The Best Probiotic For Candida

Greetings. Eric Bakker, New Zealand naturopath. Author of Candida Crusher and formulator of
the CanXida range of products. Thanks for tuning. Iíve got a question here from a lady in Japan. Interesting. Best probiotic for Candida. Sheís just saying here. There is no real best probiotic for Candida,
but what you really want to take into account is you want to have something thatís going
to really help your current population of good bacteria to thrive. Something thatís going to really favorably
alter the environment of your digestive system. There are many different types of probiotic
supplements. Some are affective. Some are useless. How do you know youíre finding the right
one for you? The product must be taken in line with the
current diet to start with. Hopefully, the lifestyle is line as well,
but the diet must be good. Otherwise, the supplements arenít really
going to work. Best probiotics for Candida are ones with
enzymes with them, which are going to allow the good foods youíre eating to break down
more effectively, allowing the bacteria in your gut to thrive on that broken down food. Thatís common sense. Make sure you take a product that contains
some enzymes and some probiotics in it. One of my favorite probiotics is lactobacillus
ransoms, lactobacillus plantarum, lactobacillus casei. These are three really good strains that have
been well researched and we know they have multiple positive immune effects on the body. Particularly in the small intestine. The area that we really want to improve when
it comes to leaky gut. We also want to add some bifida bacteria. Bifidobacterium and bifida longum are the
two core bifida strains that we find very popular in the large intestine. If you get those beneficial bacteria and partner
those up with some really good enzymes, youíve got a fantastic product and I created that
product because I couldnít find one like it. I was using enzymes. I was using probiotics. I was getting hit and miss. I formed them together in a product called
CanXida Restore. I got the outcome I was looking for in the
clinic. That, in my mind, is the best probiotic for
Candida. The one that contains enzymes and it contains
beneficial bacteria. I also include lactobacillus DDS1 in my formula,
which is one of the most researched lactobacillus strains ever created. If youíre taking a good probiotic and youíve
got foods with a high prebiotic potential, thatís your best probiotic. But if youíre taking a good probiotic and
youíre going to have sodas, donuts and pizzas, itís a bad probiotic. I hope you get the point. You can check out the formulas more on
if youíre interested. I hope that gives you a bit of information
all the way to Japan. Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. Hi Dr Bakker I just wondered what you thought about using Saccharomyces Boulardii? I heard it helped some candida sufferers so I have given it a try. I am just still about worried as treating a yeast infection with yeast just doesn't seem to make sense to me. That said, white coating on tongue has vastly improved since taking it. Thanks and, as ever, thanks for taking the time to make these videos

  2. Hi! Thank you for your work!! I wonder if you could do an enema with synbiotics (probiotics and prebiotics)? And if so, are there any bacteria which are not good for implanting direct into the colon? Thank you!!! 🙏

  3. Homemade Kefir has something like 150billion probiotics per tablespoon! Plus they are far more diverse & rubust since they aren’t stunted like the probiotics in capsules, which are still worth taking but only seem to pass thru and basically stop working when we stop taking them. Both milk & water Kefir’s also have natural enzymes, and don’t have wild yeast like kambucha. They’re cheap & surprisingly easy to get started & make-only take 24hrs, w milk, and 2-5 days w water Kefir. I put off doing it for years, having no idea how easy it was. If ur going to take capsules PB8 are the best I’ve found at a decent price. They’re ironically probably the cheapest one out there but have had great lab results and worked well for ulcerative colitis. Candida usually requires pulling out the big guns though, & homemade fermented foods is by far the best method. There are many good ones I didn’t mention, but many take much longer to ferment, and Kefir is considered to be the best known source of probiotics. Store bought is probably better that capsules, but unfortunately is made differently & doesn’t contain even 5% of the probiotics of homemade w Kefir grains as a starter, and has far less strains. Hope this helps.

  4. A dr told me that if I take lactobaccilis probiotic whilst having candida it will make candida worse and that I have to wait several weeks and starve the candida first before going on probiotics

  5. can this lactobacillus makes you gasy and bloated and uncomfortable if having candida? i think i have too much candida and whenever i take probiotics it just makes things worse so i stoped….yesterday i ate a yoghurt it was not made of milk at all.or soy…but it had lactobacillus inside,so i wonder if this lacto…is causing candida to die and thats why im gasy and bloated and a little crampy? has anyone experienced this?

  6. Hi there, I am presently using your products , having great
    Results.My young daughters need probiotics but can’t swallow capsules, they end up biting them and breaking them up . From what I read , they won’t be utilized by the gut properly. Please your advice ☮️from NY

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