The #1 Food that Fixes Hypoglycemia

Hey guys, in this video we’re going to talk
about how to fix hypoglycemia, all right? Now, what is hypoglycemia? Hypoglycemia is a situation where the blood
sugars go too low. Normally in the body you should have blood
sugars of 100. What does that mean? I’ll give you a little comparison. If you were to weigh let’s say 180 pounds,
you’d have about a gallon and a half of blood in your entire body. The amount of sugar that would be diluted
in there to equal 100 would be about one teaspoon, so it’s really very small amounts of sugar. And it doesn’t mean you have to eat sugar,
your body can make sugar from other types of things, like protein, even fat. So it’s not that you even have to eat any
sugar at all. But the point is that we need this normal
blood sugar to maintain fuel in the body. Okay, it should be 100. When it drops down below 70 that’s when you
start getting the symptoms of hypoglycemia. Brain fog, cravings for sweets, anxiety, fatigue,
shakiness, weakness. It’s kind of like if you have kids, you know,
and let’s say you’re bringing them grocery shopping with you when they’re hungry and
tired. They’re going to experience all these, specifically
irritability, right? And that’s how low blood sugar … And they’re
just going the go a little crazy on you. The point is that when those blood sugars
crash it pushes you out of the present and you don’t think rationally, and you’ll eat
things that you end up regretting. Here’s what happens, and this is the problem,
is that the doctors, the medical profession is telling people to keep some candy in their
pocket, or glucose tablets. In case your blood sugars run low, go ahead
and take some candy and bring ’em back up. And these are even diabetics. They’re looking at this problem very superficially. It’s kind of like if you stub your toe, and
well here, just take a pain pill every time you stub your toe. But like, why don’t we just look at why you’re
stubbing your toe in the same spot? The why is this: if you’re taking medication
and it’s spiking it … insulin too high and your blood sugars are coming down too fast,
it could be that you’re taking too much medication. You just need to lessen the medication. Rather than try to correct it at the blood
sugar level to add more sugar into the mix which will create more problem, why not just
take a little less next time to even it out. That’s one solution. Next solution is to get out of the diet what
triggers this in the first place, and I have a ton of videos on that, I’ll put them down
below. You know, the sugars, refined carbohydrates,
and things like that. But I want to tell you an equally important
thing. It has to do with the opposing hormone to
insulin. Insulin reacts to glucose, and what it does
is it lowers blood sugar. So there’s a hormone that does the opposite,
and it’s made by the pancreas. Insulin is made by the pancreas, but this
hormone is also made by the pancreas too, and this is the missing piece and I’m going
to explain why. It’s called glucagon. Glucagon, okay? So that kind of does the opposite of insulin. So if insulin lowers blood sugars, glucagon
raises blood sugars. What it does is it mobilizes and releases
stored sugar from your liver and even the muscles. So you have this thing called glycogen that’s
stored sugar, glucagon releases that to keep the sugars constant. You have this constant thing where your insulin
and glucagon are working together, all right? So now here’s the question. Why don’t we just increase glucagon instead
of eating candy? Why don’t we do that? Well, because people don’t really understand
what triggers glucagon, so I’m teaching you right now. The main food that will trigger glucagon is,
ready for this? Protein. Moderate amount of protein, not a lot. You just need a moderate … between three
to maybe five ounces of protein. Protein will trigger glucagon, and I have
a little story. I had blood sugar issues when I was very young,
and then one day for breakfast, I would normally have a carbohydrate breakfast, I decided to
have some protein. And it was like a switch. I instantly like could think again, I was
feeling so much better mentally. I was clear, I wasn’t all foggy like I used
to be, ant that was because of this situation right here. It brought it up normally. The point is if you’re doing a very low protein
diet, and you’re not having protein with each meal … and I’m not saying have a lot, just
a little bit, especially in the morning if you’re going to have breakfast, then you could
be having this hypoglycemic reaction. That’s one cause, another one would be you’re
eating too much sugar, the third one would be you’re basically eating … You’re a diabetic
and you’re taking medication that’s too much, you need to adjust that. Hypoglycemia is very, very easy to correct
if you understand this right here. I put some links down below of the eating
plan for, like, insulin resistance and things like that. But the point I want to make is instead of
going for that candy in your pocket, protein would be the thing you need to do to drive
it up. Then as far as a meal goes, to really correct
this even long-term, you don’t want to have snacks between the meal. Now I know hypoglycemics need to eat between
the meals because their blood sugars crash. Well a much better thing to do would be to
add a little fat with that meal, so you have like a good amount of vegetables, protein
and fat. Healthy fats like avocado, or coconut oil,
or even some animal fats if you’re … or even butter. The point is if you do that, that will not
spike insulin, it gets you to go longer, less drops in blood sugars, and if you do that
consistently you can actually heal this whole mechanism and completely not be hypoglycemic
anymore. It’s also good for hyperglycemia as well,
that’s diabetes. I wanted to mention this point about protein,
so stop having the candy in the pocket. Don’t do the glucose tablets. They even have these little shakes you can
do of pure sugar. You’re never going to fix your problem that
way. Do the protein, and put your comments below. Thank you for watching.

100 Replies to “The #1 Food that Fixes Hypoglycemia”

  1. I’ve been dealing with this on and off for the past 6 years. I was on a Adrenal Fatigue protocol but could not afford to stay on it because the supplements are expensive. However it worked wonders for me. The best I’m doing for myself now is eating gluten free and sugar free as much as possible. The hard part is adding the protein to every meal! I’m at the point where I need sugar with every meal or I will go too low. I know this isn’t good so I’m slowly starting to wean myself off the sugar by adding protein and fats instead. Thanks Dr Berg.

  2. I'd like to see a video on keto reactive hypoglycemia. I ate plenty of veggies, healthy fat and protein and my blood sugars keep going below 70 with shakiness and brain fog.

  3. I'm reactive hypoglycemic, and just visited an Endo for the first time. He is a skeptic. Any advice on finding a dr that agrees with the science, and isn't going to dismiss my symptoms, and make me feel like a lunatic?

  4. Hi Dr. Berg, what if protein doesn’t help? Any other options? My 4th day on keto, I’m just laying on the couch and can’t get up… think I’m about to die from low blood sugar and dizziness. I did every little thing you mention, like taking electrolytes, sea salt with water, vitamins…. I’m so about to quit this diet 🙁 please help

  5. This man is amazing!!! Thanks for the video I really needed this… I was dealing with seizures for a while and found out it was low blood sugar and sodium and potassium

  6. Yeah but what about someone who has hypermobility, like me, I have motility issues gallbladder out, I can barely eat fat, having dumping problems and it causes hypoglycemia

  7. Omg doctor thank you so much I’ve been suffering from hypoglycemia pretty much all my life and it makes me feel so bad but this will help so much. Thank you

  8. Thanks Dr. Berg , you have cleared the great foggy mystery of what can one do to not go tru the scary moments of hypoglycemia episodes. I wish you were my doctor, or my doctor would see your videos every day . That would be awsome! You are Godsend. God bless.

  9. I think when I eat breakfast or lunch full of carbs and sugar I shake afterwards and feel dizzy… Why is that? This is why I normally intermittent fast.

  10. I am suffering from hypoglycemia since 16 yrs and just now found out what it's called and what it is. Immedietely i searched for ur video on it and came to know that protein will be helpful but i have hemorrhoids and so eating proteins make it worse . What should i do pls suggest Dr. Thank you.

  11. So by this logic if some is doing internment Fasting for 16 or 18 hrs and if consume whey protein shake to break his fast he not only get the benefits or protein but also pancreas will releases Glucogons and that will releases glycogens from lever and muscles. So we can be more energetic…

  12. Dear Dr Eric, Sir kindly help me.
    I have been suffering from low blood sugar since March 2018.
    In 2017, the first instance of feeling down, hungry and hungry made me worried about it. I started keeping sugar candies and cookies whenso ever I felt hungary.
    However, Last month, owing to excessive junk food and contaminated water, I suffered from Heart Burn, including heavy desire to eat more food. My stomac heart burn is recovered finally after taking Tab Pepside and Ipride along with completely ignoring spicy food.
    The purpose of writing this overall issue is to take guidance from you regarding instances of Low Blood Sugar.
    1) This month, when soever I eat any food, my tongue becomes tasteless.
    2) I have started taking protien diet in my meals.
    3) When I wake I eat one boiled egg and some luke cold milk, Later I take 1 meal with any vegetable.
    4) At 12 or 1 pm I once again eat food along with some fruit(Banana and Apple)
    5) I eat rice with some milk at night along with one or two sweet dates.
    Before I used to eat lots of sweet food,tea, cookies , dates and chocolates, but after watching your videos I have started controlling my diet.
    Sir, the actual problem is, at 5 or 6 pm, I really feel hungry, my heart beat goes up, body becomes wet, losing consciousness and start acting wildly, having real desire to eat.
    my HBS 1C last week was 5.9
    Kindly suggest me what to eat in morning and compleye diet plan for rest of the hours.

    Please Doctor. Thanks

  13. I wished a watched this b4 I drunk orange juice earlier today. It worked tho. I felt faint and weak, I figured my sugar was low. I never had this problem b4. I think I knocked myself out of Ketosis

  14. Thank you. Your calm attitude really helped me as well as the info! I had this earlier today…it was really scary! I felt so extremely dizzy.

  15. Thank you! I'm gonna cry I'm so happy!!! i'm going to go eat some protein right now, and I bet I will feel 10x better. Thank you Dr. Eric Berg!

  16. Yes, as soon as I felt dizzy, I went into the fridge and ate a cheesecake that was on the top shelf, so a combination of fat and carbs, instead of going for something protein-filled. My body is probably asking me for some protein instead of all the carbs I've been consuming. UGH! THANK YOU! You are wonderful.

  17. I think it's really great people can get quality advice from doctors who take the time to put videos such as this on YouTube , thank-you it makes a difference to so many.

  18. not taking a sugar pill when blood sugars are very low is dangerous advice. most doctors will tell you that after you eat some sugar to bring your level back to normal you must also eat a real balanced meal (as mentioned in the video) to prevent from getting too low again. this is because protein will not become sugar fast enough to correct a hypo state.

  19. I have had bouts of Hypo G. for many years. I found caffeine is a culprit in many cases. May not be the cause but definitely brings it on fast..Not much research on this. I think they call it situational hypoglycemia.. Especially in the morning after a cup I would always crash 30 min to hour later.. I kind of figured out on my own that even though my sugar went low that more sugar wasn't the answer and I did feel better after eating protein and carbs. But I noticed after coffee in the morning even if I ate a little protein my sugars would still crash. I tried doing no coffee but would get headaches. So now I do one cup of half reg. and half decafe..Just mix the coffee granuals together and brew 1 small pot…I also take chromium vanadium which are minerals that greatly helps w blood sugar regulation..But after watching this I think I'll try more protein throughout the day…I don't eat that much ..Thx Doc.

  20. I’ve watched this video 10 times now and I’m trying to apply this advice to my life to see if it helps. At first I was worried I was type one. Now I think I have insulin resitance due to eating lots of sugar and being very in active.

  21. My muscles feel like rubber and tired and I get sleepy. I also turn white. I don’t sweat or shake.
    If I eat an orange I start to feel a little better, but it does not fully correct the problem.

    I cannot figure out what is going on.

  22. What can a vegetarian eat for hypoglycemia. I do eat butter and a bit of cheese but no meat or eggs. I get so weak and shaky.

  23. I had a blood glucose level of 2,4 and Im not even a diabetic! This is the info i needed, bo more jelly and cereal to get my blood sugar levels back up.

  24. does consuming too much coffee contribute to this? I tend to blame my shakiness on caffeine but pretty sure I have tendencies toward HG. today I'm shaky and feel awful. have an appointment early and hoping to feel better before I go, so I ate half and avocado and a piece of breakfast sausage. hasn't helped yet, so waiting for the coffee to get out of my system.

  25. Can someone please help me? I’m 17. With hypoglycaemia lately I’ve cut carbs (this week was the first week) and my sugars get to 4.0 3 hours after eating? I’ll eat like 3 eggs, with a big salad. So idk why that’s happening!

    I also read that for some people it makes hypoglycaemia worse so now I’m scared to continue it!

    Will my sugars get better over time? Not just within the first week? Someone plz give me info! 🙂

  26. This recently started happening to me and I just want to be back to normal. Just last year I was able to eat once a day and I was fine… now, I get the biggest hunger crave I've ever gotten in my life… I get a pain in my stomach, my hands and feet get clammy, my heart begins to race and I just want to eat anything and everything. When it happens it feels like I havebt eaten in years and I'm just so hungry. Any info helps

  27. Thank you this has cleared the confusion I had between hyper and hypo glycemic. My husband has always been this way and having him watch this has given him a better understanding of what he needs to do with science based facts to get on a consistent lifestyle that stops the brain fog, irritability.constant hunger.👍

  28. i started keto have so many doubts we wont get anything except veggies like bottle guard local leafy etc how much fat i should take I am 90 kg weight unable to control if i see tasty food pls give in short form information in detail i can check somethings5"6 height

  29. Umm I'm eating dragon fruit when I'm dizzy when get up. Is it okay? Dragon fruit has less sugar than other tropical fruits. It make me feel fresher from days of eating fat.

  30. So does this also apply to hypoglycemia due to exercising on low carb meals? I’m type 2 and I’m afraid of hypoglycemia after exercise. Do I just eat a protein with healthy fat afterwards?

  31. These videos about hypoglycemia that you've posted have REALLY helped me to understand better hypoglycemia is and how I can better deal with the situation. As you've stated before, many doctors have told me to drink some juice or get some sugar in me to help the situation. I've been trying to diet and every day I face that drop and then start the cycle all over again. I've tried intermittent fasting and only eating when I become hungry but my blood sugar drops before I even feel hungry and then I frantically eat something I've been led to believe will help me. So thank you for making these videos and helping people like me know what is really going on.

  32. Hello about a year ago I started a diet that consists of 60% fat, 15% carbs, and 25% protein(No grains, lots of nuts and seeds, fish, green vegetables, greek yogurt etc.). Recently, I have slowly tried to get back to a regular diet with more carbs but it seems that when I try to eat more carbs, it throws something out of wack and I get more hungry and tired. I tried that for a couple weeks and now I am back to the 60/15/25 macros but now I am getting extremely hungry and not feeling good around 4pm which will last until I eat, however it may come back after I eat as well. I'm not diabetic but I have checked my sugars during this period and they seem to be always around 4.0-4.2 before eating and about the same 2 hours aftwerwards.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated and used!

    Thanks for the video!

  33. This is the video to share with my loved one. He would get hangry and apologize while he's eating. It's very uncomfortable for everyone.

  34. I was 50 hours into a 3 day water fast and my blood sugar at night was 45 and ketones 5.4. I felt fine but did not want to got to sleep with the possibility of it going much lower. I have been doing keto and IF since mid Jan. I’m not a diabetic and just have some fat around my waist. 5-10 lbs from ideal weight. Could I have kept fasting?

  35. Hi Dr Berg,
    Thankyou for the video. What is the relation of hypoglycemia with low blood pressure? does one triggers other? Please help. Thanks a lot.

  36. Check this out guys my Hypoglycemia started around 14 or 15. My problem was well what i think was over exercise, i was a really active bike rider & i remember always feeling hungry.
    My mom wasn't much of a cooker i would come home hungry & not eat or when i was bike riding i would mostly miss all my meals of the day cause i was biking all day somtimes i would be really happy to have a dollar for a BURGER or TACO. So that went on for over 5 years i didnt realize i was messing my body up. Also my hunger led me to drink accessible soda while hungry so i was feeding myself sugar instead of food. NOW that i have money as an adult i noticed my symptoms dont really come back anymore. So im a big coffee drinker i can tell you 1 thing coffer particularly ICED coffee brings my sugar low most of the time i still drink it i try to drink it when i have food in my system BUT still manages to bring it down & when it does come down my body craves for MEAT so i eat it & i start feeling better asap. I dont normaly take other foods just meat when sugar is going low. BUT i can tell you right now that when i was dealing with this low blood sugar my symptoms were horrible LIKE–> SHAKINESS, IRRATABILITY, SWEATING,LOSS OF CONSICIOUSNESS,WEAKNESS. Ive gotten to the point of being on the ground helpless not moving & wanting to close my eyes & feeling like i wasnt going to wake up. Well im not much of a writer but thats my story & also stay away from water when hungry, dont drink caffine before you have eaten.

  37. Sounds good, but my normal breakfast was Alexia Organic french fries and purdue Simple smart GF chicken tenders. A couple morings ago, I had coffee, half & Half cream, monk fruit, 4 oz hamburg with swiss cheese, I ended up Hypoglycemic, then had to eat stuff to bring back my glucose level to near normal. What happened to the glucogon? At this point, I just can't do keto. A real sugar pepsi works real well on the hypoglycemic situation. When your in hypoglycemic condition, sugar works best on balancing your sugar level. I would like to go on keto, can't until I can figure out the low sugar issue.

  38. Hi I have hypoglecmia how come once you have it you have it for life ?I know things you said but doesn't cure it now you said it will I was typing while listing plus I got food sensitivities from it I know rotate system but that doesn't cure it either ?just wonder if you know why ? I like listening to you because you are so smart and your voice is so relaxing to listen to thank you please let me know 30 yrs had both plus now other health problems which makes everything harder deal with !

  39. I been having hypoglycemia since I was a baby 25 years old my doctor's have been giving me some blood test the blood test results came through and it says I don't have hypoglycemia I just want to know the truth that I do have it because I've been having the symptoms…

  40. Please please please watch my video my blood sugar has gotten into the 50s because I cleaning my body out and losing tons of weight! I want from about 280 down to 225 just recently learned that Vegetables and protein first time I felt normal yesterday thank you so much

  41. @Dr. Berg HELP! I've had Hypoglycemia since my 20s per Dr.'s Dx. Now last year; I had Kidneystones, so please tell me what could be done, since I don't want a reaccurance of them and I want to eliminate Hypoglycemia, but not have a repeat of Kidneystones either, considering protein amounts can effect Kidneys as is my understanding

  42. My resting blood sugar is about 56-70… It stays stable throughout the day.. Bout 61 fasting- 70 something after a meal. Is that sign of hypoglycemia?

  43. I'm happy to find this My daughter has developed hypoglycemia during pregnancy. Her doctor prescribed iron. The Iron makes her even sicker. So now, we are going to try this and pray that it helps. I will let you all know. Back in a few days.

  44. What Mr. berg isn't telling you is that you will secrete 3x the insulin when protein is combined with a carb… goodbye.

  45. The original Atkins diet (not the new one with their bars and shakes) cured my hypoglycemia. I've been eating this way since 2004. The only issue is that it makes me a little too skinny for my taste as I like to stay around 130lbs and sometimes I drop into the low 120's. Other than that it's been incredible.

  46. This information has been Spot-on for me! Three meals a day..protein, healthy fat, complex carbs, vegetables, little fruit and no sugar. Whole foods..not over processed. Works very well! Thank You!

  47. Someone pls help! If I don't eat for 5 hrs or more I'll experience this, but to a degree when I continuously vomit even if I eat protein. Keto hasn't helped

  48. this saved my life. anytime i got low sugar i ate animal protein which reversed all my symptoms and kept me full longer.

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