Spicy Jackfruit/Katthail Recipe (Non-veg Khana Bhool Jayenge) *Special Jackfruit Tips At The End*

Hello friends! Namsakar Welcome to our channel Daughter’s Love I, Sulbha once again welcome you Friends, I wholeheartedly Thank each and everyone of you for liking my last video so much Today we will learn how to make delicious Jackfruit Recipe you guys might be wondering what’s so special about this recipe To find you will have to watch this whole video carefully So that even you can cook this yummy recipe at home with ease We’re going to make it so delicious that you won’t need Chapatis or rice to eat it with So friends if you like this video Make sure to give this video a thumbs up Share it with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe hit the notification bell for more videos so that you stay updated about my future videos we hope you like this video as much as our last one Make sure to comment your thoughts below So that we can read your comments and meet your expectations So friends let’s start this video LET’S GET STARTED So let’s start the video Today I’m gonna cook small jackfruit sabzi Jackfruit and small jackfruits are two different types of this vegetable Jackfruit is called katthail and small jackfruit is called katthaili in Hindi

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