Supplements 101: L-Glutamine

Hi my name is Britni Thomas and I am a
Registered and Licensed Dietitian at Nutritional Weight and Wellness.
Have you ever heard of L-Glutamine? Maybe you’ve wondered could benefit me what’s
it for? Well it’s an amino acid and it’s actually
the most abundant amino acid in our body and a food source would be eating meat.
So anytime we’re eating meat we’re getting L-Glutamine and it can be beneficial
for digestive problems constipation diarrhea. It helps the integrity of
your intestinal tract. It can be beneficial for exercise recovery to
support our muscles. It helps with wound healing. It’s actually used in the burn
unit at many hospitals. And it can help sugar and carbohydrate and alcohol
cravings too and some progressive treatment facilities they will actually
use L-Glutamine to reduce individuals alcohol cravings. So you can
take it in two different forms. There are capsule forms, and we find that taking two before or with each meal is sufficient for many people, or if you
prefer powder form you just mix this in water and about teaspoon with each meal would be helpful. For those of you that are having really
intense sugar cravings you can actually either open up one of these capsules or
put the powder directly on your tongue and within minutes that craving should
go away completely. It’s pretty amazing.

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  1. I take 5 1000mg per day for leaky gut pain. Wow ..I just a couple of days, pain is gone. It's a miracle. Thank God for L Glutamine!

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