The Candida Spit Test – MYTH #11

The Candida Spit Test – MYTH #11
Hi, I’m Dr. Jeff McCombs, developer of the McCombs Anti-Candida Plan for Health, Vitality,
and Transformation. Today, I’d like to spend a little time with you and discuss the Candida
spit test. The Candida spit test was promoted as a marketing tool in the mid- 90s by a multilevel
marketing company that sold an anti-Candida product. It was promoted as a fast, easy,
reliable test for people to perform in their homes to validate that they had a fungal Candida
infection. I’d like to explain to you a little bit why that is not a valid test and
give you some more information behind valid testing.
To perform the test, you take a glass of water, first thing in the morning, and spit into
it. If the spit or mucus forms legs, little extensions down into the water, this is a
sign, supposedly, that you have a Candida infection. Of course, this doesn’t differentiate
between a Candida yeast or a Candida fungal infection. But the truth of the matter is
there are many things which can cause the mucus to thicken to such an extent that it
would form these legs down into the water. A common one is dehydration. Now, if you’ve
been sleeping all night, and your mouth is closed, you haven’t been drinking water.
When you wake up in the morning, you’re gonna be a little dehydrated, so the mucus
will be thicker and form these strands, or legs, into the water.
Other things that can cause the same thickening of the mucus could be airborne allergies,
food allergies. You could have a virus, bacteria, yeast, mold, fungal infection, or parasite
infection. Cold weather can also cause thickening of the mucus, and anybody who has lived in
a cold climate can attest to that. Weather changes can also cause thickening of the mucus.
So there are a lot of things that can cause thickening of the mucus.
If you consider the body burden that most Americans and most people around the world
hold in terms of toxin, there are generally over 1000 different toxins that are in the
body at any time. Each and any one of these can cause the mucus to thicken. So when we’re
doing a Candida spit test, we’re not testing for anything, specifically, because thickened
mucus can be a general indicator of many different types of allergic reactions or responses by
the body and its immune system. If you want to do a saliva test, you would do a saliva
antibody test. This is a valid test that’s performed at a lab. Laboratories like BioHealth
Diagnostics, Genova Diagnostics, Diagnostics Labs will perform saliva antibody tests.
An antibody is a protein that is produced by our bodies’ white cells in response to
a substance that is non-human, or non-self. This is a way that the body uses to identify
that substance again should re-exposure occur later on.
Other valid tests would be blood tests, stool tests, direct cultures of blood or stool or
another tissue. Metametrix Labs does PCR testing, which is a genetic testing that can be with
the stool or blood. Great Plains Laboratories does organic acid testing. This is testing
of by-products of cellular metabolism from Candida. These are all different tests that
can be performed to evaluate whether or not you have a systemic fungal Candida infection.
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The best way to use this information is to use several tests in conjunction with each
other, along with a case history, present signs and symptoms, past history of antibiotic
use, and whether or not you’ve done a Candida protocol and whether it’s produced good
results for you. If you take all this information, combine it together, you’re going to get
a clearer picture of whether or not you have a Candida infection.
I hope you have found this information to be helpful. If you’d like more information,
visit us at or call us at 888-236-7780.
This is Dr. Jeff McCombs, and thank you once again.

7 Replies to “The Candida Spit Test – MYTH #11”

  1. Yeast is a fungus–so that part of this video doesn't make sense. As for the dehydration part, that is easy to control for and eliminate as a possible false positive. The rest of the possible thick mucous causes are something I would have to look into. Also a lot of candida antibody tests do not work–I have seen this happen over and over again.

  2. Notice he does not even mention using food as a healer !
    When it doubt fast your way to health. Today most people people use excessive sugar, grains, antibiotics etc. Therefore fasting and going green with foods and keeping foods simple.. Remember folks Dead Doctors Don't Lie and they are in the testing and drug business. Sometimes an endless cycle that ends up at the beginning where you started.and for the most an MD wants you in the dark. with you knowing your exact afflictions and how to cure(no money) instead of treat.=money continually spent. Fast your way to health

  3. The second I saw the books in back of this guy- who didn't smile, etc., I knew he was a Dr. pushing big Pharma's agenda. My Dr. wouldn't even test me for candida- said he didn't believe in it! I had to cure it thru a nutritionist.

  4. This guy is nothing more than a mouthpiece for MSM e.g test, test , test, another test and you end up where you begin. Of course, if you have insurance they'll add a few more tests. LOL Medical testing MAY have a place however, it is not absolute. Testing will either reveal what they're looking for or it won't reveal what the system is included in the testing parameters. Typically testing leaves you with more questions than answers. The common sense approach is to look at known offensive foods, lifestyle conflicts and emotions. Reconcile your emotional health and remove known offenders ( sugar, chemicals, most commercial grains and dairy etc) and slowly heal. Abstinence is a healer. Hears proof… Jesus went into the desert for 40 days and nights. He fasted away his demons. After all he was confronted by Satan. Satan can be a metaphor for toxic food. If certain foods make you sick then those foods are your personal demon(s) ! Jesus healed so can you ! Remove the offensive food, emotions and lifestyle habits ! Heal thyself. As food for additional thought 35% of drug therapy is claimed to be from the placebo effect. Aka Mind of Matter ! As a person THINKETH so are they !

  5. Here's a Fact …not a Myth.. look at this term iatrogenic (ī-ătˌrə-jĕnˈĭk)►

    adj. Induced in a patient by a physician's activity, manner, or therapy. Used especially of an infection or other complication of treatment. Here's an annual result of that intervention. Follow this..fron Sientific American magazine 9/20/13 >. An estimate of 440,000 deaths from care in hospitals "is roughly one-sixth of all deaths that occur in the United States each year," James wrote in his study. He also cited other research that's shown hospital reporting systems and peer-review capture only a fraction of patient harm or negligent care. That's the #3 cause of death in America preceded by heart disease and cancer. ! Not a Myth…Fact !

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