So we have a question from Slizzard. “I would like to hear your opinion on
supplementation.” You know, look, we can just stop right there. You know, we always
make the joke in this field: supplements supplement. You know, if you’re not
eating your vegetables, if you’re not eating your protein, if you’re not drinking
your water, let’s not talk about what you find at the grocery store, or pharmacy, or
at the nutrition center. Supplements supplement. I think they have value. I’ve
been a big fan of fish oil for years because of the the effects it had on me
and my athletes. Especially in the quality of skin, which I’ve
never really been able to figure out. A person told me one time it’s because you’ve
added more omega-3 over the omega-6 that dominates American
diet and your skin being the largest organ of the body reflects the fact
that your inner blood chemistry is better and I thought, “Well I hope that’s
true because that sounded really,
really good to me.” Yeah, magnesium is an amazing supplement,
especially for athletes and Special Forces guys because it helps them
fall asleep. If you’ve ever had a
colonoscopy, you’ll know that magnesium can do a lot of interesting things in a
24-hour period to you, so yeah I do. I do think there’s value to it okay? But at the same time,
we always make the joke in my world: if it works immediately, it’s
illegal, If it works quickly it’s banned, and if it doesn’t work at all, you can go
buy it at the store. Bit of a joke there. I would say in the areas of
health and longevity, I think supplementation is something to
look at. In the area of performance, you know performance-enhancing
drugs PEDs then, well they’re banned and they’re illegal
here in the United States, so keep your focus on the health and longevity
aspects of supplementation and really be careful about the performance-enhancing. You know I’ve had
athletes take massive amounts of this powder and that powder and all it does is
give massive diarrhea, which is not performance-enhancing. So the answer is
yes. In the areas of health, perhaps longevity. There is a, the book Spring
Chicken talks about metformin, or glucophage, a pre-diabetic drug, helpful
for longevity, so well and it comes to about in about a penny to a nickel a day
depending on where you’re from. That’s a pretty good thing. For years they talked
about taking low-dose aspirin, but I guess that research now is getting a
little bit cloudy whether it’s good or not. Very often in areas of longevity and
health, the supplementation you take is marginal compared to the smarter
things you can do. Like you know, wear a seat belt, don’t smoke. I hope that helps. It’s always a tough question ok?

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  1. Dan, thanks again for sharing your opinion on a wide range of topics. Your clarity of thought per subject have been really helpful for me and what I do as a trainer.

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