Squirrel Bot Fly Parasite – Mini Documentary

Filming this squirrel eating a mango on June 24 2015. I noticed the first signs of squirrel parasite season Sores appearing on the back and chest the tell-tale signs of the dreaded botfly larvae This poor guy is showing the classic symptoms of lethargy from larvae on his neck side and scrotal area. I First noticed this phenomenon early July of 2014 when the following videos were taken. I had not noticed it in previous years While painful enough the squirrels typically make it worse by scratching and biting the skin around the affected area The squirrels reaction to these parasites will sometimes make them act more erratic or crazier than usual. I can’t even begin to imagine How itchy they must be There are clearly suffering but the botfly larvae is a true natural Parasite and it doesn’t benefit by its hosts death if the host dies the parasite dies Therefore the squirrels usually recover What can be done for these wild squirrels? The best thing we can do is help them through this health crisis by providing food and fresh water As long as they can rest and are not stressed further by lack of nutrition and fluid, they’ll likely pull through and fully recover Trying to catch them to intervene would be dangerous and likely unsuccessful and cause much more stress further weakening them More detailed information is linked in the information section of the video below This little guy had it particularly bad, but video taken two months later show He is now thriving and the scar is beginning to heal and eventually all the fur grew back

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  1. Hmmm well if ever see a infected squirrel I’ll be sure to leave them plenty of food and water. I’m scared to catch them.
    Do the bots just go away or die or does the squirrel have them forever until it dies?

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orx-xLZrry0
    Granite rock dust powder treatment of the soil at 50 metric tons per hectare of land to produce potassium rich crop plants that makes animals and humans more resistant from being infected but adding prevention is better by making seed clayballs containing seeds of plants that repels all kinds of insects. Yerba De La Pulga is one plant. During the Cold War we got thousands of plants and transported them right in our own country after having them checked and quarantined so that we won't be bringing in some foreign pests and parasites and diseases and fungus and whatever we should avoid bringing in by accident. We have been propagating them by seeds and by cuttings. As of this moment we are still propagating them by both seeds and by cuttings and we are using them for our indoor gardens and farms.

  3. I recently heard about making bot flys stearl if I spelled that right. The introduce a sterilizing Male that makes with a femail and the femail maggots are stearl while the males make more non functional females.

  4. Cant they evolve by knowing that its their parasite? I mean knowing when or seeing when the larva will go out of their wounds then proceeds to maybe destroy or bury it deep into the ground in order to eradicate it? cmon squirrels fight back if u are their host u have the capacity to make them extinct.

  5. My vet gave me this advice. EARLY IN THE SEASON, BUT BEFORE THE BOT FLIES OR WARBLES GET A CHANCE TO DEVELOP. Go get a tube of apple flavored ivermect horse wormer. Now here's the important part- dosage must be tiny. BB sized. Take a toothpick and pull a TINY bit of the gel on a piece of corn, nut or other food they will eat. An amount no bigger than a BB. Yup, that small. Smear that little BB sized bit of gel onto the food then place it where they will eat it. To ensure there is no overdose, make sure you feed no more than a single dose per day. Repeat the dose every 2 weeks during parasite season. Just to give you an idea of how small the dose needs to be, a dose for a full grown fox is no bigger than a rain drop.

  6. I hate them dame things it seems like they are everywhere now i never noticed them before a few years ago where did all those darn things come from

  7. There's a couple of squirrels on campus that has these bubble looking sites on their body. Hopefully they don't go crazy and start attacking students

  8. Catch the damn squirrels and remove those nasty bot flys – what the hell is the problem. You can catch the squirrels by luring them with food. What type of damn video is this!

  9. The move foreign people are allowed in America, the more the USA catches their horrors – bot flys were never in the USA. You give these people are money and jobs and that is why so many Americans (people who are born from those who made this country starting back in the days of slavery) Americans are being robbed and foreign people are living our better life while we get their BOT FLYS.

  10. Actually the best thing you can do is trap them using a 6 dollar trap on amazon and pulling the parasite out. Not just feed them.

  11. these little fellers are tougher than they appear,just waltzing around like they have bad acne and scratching away,only to make a rapid recovery ^

  12. Ok, I get it if your pet or livestock gets infested, you can deal as you please with this. But what gives you the right to play God with nature and decide that one species (squirrel) needs your help and another one (botfly) deserves to be killed? Do you also go around pulling wild rabbits out of wolves' mouths? We interfere with natural processes enough as it is already, yet this line of thinking is somehow considered okay.

  13. I was so freaked out by these larvae videos that I took my dog to the vet Friday spent $98 having the vet looked at some moles on my 12 year old dog just to make sure they weren't butterfly

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  15. GOVERNMENTS SHOULD USE BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS TO KILL BOTFLIES, MAGGOTS, TICKS – PARASITES – horrible parasites eating alive animals ( also people ). Poor squirrel. What happened with her ? Love animals, love nature and always help them.

  16. I think you have one piece of information wrong. If the host dies the bot fly just drops out, it doesn’t die. I do wish it was otherwise, it might stop the spread of the hateful things.

  17. Thanks for the information. I haven't seen this in my sweet squirrel friends, I'm so glad! Would putting baby aspirin in something they eat, like peanut butter help alleviate some of their discomfort?

  18. Evil not fly monsters. Thank you for making sure they get food and water to help them thru this invasion of the body snatchers…!!

  19. Чего видео забрать лечение почему сделать видео интересно смотри не жалко белка людей твари

  20. So basically you did nothing to help, cool. All it takes is a food trap and a visit to the vet to save it’s life instead of “documenting” its suffering and painful slow death. Let’s all clap for you because you “documented” it

  21. Great vid with good advice about not making stress worse because we feel a need to get our hands on them let nature take its corse is often bettering watched a god of a dead squirrel and how quickly the bot fly’s get out of dodge when that happens

  22. what part of the country are you in? This is an invasive species we did not have these in the states til a few years ago

  23. You can get the correct dosage of ivermectin online, it is so cheap a decent vet should give you some for free if they know it is for wildlife. It systemically kills insect pests but also boosts their immune system. You can get it in powder form to sprinkle on food, it is not toxic to birds in the right dosage. Another option is natural diatomic earth, this is also very cheap, but the squirrels would have to use it like birds do in the wild, ie lie in it and have a dust bath. I don't know if they would. If they did, it would dessicate the larvae shell and act as a steriliser. I don't think squirrels would be too upset being handled, I found a young one mauled by a dog and even before it got to the vet it was acting as if it knew me all its life. I do think we have to help wildlife where we can, in general, most of their problems are due to us

  24. Ghét cái con bọ sống ký sinh trên con sóc thế không biết. Ai đó bẫy con sóc và bắt mấy con bọ ròi chết tiệt đó đi.

  25. oh how awful, they bore in, eat and emerge. if they are broken or killed, split open while INSIDE animal/ host, they are toxic. they have to be remove whole. or yeah, let them just run its gross corse and hope they get better. poor things.

  26. So happy this little guy survived and made a full recovery I hate any parasite ticks make poor cats dogs lives a misery barnacles on turtles they are horrible and bot flies horrid things just cause pain suffering none should exist

  27. For comprehensive information on Squirrel care visit: https://squirrelforum.com/

    A link to this video has been added to the forum under "Med"

  28. Parasites do nothing to help the environment, they don't provide a food source, nor do they provide nutrients to their hosts.

  29. I found my now house cat outside my home as a tiny kitten with open wounds on her chest and neck. I caught her with a fuzzy bath towel and brought her to the vet the next day. The vet pulled a botfly larva that was ready to turn into a fly out of her chest and a smaller one out of her neck. He gave her antibiotics and never skipped a beat when it came to taking care of her. I named her Harley after the motorcycle brand because she purrs so loud!

  30. If anyone doesn't know how they get these parasites, the female botflies will purposefully lay her eggs outside of the opening of holes in trees and rabbit holes so the Cuterebra larva can attach itself to a host and mature inside the skin, sometimes even deeper into the host. After they mature the larva wiggles it's way out of its host and turns into an adult botfly, and thus the cycle continues.

    (If I did get some facts wrong, please let me know so I can edit this comment and put in the proper facts. I learned this from my veterinarian when I took my stray kitten in to get them removed.)

  31. .:` Hello I’ll Share My Opinion. `:.

    I think bot flies are aloud to be on earth. Everybody say’s they cause slow painful death’s.

    Look at carnivore’s, wolves, street dog’s, cat’s, tiger’s, etc. they all kill. Just to keep one thing down, The population. To many of one species could kill everything. Imagine no carnivores: everything would seem peaceful because of no death? (Besides human hunting animal’s.)

    But death was already ahead the moment carnivore’s didn’t exist. Because: too many herbivores can cause death. Why? Because they’d eat all the grass around the world and die out. The bot flies are on earth to keep the population of any living thing down. People say they’d end mosquitoes and spider’s, why? Because they believe that spider’s would bite you on the spot. People are only scared of spider’s because of their look and what they can do. But they only bite because they feel threatened. Mosquitoes kill many human’s a year, I know good people have died to mosquitoes, but, they keep human population down. As messed up as human’s already are? Imagine to many..no space, because we killed all the creature’s that could’ve kept our population down. I know nobody want’s to die or anything..but like-..it’s life. No matter how much you want to end that simple thing..think of the consequences, I will say again, mosquitoes: they keep the human population down. Spider’s: they keep the insect population down. Human’s: their killing for food and sport. [] hunting for sport is not a good thing, always hunt for food. ❤️ [] but they also kept the animal population down. [] and some animal’s to low..so they have to stop hunting that simple animal. [] any carnivore has a point on earth, there is that. Simple. ((If You Had the time to read the reason thank’s. ;_;))

  32. Man if I had the Infinity Gauntlet and all six of the Infinity Stones The first thing I would wipe out from existence is definitely parasites also mosquitos, cockroaches.

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