The Best Treatment For Gut Dysbiosis

Greetings, it’s Eric Bakker, naturopath from
New Zealand and author of Candida Crusher, formulator of the Canxida dietary supplements.
Thank you so much for checking out my video today. Today, we’re going to continue on with
dysbiosis, but we’re going to talk about the most effective, natural treatment for dysbiosis.
What can you do to nail this thing? How can you get your digestive system in really nice
condition? How can you overcome these awful signs and symptoms of inconsistent bowel motions,
bloating, gas, bad breath, Candida, SIBO, parasites? All these things contribute; they
all form one big terrible awful situation that so many of my clients continue to consult
with me from all over the world. So let’s give you some really good information
in this video today on how you can finally get rid of dysbiosis. This is based on 27
years of clinical practice. I’ve treated now in excess of 30,000 patients in my clinic
with all kinds of different diseases relating to immune dysfunction, thyroid and adrenal
dysfunction, gut dysfunction, parasites, autoimmune diseases, the list goes on and on and on.
I can tell you now most people I see need to get a digestive overall. They need their
gut fixed up. There’s no doubt about it. A lot of it’s got to do with the kind of lifestyles
and diets that my patients have. We live in the 21st Century. We live in a
very stressful time when people haven’t got time to do a lot anymore. We were told that
technology was going to solve all our problems and free up our time, but in fact, it hasn’t
done that. It’s made us more hurried, worried, and stressed than ever before, so a lot of
this contributes to our gut dysfunction. What are some basic things we can do to really
get this condition sorted? If you saw my video before about the causes
of gut dysbiosis, we spoke about pharmaceutical drugs, we spoke about stress, and we spoke
about diet. Those are three core things; so obviously, intelligent people when it comes
to treatment need to tackle causes. So go back and look at that video on the causes
of dysbiosis. If you’re a slave to a pharmaceutical medicine long term, you’re crazy because you’ll
never get rid of dysbiosis. Any more than if you’re a person who’s got massive debt
on a property and doesn’t want to pay it back or you’ll be a slave to that forever. You’ve
got to understand that drugs are going to ruin your health and cause an early mortality
if you stay a slave to them. So try to work out why you’re taking this drug and fix up
the cause so you don’t need to take it. That’s rule number one.
If you’re taking a pharmaceutical, maybe a headache pill here or there, I’m not so worried.
But if you’re taking a drug every day to block acid production or a drug every day for acne
treatment, an antibiotic, or some kind of arthritis pill long term, you’re watching
this, and you want to get your gut right, you’ve got to get off these drugs. If you
can’t do that, then this is where the video stops and then you go and watch something
else because we’re not really going to get anywhere with you. But if you’re committed
and I take it you are or you wouldn’t be watching this now and you want to come right, go and
see a health care professional about how you can get off that stuff.
For example, if we look at the drug Nexium for blocking stomach acid production. In North
America in 2014, there were 6.2 billion US$ in sales. That’s a hell of a lot of people
with gut reflux and you can’t tell me that all of those people have developed it for
no darn reason. A lot of those people have been drinking beer and eating pizzas, eating
crappy food, living high stress lifestyles, and not sleeping enough, this is part of the
equation. I think you get the picture. So pharmaceutical drugs, if you’re on those,
you need to get off them if you want to get a result.
The other big thing is stress, of course, the lifestyle. If you want to get a good result,
you need to really understand that you need to make some changes with how you’re living.
You maybe need to organize your time a bit better, the work/play balance. Try to understand
that if you’re leading a very stressful and a hurried life, that you’ll probably never
get a really good digestive system. The gut is very much affected by stress on multiple
levels. I did a video previously that you might want
to look at about the causes. I talk about stress and the gut and how that actually affects
it. Lots of women, for example, with young children find it hard to eat their meals themselves.
They’ll eat very quickly while they’re with the kids. Lots of guys and women who work
in corporate life drink too much coffee during the day and too much booze at night. They’re
on their electronic devices all day and then they’re on electronic devices all night. It’s
not very conducive for good health when you’ve got a diet that’s completely out of kilter,
and there is little time for downplay. All work and no play � you know the rest, it
makes Jack and Jill dull people, so you need to really understand that work/life balance
is the key thing here. If we can’t get you to chill more, relax more, enjoy life more,
we’re not going to get a result with dysbiosis. That’s number two.
Number three � the diet. You really have to eat the right kind of foods to get on top
of dysbiosis. Needless to say, drinking diet Coke and having burgers and fries and takeaway
food is not going to give you the outcomes you desire. I’m always recommending a really
healthy whole foods natural diet for people full of plant-based fibers, fresh healthy
foods with brightly colored foods, high quality proteins. I prefer not to drink any alcohol
myself or have any fizzy drinks or things like that, any cola drinks. I like drinking
green tea. I also have one cup usually of black tea per day, but the rest of the day,
I drink a pot of green tea. If you want to have nice skin, drink green tea. If you want
to have a good digestive system, if you want to have an outstanding digestive system, avoid
alcohol for three months. Come back and talk to me and I think you’ll find you’ll agree
with me that even drinking one beer or one wine a week will have a significant impact
on your gut. If you’re serious about health, you need to make some serious changes.
One of my good mentors, Dr. James Wilson, used to say to me he told his patients “Take
your health seriously or take it somewhere else.” So if you’re serious about health,
why the hell would you want to wait until the doctors told you that you’ve got a tumor
or cancer before you make those changes that you need to be making right now? You can still
have fun, but you don’t have to be drinking booze to have fun, remember that. Always look
for the most destructive habits in your life when it comes to eating and drinking and make
those changes now. Don’t wait until you get the diagnosis.
What about natural treatment? This is part of the reason why I designed Canxida, the
Canxida dietary supplements. And I did that because after many, many years of clinical
practice, I found that using all kinds of different herbal medicines and nutritional
medicines and homeopathic medicines and even allopathic medicines, I’ve used everything
in my clinic. I worked in medical clinics for 15 years on and off. So after prescribing
every kind of thing I could find on the internet and through companies, I decided to make my
own products. And I did that for a very good reason because I wanted to give patients what
I thought were the very best kind of products to make. And that’s why I developed Canxida.
The first product I made was called Canxida Remove, and I think it’s the best antifungal,
anti-parasitic, antibacterial you’re going to find anywhere. And I’m not saying that
lightly. I believe it’s the best in terms of the raw materials I’ve used, the formulation,
and the proprietary method of how I put this together in a slow release form. So if it’s
not the best product you’ve ever used for gut dysfunction, you need to email me and
let me know why. And if it’s not working for you, then it’s because you’re not working
for it. You’re doing something wrong. You can’t have a can of diet Coke and then
take a pill. You can’t stay up until 3 o’clock in the morning liking people on Facebook and
then taking a pill. You’ve got to get the balance right. You’ve got to get the sleep
improved. You’ve got to get the diet improved, and the supplements are the icing on the cake.
That’s what I want you to think; they’re the icing on the cake. So when you do everything
right and you take a very high quality product, you don’t need a whole bunch of stuff. You
don’t need it. Thousands of patients from around the world now have sent me incredibly
good feedback on Canxida Remove, so I know this product works, and I’m sure it will work
for you, too. The second product I made is called Canxida
Restore. And again, what I did, how I usually make products is I have a look at everything
on the market. I put them on a spreadsheet. I pull them apart and I start realizing the
strengths and weaknesses of different things, and then I put my own slant on it. Canxida
Restore is the finest probiotic enzymatic formula you’re going to find on the market.
It’s also in a proprietary release formula. It’s in a very special capsule that’s slow
release, and it’s going to work very, very effectively. It’s a perfect companion to the
Canxida Remove. Apart from that, I’m working on a very special multivitamin right now with
an antifungal back base, so that’s going to be perfect for people with any kind of digestive
problem or even just someone like me that’s healthy who wants to avoid any kind of gut
problem in the future. It’s perfect for travel. It’s just perfect for having at home. So it’s
going to be the ideal multivitamin. Those three products are going to make up my Canxida
system. I’ve also have a cream that is being developed
now, which hopefully will come out in the market within the next two months. It’s a
cream that can be used for any kind of Candida problem, whether it’s a personal care problem
for women or men, or just a skin irritation in general. So that’s my Canxida system I’ve
developed. I believe they’re first-class natural medicines to use for these sort of conditions.
Just remember that when you’re treating gut dysbiosis and you want to get the best result,
you need to look at a holistic treatment that embraces all sorts of aspects, i.e., eating,
drinking, living, sleeping, stresses, it combines all of those factors. You can read more on You can also go to and have a look at the hundreds of articles
I’ve written on there, and I hope that gets you on the right track. If you have any questions,
you can email me, of course. Please go to my Candida Crusher YouTube channel, you’ll
find now over 500 videos on that channel. I believe it’s probably the most comprehensive
YouTube channel currently for gut health and Candida. And I’m going to keep on making these
videos because I’m getting great feedback from you guys.
Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video and I hope it’s given you some
benefit. Thank you.

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