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Thank you very much! What uh Boom what’s in the basket? I’ll leave whatever you make. Oh, I have the happiness. It means so much to me that you will all favorite mouth worms She does indeed I’ll try one star. Oh joy. Now. These are best when eaten raw So, uh Robin is there no one with whom to share my traditions You would love to be a part of feast day You know There’s something going on in your stomach region there appeared on my belly last night and now wants to join me for the feast day dinner Good just move move. It will end up on the other side of the galaxy fighting a giant spider. Alien or something Not normal, it seems that is something I am often accused of being by my fellow Titans. Oh Come on, don’t tell me you buy her story Here, let me show you something Suggesting mass as a coping mechanism we better tell the others guys Hopefully I can relay it correctly Yeah, I miss something or did you all just become best buds with an open sore as you can see Robin you have misjudged Perry I am sorry Perry, but I already asked them and they declined We will be back in time for tonight’s feast I don’t like this Titans, I’d better follow them to make sure nothing happens. I Followed them all day Just waiting for that thing to mutate into the giant spider will end up fighting on the other side of the galaxy But no dice. He’s amorphous. I am certain this will be the best feast date ever Harry would like to make a toast Take it easy. Perry doesn’t exist. Don’t you see he’s a figment of Starfire’s imagination Oh, What are you doing apparently I’m making friends Perry is the only thing that makes me feel normal Oh Starfire wow, you really are the greatest here to show you. There’s no hard feelings. I made you a cake sometimes More than sometimes Robin What’s Wrong Perry Fools just wouldn’t listen I was right and you were wrong Crime more like microwave popcorn want some We’ve gone a whole week without a crime alert. I think it’s starting to get to him. Yeah, Robins definitely going through a mission withdrawal You do know how to relax don’t you I Can relax circles around you fools says the guy who tried to turn sleeping into a cup But I can totally take it easy until there’s an alert good cuz that’s what we’re gonna do. Yes, you are You relaxing I was mind if I join you yes You mind relaxing somewhere else Is it not like a million little toes dancing on your face, can you feel the invasion of your pore holes That’s why it feels like the little toes are dancing more vigorously No Sounds super relaxing and an opportunity to see if my arm exercises have been working You guys may not like it but my job as leader is to always remain vigilant You’re staying here until you learn to take it easy Val and how are you gonna stop me with this? This is for your own good Robin. So enjoy your day off Yes, very funny now knock it I Know how to help on the mission a Raven maybe so Cyborg, look out. Oh Come on Beast Boy. Don’t tear attack Beast Boy. What are you doing here? I thought you were at the battle. Oh right Forgot you were home. Dude that explains a lot I’ve got to figure out a way to remove this collar and get back out there or you could just relax just Think of nothing and no one ignore all outside distractions Here’s your test for the rest of the day You’ve barely even left the butt print on the couch in order to truly relax. You’ve got to learn to be one Okay, is there like a specific way? I should hum in a minor key Mm-hm, or should I go with a major? Wait, I have more questions Beast Boy, don’t leave me Dude what are you doing? What if it’s an emergency? Fine girl answer it just think of nothing and no one ignore all outside distractions Tell me what it is that you seek baby. I Wish to relax your couches you have mastered the first step then why? That is something you must find out for yourself It’s all coming back to me now take the day off and relax the animals can’t bother you Answer your communicate Hi dare, I even ask I’m hiding from these boys so I don’t have to play cavemen and dinosaurs You gotta help wish I could make two of me then I wouldn’t have to play Wait a second No, and then I can make him play with Beast Boy Magic is a powerful tool not to be used for petty reasons Allow me to introduce you to myself cyborg. He’s an exact replica of me. What’s up bees man Exact replica, huh? Who would win a fight a ninja or a Merlin neither being natural allies? They would team up to defeat the evil uber Yeah, sorry, bro, that’s okay I didn’t feel like playing my favorite video game in the whole wide world What is it oh Well, since I need a new best friend I thought maybe You’re me correction, I’m you You’ve gotta be kidding me. This is great. Now I have a new best friend. Hi cyborg I just have more in common with side work later but oh The goats. I know neither one of us has the best so there are four of them now, huh? I don’t want to talk about it. I’m starving. I left a big bag itself food chips right here on the Forget the snacks, we’ll just play some video games Are we really that annoying in a word? Yes now, you know how we feel all opposed Looks like you lose look again, bro All in favor of kicking out every non-magical double Come to think of it, I don’t remember a single thing before a couple of months ago. How could that be? unless Then the real deal should be in there All of this time we have been living with magical doubles Yep, well thanks to you two clowns the tower is now overrun with double Don’t worry about us we’ve seen the error of our ways and we’re committed to becoming better people we’re gonna be hobos ride the rails that sort of thing so long Titans I Ain’t getting up. I don’t think I can get up. Well, I guess that is all wrapped up No.you sparkle-face another dirt monster into a furnace in the nose all Seriously you guys eat like animals Journey where it’s a journey of its own. Yeah, I’d crawl over a hundred miles of broken glass for the sandwich I drive across the country in a car – sure but it would have to be a legendary sandwich like mine There is an ancient sandwich of power hidden away from those who would use its power for evil Is it story time in an age long forgotten and old kings summoned his sandwich wizard it was also delicious Delicious One night the prince betrayed the king and tried to steal the sandwich. We got to get that sandwich. Oh, man I want to eat it twice the sandwich will look beautiful in my hair No way can atop my sandwich science. We have no idea where to look There are four ingredients The mystical bacon is here on the lava lake I got the heat resistors baby. I shall retrieve the tomato Okay, let’s do this I assume you saved the most dangerous ingredient for the leader of the Titans, oh yes With the candy keys we’ll be able to make princess puffballs birthday where our dreams come true. I Need some pretzel bread the freshest you’ve got make it quick this place is really bumming me out Whatever Your hair sure is bad Sookie You mean the legends actually true this sandwich better be worth it You know how long it’s gonna take me to build a new hand with one hand Wow, the supermarket was brutal Troy Rose marula and tomato I Lost an arm for this sandwich I get first dibs I lost my hair Shirley that is more important than a hand I should get the first So anyone want to watch pretty pretty Pegasus

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