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hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with spring vegetable tarts that’s where i you know a recipes gone well
when the biggest problem you have is people don’t want to eat it because it
looks too good but similar to the greats and paintings up to bat after observing
its beauty for an appropriate amount of time it must be destroyed
oh and the second most common comment from your guests will be wow that looks
hard to make which by the way it is most certainly not so with that let’s go
ahead and get started and for this we’re gonna need two sheets of still frozen
puff pastry one of which we will place down on a baking sheet with the
parchment paper still underneath and then once that’s that we will take the
other sheet and remove the parchment from the top which point we’ll place a
plate right down in the center and then what we’ll do is take a sharp knife and
use that plate as a guide so we can cut a nice ring all the way around the
outside around the outside around the outside and ideally we’re gonna pick a
plate that will give us about an inch to an inch and a half wide ring and as
usual we always want to work with puff pastry while it’s still very cold and
very firm and by the way because the plate was warm and the pastry was cold
it actually created a vacuum which is why it took me a second to remove it
come on you gotta love physics but anyway once that’s cut we’ll go back to
our pan piece and we’ll go ahead and paint on an egg wash and in case you
don’t know an egg wash is just one large egg that we beat with like a teaspoon of
water okay so we’ll go ahead and brush that on at which point we will very
carefully remove that ring we just cut and we will place that on top as shown
making sure we line that up with the edges as best we can and then once
that’s been accomplished we will brush the entire thing with a wash oh and by
the way i’m using round puff pastry and a round pan but you can do this exact
same technique with a rectangular piece of dough and a regular rectangular
baking pan just as well and then once that set we have one more thing to do
before this goes in the oven and that would be to poke our bottom crust all
over with a fork which by the way and the business is referred to as docking
okay we also would have accepted pricking and please note we’re only
doing the bottom dough and not the ring okay we want that dough around the
outside to puff up but not our dough on the bottom so by
poking this all over before it bakes that will inhibit that puff pastry from
rising and then what we’ll do once that dough’s been properly forked is go ahead
and transfer that into the center of a 400 degree oven for about 12 to 15
minutes or until it’s lightly golden brown all right we don’t want to go too
dark because we do have to bake this one more time with the cheese mixture so we
don’t want this cooked all the way quite yet and then very important as soon as
this comes out is we want to take the back of a fork and press down the bottom
of our tart all right all over all the way to the edge of that ring of crust
and it might take a minute but by doing this warm we should be able to press
that down fairly flat whereas if we let this cool first that pastry in the
bottom will tend to break and crack and flake off okay so we definitely want to
do this move right when it comes out of the oven and then once that’s been
accomplished we can simply set that aside and move on to our extremely easy
to make cheese filling which for me we’ll start with some room-temperature
goat cheese and we’ll want to go ahead and season that up with some kosher salt
freshly ground black pepper and a few shakes of cayenne of course and then I
think we’re also gonna want a nice handful of fresh herbs in here and I’m
using a beautiful and aromatic combination of dill lemon thyme and
parsley but really any kind of green herb will work here yes even that one
and then we’ll finish this up by adding the rest of our egg wash as well as a
splash of cream and that’s it well go ahead and take a spatula and mix this
until nice and smooth and by the way if you’re not into goat cheese which you
really should be but if you’re not this will work with any soft fresh cheese all
right things like cream cheese ricotta farmer’s cheese for Maj Blanc will also
work but anyway we’ll go ahead and mix that up which point we’ll transfer that
onto our tart shell and then using a knife or some kind of small spatula we
will spread that from the center out eventually all the way out to our
outside ring of crust and then what we’ll do once we have that evenly
applied is transfer that back into the center of our 400 degree oven for
another 12 to 15 minutes or so or until our goat cheese custard asides and that
outside ring of dough is nicely browned and after about 14 minutes mine was
looking and feeling just right and then what we need to do at this
point is let this cool all the way down before we try to top it with our
vegetable salad which is perfect because that’ll give you just enough time to get
your other ingredients together and once it does cool down we can go ahead and
remove that parchment paper and that’s it once we have everything cooled and
prepped we can move on to final production and the first thing we’ll
need for that is a beautiful base of greens into which we will stick our
vegetables and I’m going with a very colorful combination of red endive
watercress and sliced heart – romaine which I’m going to toss in a little bit
of olive oil and then once that’s nicely shined up we’ll go ahead and transfer
that onto our tart and arrange that quickly both awfully of course leaving
our outside ring of crust exposed and then once that set we can move on to
dressing and placing on our vegetables some of which I have in this bowl and
I’m gonna address these very simply with just some kosher salt some olive oil and
a whole bunch of freshly squeezed lemon juice and we’ll go ahead and give that a
nice toss until everything’s coated at which point we’ll start placing these
veggies in and on our bed of greens and of course any kind of fresh veggies will
work here okay I’m one with some asparagus tips as
well as some gorgeous rainbow carrots and something very delicious called
Romanesco which is basically a cross between broccoli and cauliflower and if
times are tough you could just use broccoli and not only can you use any
veggies you want you can use them for this in almost any condition all right
we can use shaved raw vegetables we could use pickled vegetables we could
use grilled vegetables or roasted vegetables or what I’m using here which
are pieces of vegetables I just quickly blanched in salted water and I will go
into more detail about all your options in the blog post but as far as which
veggies you put on here and how you cook them the possibilities are endless so
use whatever you want I mean you are after all the Fred
Astaire of your tart jardin air so this is the part of the operation you can
really personalize preferably after a trip to the farmers market but anyway
after my lightly blanched veggies were placed on I continued with some thinly
slice radish using both the always beautiful watermelon radish
as well as just a plain old regular red radish oh and as you’re doing this if
you can’t find a good spot for something just eat it and then I also decided to
tuck in some sliced cherry tomatoes which while not technically a spring
vegetable I still thought would pair perfectly with our goat cheese filling
plus technically those are a fruit and not a vegetable as people with nothing
better to do will tell you and then I went ahead and finished up with the peas
to resist ounce which were some lightly black sugar snap peas that I carefully
tore off half the pod to expose the peas inside you know since I had like 20
minutes to kill and to me those really do take this up to another level
visually and by the way some of the peas are gonna fall out if you try to do that
but that’s okay just place him back in the pod and that’s it once my vegetables
were placed on I went ahead and finished up with some sprigs of dill that I poked
in here and there and I said sprigs but I’m pretty sure those are fronds in any
event I went ahead and post them in and then for one final final touch I applied
a nice light drizzle of olive oil and that’s it our drop-dead gorgeous spring
vegetable tart is done so I went ahead and transfer that to a slightly more
photogenic surface and I took way way too many pictures because I have to
admit I was pretty impressed with myself with how this came out I mean let’s be
honest when it comes to food styling I do not have the skills of a Martha
Stewart I mean I barely have the skills of a Rod Stewart but if you use enough
veggies anyone including me can make this look nice but anyway after taking
like a hundred pictures I realized it was getting late and the Sun was going
down so I went ahead and cut a piece and just ate it right on this platter and it
really was magnificent all right that combination of crispy buttery pastry and
tangy creamy cheesy filling topped with our gorgeous array of fresh veggies
really does make for quite a unique and memorable experience okay I think your
guests are going to be talking about this one for a while and even the
vegetable haters in your clan will be like hey can I get a piece of that and
above and beyond it’s stunning beauty what we have here is basically an
upside-down salad which is usually greens top with some kind of dressing
and then cheesed in croutons which are basically the same components we have
here except they’re in reverse order but
anyway that’s it what we’re calling spring vegetable tarts to summarize I
loved everything about this including it’s easy and very fun to make so
whether you’re gonna do this for some kind of special brunch like Easter or
Mother’s Day or you just get inspired after a trip to the farmers market and
you’re in the mood to create something that will make everyone smile I really
do hope you give this a try soon so head over to food whooshes calm for all the
ingredient amounts more info as usual and as always enjoy you

100 Replies to “Spring Vegetable Tart – Food Wishes”

  1. Expect for Alton Brown, Food Network cooks are a bunch of hacks. Food Wishes is the deal! Thank you Chef John for teaching us real culinary techniques.

  2. Remember in 2002 when cream cheese veggie pizza was at every event/potluck/party? I see what you did there…

  3. This looks like it would be absolutely delicious but it looks supremely difficult to serve and eat in pieces. I feel like this would be best made as individual tartlets.

  4. Can you use butter to brush pasty and butter in the goats cheese mix? Alternatives to egg ? Or vegan options ?Thank you again for a beautiful dish as always

  5. Doesnt do it for me, looks way to crowded and wild. Also not nice to eat as everything just falls off it. Could be nice if the vegetables where bound in that cheese mixture maybe. As is this is just an annoying to eat salad. But that is just my opinion.

  6. WHAT! Bring back the cheese and fat and all the fun stuff…..chef John needs to poke his own bottom for this one never mind poking the bottom of an egg washed tart.

  7. using a bought frozen tart pastry is not up to your standards man :/ slightly disappointing since i've never seen it in stores here in poorland

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  9. I can't understand what you're saying much of the time because of your voice modulation. Must you speak from low to very high? I think I will unsuscribe because I get very little out of your videos.

  10. munching a granola bar

    CHEF JOHN: Around the outside

    stops chewing

    CHEF JOHN: around the outside around the outside

    continues chewing

  11. I will admit, I came to this video with doubts. I was like, 'Chef John, c'mon. Who's gonna eat that.' (And I'm vegetarian :p) But I should have known. Way to go, Chef John. You've done it again.

  12. This food is problematic…

    Anyway I think it needs something to help it hold together more so it isn't always trying to fall apart…I shall ponder this…

  13. Honestly, this dish is Art.

    I've never seen the round puff pastry. I'm curious about the olive oil; I know full well that there's a wide variety that bring so many different flavors to your dish. I learned that from an artisinal goat cheese maker in Maine; she's the only one who has ever fed me goat cheese that I enjoyed.

  14. Great recipe Chef John as always! I've made this for dinner tonight and it's bringing a little summer into the house on a rainy New York day lol. I also like to add some cherry tomatoes to spring veggies just because they add some extra delicious sweetness and they look great on any salad topping. This recipe is perfect for summer evenings as it's so refreshing. Veggies, cheese filling and pastry really are a lovely combo 🍅🍅🍅

  15. Are you out of the mind? Don't try to combine salad with comfort food you idiot. Not only is this a disgusting combination, it's completely impractical to eat.

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  17. Sad to say, I don't like goat cheese. I joke that I can tell exactly which nanny it came from, and who her billygoat boyfriend was. I feel about goat cheese, the way cilantro haters feel about cilantro. Maybe I'll use a delicious Greek or French sheep's cheese instead.

  18. My mom makes the basic version of this:

    Pillsbury crescent rolls flattened into rectangle, cream cheese mixed with powdered ranch dressing as well as regular ranch to thin it out, whatever veggies are in the fridge

  19. Very artistic, Chef John. That looks flavoursome! Yummo.. Can you make the dough of the legendary 'pan pizza' by Pizza Hut? xx..

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