best blogger in youtube. You are showing very well and food taste expression is exelent. Love berhampur city home town food capital.

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