Tasty Veg Biryani Recipe | वेजिटेबल बिरयानी | Vegetable Biryani by Archana with English Subtitles

Namaste, I am Archana Arte, welcome to Jashn-e-Biryani. Today we are making biryani specially for vegetarians called Veg Briyani Lets start, heat oil in a pan, when we say biryani little more oil is required, take 4 tbsp of oil, let it heat in a pan and take the mixed masala and add to oil. Masala paste consits of 2 oinions, 1 tomato,15-16 garlic pods, 1/2 inch ginger 4 black pepper,2 cloves, 1/2 inch cinnamon and we have ground it with 4-5 dried red chilies.. And we have to grind it and keep it on the side Then we have taken potato, Cauliflower, Green Peas, French beans which we have cooked till it is 3/4 cooked. How we make the mixed vegetables bowl. We heat water first, boil it and then put the cut vegetables in it it starts boiling slightly and is cooked 3/4 we switch off the gas and drain the vegetables from the water. Now the oil has heated up. Let us add the ground masala and fry it well. We don’t have to fry it too much. Just make sure we get it done quickly. If you feel, you want to cook biryani quickly, then make the masala paste in advance and keep it in fridge. Boil the vegetables and the Pre cooked rice in the fridge. Then when you come back from office and have freshend up, you can quickly assemble it and your biryani is ready. Now we are adding salt to taste after that the mixed vegetables, some green coriander, 1/2 tsp of cumin powder, 1/2 tsp coriander powder 1/2 tsp mixed masala, and then mix it well and add a little water and let it cook for 5 mins as the vegetables are already pre cooked. Now we will put a lid on it and let is cook for few minutes, Lets see if it is done. Now vegetables are cooked. Now we will make Rice. We are taking 1 and half cups approx 400-450 gms of rice and soak it in a bowl. The rice the older it is that much better it is, as it will take little less water to cook it too. The grains are so long, they become longer after soaking. We have to soak it for 15 mins and while soaking it the aroma coming out is so nice that I feel when will the Biryani be made and when will I eat it. Lets leep the soaked rice on the side as I have already pre cooked the rice. See how nice it is, long grains – guests will be just happy. We add fried onions, little green coriander leaves and salt to taste, cause while boiling rice we anyways add little salt. Lets mix it well, keeping the long grain of rice intact. when the rice is of good quality then only it looks and tastes good and it looks good during presentation too. Now we add the mixed rice on the gravy lightly. Do not press it as we want the rice grains to stay separate and if we pressed the rice it becomes mushy. We will make little gaps to allow the steam to cook the rice. – An important tip while cooking biryanis. Then wait for sometime Now we open it, great aroma is coming out and smelling it you feel great and just happy. We are ready to serve. Veg Biryani is ready, I know you would have subscribed to India Food Network and if you want such nice recipes then you would also have liked and shared.

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