The Best Keto Lasagna Ever!

– Today on “Low Carb with Jennifer”, we are going to make this family-friendly and delicious keto lasagna. (gentle music) Hey, guys, I’m Jennifer Banz, and on my channel we cook
family-friendly keto dinners, you’ve no need to make more
than one dinner for your family, my kids love these recipes, and today I’m going to
make my keto lasagna, my whole family loves it. And at the end of this
recipe I’ll show you what I serve it with, so stay tuned for that. First we’re going to start
with some avocado oil, and I like to use avocado oil because it is a high heat cooking oil. So I’ve got ground beef
and Italian sausage, (meat sizzling)
ooh, that’s what you want to hear. And we’re going to cook and
crumble this Italian sausage and ground beef until
it’s completely brown. So I’m going to add in some onion, and I like to use frozen,
already diced onion, it’s a super easy
time-saver for quick dinners in the evenings when you’re busy. So we’re going to keep cooking this, I’m going to season with
some salt and pepper. Okay, our ground beef
and sausage is all cooked and now we’re going to add
in some marinara sauce, I like to use Rao’s marinara because it has only five
net carbs per 1/2 cup and this is a 24 ounce jar. Going to stir this in and our meat layer will be all red. Just like that. So we’re going to set this aside. Okay we set aside our meat mixture and now we’re going to
make the cheese layer, this is Ricotta cheese, it’s a 15 ounce container of
ricotta cheese and two eggs that I’ve already put into this bowl, so now we’re going to add in a
cup of shredded Parmesan cheese, or grated whatever you want to call it, and I’ve got some minced garlic
that we’re going to add in, and some Italian seasoning,
dried Italian seasoning, so now we’re going to mix this all up. Okay, we have our layers ready, we’ve got our meat
mixture, our cheese mixture and then we’ve got the
cheese to go on top, so we’re going to layer this up. I’m going to do a layer of meat, and we’re going to put half of this meat in the bottom of the casserole dish, and now we’re going to
put all of this layer, all of this mixture on top of the meat. My kids are going to love dinner tonight. Okay, now we’re going to add
the rest of the meat mixture. Okay, this is looking amazing, so now we’re going to add in,
or add on Mozzarella cheese, two cups to be exact, and then we’re going to sprinkle
on some Parmesan cheese. Okay, this is ready for the oven, we have preheated our oven to 375 degrees and it’s going to cook
for about 30 minutes or so because we don’t have
any noodles in there, it’s going to take, be
a little bit quicker. Okay, our lasagna is out of the oven and let me show you how delicious it is when I cut a piece. And so what would I serve this with? I would serve it with my garlic bread, you can see that recipe right there. It’s super easy, keto garlic bread, but look at that, that looks amazing. So I’ll see you guys later, bye.

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  1. Thank you Jennifer, for always working so hard on these recipes! I never thought of omitting my keto “pasta”. Great idea!

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