The Danger of a Weak Immune System – Dr. Ben Johnson | A Global Quest Video Clips

Ty Bollinger: …the immune system. You mentioned
that we need to get adequate protein for the immune system. So if you could, just talk
about the importance of a healthy immune system in preventing cancer and staying healthy.
Dr. Ben Johnson: Oh, when I take on… by the way, what I do is concierge cancer. I
only take on a few patients. And I go to their homes and take care of them there. But the
first thing I do when I get a new patient is – one of the things that I do is, I begin
to unimpede their immune system. Because every cancer patient, their immune system has missed
the cancer. So it has missed it. And so you have to unimpede their immune system. And
then you have to stimulate it back into action because at the end of the day, they will not
survive if their immune system is not really stimulated.
One of the many fallacies of standard cancer care is they just want to kill cancer cells.
Well, that’s nice. But why did you get cancer? Ty Bollinger: Yeah, what was the cause? Dr. Ben Johnson: They never ask that question.
I tell my patients; I encourage them to continue to see their oncologist to give them feedback.
So that as they get well, they will have a witness born to them that other things
work, whereas they [oncologist] know good and well that what they’re doing is not working. But I
say two things that you’ll be amazed at. They’ll never ask “what caused this?” and deal
with that or try to deal with it in any way. It’s just “let’s kill cancer cells.” And
then number two, as you get well, they will never ask you “what did you do?” Because they
don’t want that knowledge because then they’re responsible. So that’s two things that the
doctors will never ask the patient who is getting well from taking herbals and nutritionals
or alternative medical treatment. But you have to unimpede the immune system.
And then you have to stimulate it back in action. Because at the end of the day, without
your immune system working, you will not live. Because, let’s take AIDS patients for a
second. They don’t die from the AIDS virus. They die because their immune system is no
longer able to work. And let’s say you have a bacterial infection. We do not have an antibiotic
that is good enough to kill one hundred percent of the bacteria; any bacteria. This is one
of the many fallacies that we have about medicine and in our worship of medicine. We think “Oh,
antibiotic, it’s gonna kill all these.” No. It might kill 50 percent of the bacteria or
maybe even 60 or 70 percent if it’s a great antibiotic.
But at the end of the day, your immune system has to step up and finish off that other 30
or 40 percent or you won’t live. That’s why AIDS patients die, because we don’t have
an antibiotic good enough to kill any bacteria. We don’t have an antifungal good enough
to kill one hundred percent of any fungi. We don’t have an antiviral good enough to
kill one hundred percent of any virus. So at the end of the day, your immune system
has to step up. So that’s one of the very first things that I do is start working on
the immune system. Because at the end of the day, it’s gotta work if my patient is going
to live. Ty Bollinger: And so without that immune system
functioning, you’re a goner. Dr. Ben Johnson: Yeah, and standard medicine doesn’t even think of it. Doesn’t even address it. Your immune system. What? Ty Bollinger: Yeah, well obviously…. Dr. Ben Johnson: Why does that have anything to do with it?
Ty Bollinger: Right, obviously, they don’t because…. Dr. Ben Johnson: That’s why you got cancer. Ty Bollinger: And that’s why when they prescribe chemo
or radiation, it’s so absurd because they both devastate the immune system.
Dr. Ben Johnson: Well, and that is the extreme Achilles heel of chemo, is it… and radiation… it damages, severely, the only thing that
can possibly save your life — your immune system.

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  1. But isn't that the whole point of conventional "medicine"? I'm convinced at this point that they don't want us to get healthy, which is why they manage symptoms but don't cure seemingly any chronic disease. If they cured us, they would lose customer. So be reasonable. What's more important, your life or their profits? And cancer "treatment" appears to be the golden goose they are most adamant to protect given the enormous profits for both Big Pharma AND the local clinics administering the poison (pardon, I meant medicine).

  2. This is pretty cool channel I understand chemotherapy kills cancer cells and good cells as well. Those good cells are our immunity system? That leave one open to more disease including spread of cancer. I saw cancer likes sugar, and a cure for certain type cancer is that by mixing turmeric with raw honey the cancer goes for the honey but also takes the turmeric that kills them off but does not hurt the good cells. Honey of course has antibacterial properties.

  3. Thank you for another great video. There are so many ways of boosting the immune system that many people fail to realize. Our bodies know what to do, we just have to give it the tools to help heal itself.

    VITAMIN B17 (1 to 6 grams daily on a full stomach) AND THE VITAMINS

    “Therapeutic” radiation, in any amount, harms living tissue. (Roentgen
    rays, electromagnetic radiation, x-rays, x-radiation, ionizing
    radiation, corpuscular radiation can be implemented for diagnostic
    purposes, but never for therapeutic benefit.) Chemo- “therapy” poisons
    healthy tissue [necrocytotoxin – a toxin that produces death of cells].
    Of the 4 protocols in traditional (allopathic) cancer “therapy”:
    surgery, radiation, cryo-ablation/cryosurgery (hypothermia) &
    chemical (cutting, burning, freezing & poisoning), only manual
    surgery possesses some legitimacy when malignant (cancerous) growth has
    reached a certain stage. It is far better to avoid cancer than to treat
    it. Cancer is the body's inability to stop the process of healing, the
    same natural process in producing a placenta (that one pound organ
    attached to the uterine membrane which serves to nourish a developing
    baby). The essential anti-cancer vitamin is VITAMIN B17 (known as
    Amygdalin, and as Laetrile when synthesized from apricot pips). If you
    have cancer you must greatly reduce, or avoid: caffeine, tobacco, red
    meat, alcohol, corn syrup, cane sugar, tomato products. [U.S. cancer
    rates: the year 1900 : 3%; 1950 : 20%; 1972 : 27%; 1999 : 39%; by 2020 :

    VITAMIN B17 is abundant in these foods: the seeds of apples, loquats,
    pears, pumpkins, watermelons; as well as in apricot kernels, bamboo
    shoots, barley grass (research: Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara) & wheat
    grass, beet tops, bitter almond, blackberries, boysenberries, brewers
    yeast, brown rice, buckwheat, cashews, cherry kernels, cranberries,
    currants, eucalyptus leaves, fava beans, flax seeds, garbanzo beans,
    gooseberries, guyabano, huckleberries, lentils, lima beans, linseed
    meat, loganberries, macadamia nuts, millet, millet seed, peach kernels,
    pecans, plum kernels, prickly ash bark, quince, raspberries, sorghum
    cane syrup, spinach, sprouts, tapioca (manioc), vetches and watercress. A
    person whose diet is deficient in these nitrilosidic foods (those foods
    rich in Amygdalin, the substance of which the molecularity is 1 part:
    the natural analgesic benzaldehyde, 1 part: hydrogen cyanide, 2 parts:
    glucose) is incapable of stopping the over-production of healing cells
    thus this person has cancer. To aid the pancreas a patient should take
    pancreatic enzymes & eat fresh pineapple and papaya. Supplement your
    diet with the nutrients (of which 95% of Americans are chronically
    deficient) that compliment Laetrile (vitamin B17): ① zinc (which is the
    transport mechanism for Laetrile/vitamin B17) ② vitamin C (build up to 6
    grams a day) ③ manganese ④ magnesium ⑤ selenium ⑥ vitamins B6, B9 &
    B12 ⑦ vitamin A ⑧ vitamin E (at least 2,000 I.U.)

    A cheap, over-the-counter, urine-analysis pregnancy test is accurate in
    92% of cases at detecting cancerous cell activity in the body. Men &
    women can test for cancer upon rising with a pregnancy test as cancer
    and pre-embryonic cells are virtually indistinguishable (in
    functionality) from cells designated as: adenocarcinomic, ameboid,
    anaplastic, angiogenetic, angiogenic, astrocytomal, atypical, basal,
    blastocystic, cacoethic, cancerial, cancerian, cancerigenic,
    cancerogenic, cancroidal, cankerous, carcinoembryonic, carcinogenic,
    carcinoidal, carcinomal, carcinomatoid, carcinomatous, carcinomic,
    carcinosarcomal, cholangiocarcinomal, dedifferentiated, dysplastic,
    embryonal, endometrial, endophytic, epithelial, epitheliomatous,
    endophytic, exophytic, extra-embryonic, fibroblastic, gestational,
    glioblastomal, hypermutable, hypermutagenic, leukemic, liposarcomal,
    lymphomic, malignant, malignus, melanomatous, melanotic, metastatic,
    metastatical, Müllerian, mutagenic, mutagenical, mutated, mutational,
    myelodysplastic, myelodysplastical, myelomal, myelomatoid,
    myelomonocytic, myelomonocytical, myeloproliferative, myxoid,
    necrogenic, necrogenous, neo-blastic, neo-embryonic, neo-fetal,
    neo-genetic, neo-plasiac, neo-plasmic, neo-plastic, neo-plastigenic,
    odontogenic, oncogenic, oncologic, oncological, paraneoplastic,
    pathogenetic, pathogenetical, pathogenic, placental, placentational,
    pleiomorphic, pleomorphic, polymorphic, pluripotent, pre-cancerous,
    pre-embryonal, pre-leukemic, proto-embryonic, proto-leukemic,
    pre-squamous, proto-oncogenetic (gene), proto-tumorous, sarcomal,
    sarcomatous, squamous, trophic, trophoblastic, trophoplasmatic,
    trophoplasmic, tumefactive, tumefied, tumid, tumoral, tumorigenic,
    tumorlike, tumorous. Watch (available on You-Tube) G. Edward Griffin's
    World Without Cancer.

    IN BRIEF Concerning Cancer: 1. Take a pregnancy test just after waking
    up. For men a positive result means either cancer or a false positive.
    Take another test the next day. If a man gets 3 positive results then
    likely he has cancer somewhere. For women a positive result means (if
    she's able to become pregnant) she's pregnant or she has cancer, or
    she's pregnant and she has cancer, or a false positive (the test result
    is wrong).

    2. Several positive pregnancy test results = cancer. What next? STOP
    eating red meat, sugar, corn syrup. STOP drinking booze. STOP (or at
    least cut back on) smoking.

    3. Eat fresh pineapple & papaya. Take vitamin B17 (at least 1 gram
    daily) and wheat grass and/or barley grass liquid or capsules (they're
    rich in vitamin B17), on a full stomach daily (you can't overdose on
    them ~ they're not poisonous). Take a zinc supplement. Take pancreatic

    Since 2009 I have ordered vitamin B17 from Metabolic Products in
    California. 500 m.g. costs 87 cents. My mother is 79. She's been taking a
    gram per day for a year. Her pregnancy tests were positive in June
    2013. They're negative now. I told her that she could cut her daily dose
    of vitamin B17 from 1,000 m.g. to 100 m.g. now that she's cancer-free
    but she insists on taking the high dose as it's made her fingernails
    harder and her hair thicker.

    REVIEW: TAKE pregnancy tests to detect cancer. TAKE vitamin B17 (and as
    many of the listed vitamins as you can, especially zinc). Eat fresh
    pineapple & papaya. STOP eating red meat & cane sugar. It will
    take several weeks on B17 therapy to turn out negative pregnancy test
    results. The tumor WILL NOT shrink much even after the cancer is gone
    because only 10% of the tumor was cancer. The tumor MAY swell
    temporarily as the vitamin B17 kills malignant cells.

    NOTE: Vitamin B17 therapy WILL NOT destroy the tumor! Vitamin B17
    therapy will destroy the malignant cells (cancerous cells) of the tumor
    and within the tumor. Only 5% to 10% of the cells comprising a tumor are
    cancerous cells. In time the tumorous growth will be absorbed, in whole
    or in part. Unless the tumor is cosmetically displeasing, impinging
    nerves or blood vessels or hampering normal bodily function then let it

    The life expectancy for American medical doctors is 58 years.
    The life expectancy for Haitian voodoo witch doctors is 62.7 years.

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