The Immune System & Anti Aging with Regenerative Medicine Pioneer, Dr. Maharaj

dr. Nick Delgado here with dipper I’m
Maharaj dr. Maharaj you’re a hematologist you
study blood you’ve dealt with leukemia blood-borne diseases you’ve seen it all
and I know you’ve come by where I’m doing live blood microscopy right what
is it that people have to understand about the blood how the cell your health
is the beginning of everything we do and why do some of these cells as we age
start to fall apart you once made a quote at a seminar that by the age of 60
the immune system drops dramatically and it was a very high percentage can you
tell me about that and share with my audience what we need to do to possibly
prop up that declining immune system well I’m a hematologist but I’m also a
bone-marrow transplant physician and I’m also hematopathologist so that allows me
the unique ability to study the blood but the immune system as well in a much
more detailed way so to answer your question more specifically if we look at
the effects of aging on the immune system when we are bait when we are born
our immune system is immature and then what happens is that between between
births and around 1718 our immune system will gradually will increase between 18
and 35 our immune system is that it’s its peak there after it begins to
decline and usually after 40 there’s a slow decline and this and and at 65
there’s a nosedive now what would what we’ve just described
there is what’s called normal aging so there are individuals whose immune
system of what we’ve just described does not occur that is their immunity yes sir
their immune system stays normal for the full length of their life and that’s and
then they’re not there’s another group of individuals who by 20 their immune
system is declining and again by 40 it takes a nosedive and their life span is
shortened and they often in actions can often cause that or there
are other other things lifestyle and environmental things that they are doing
which could cause that as well or genetics genetics accounts for 10% 90%
is actually lifestyle and environmental of what can cause that so we all have to
be conscious of the fact that we need to maintain our health by maintaining a
healthy immune system I talked about the four steps to wellness detoxification
which includes exercise a very high fiber diet to cleanse infrared spa
making sure your outdoor activities number to nutrify getting whole food
nutrition minimizing toxins and chemicals you know going with as much
plat based Whole Foods as you can and in that certainly herbal supplementation
number three fortification looking at the possibility that some people can
benefit from stem cell intervention from chromosome enhancement from telomere
improvement mitochondrial function and number four the power of the mind the
power of the mind because that gets people to be more consistent with
adhering to those other three steps would you ascribe to some of this would
this help many people and then what would you like to add to that well I’m
good to repeat some of what you’ve said but by looking at it if we look at the
broader picture of lifestyle and environment so if if we now begin to
look at that toxins that were exposed to so if you look at people who live close
to main highways and large studies have been done where you find individuals who
live close to main highways their incidence of dementia or Alzheimer’s is
significantly higher than people who live 10 miles away and that would be the
exposure to continuous exposure to tell toxins being read in fumes of from the
cars or vehicles the next thing of course is the the food that we eat many
of us think that we’re eating a whole you know a healthy diet but as you said
a whole food plant-based diet is actually the best diet but the
the the source of this of the fluid is also important as well because another
study showed that 50 to 70 percent of Americans are actually micro nutrient
deficient and certainly in my practice when we look for that will actually find
many people a micronutrient deficient although they claim to be eating the
best food that they can buy the third thing of course is the effect of the
microbiome of the gut as we age the diversity of the bacteria in the gut
good bacteria decreases and it can exposure to infections two types of
foods that we eat processed foods can alter that that then leads to
inflammation of the gut which leads to what’s called intestinal leakage which
then causes food to actually become when it’s not digested properly to directly
hit the immune system and causes chronic inflammation which can then affect the
whole body as a as part of a chronic inflammatory process viruses bacterial
fungal in bacterial fungal and viral infections can affect the immune system
as well chronic infections with a virus called
cytomegalovirus actually depletes the immune system causes accelerating aging
the other way I’m writing a paper about many of these microbes may be coming
from animal-based foods there’s a lot of different various microbes in chicken
we’ve seen one study at least that I referenced that increases the risk of
lymphoma and those people eating more chicken possibly microbes from beef and
of course Salmonella and eggs and so forth and cheese so what
are you trailing that down at all yes I mean I think not even not I mean this I
mean the study is on food which contain meats which has bacteria which could
basically be causing an abnormal gut microbiome is clearly there but I think
what’s also interesting is more recent data showing that what we call what we
regard as foods plants vegetables treated with pesticides can allow the
growth of fungi which are resistant to the antifungals that we have that seems
to be now a big problem because certain hospitals have had to close their
intensive care units because of these infections occurring from fungi came
about from foods treated with pesticides so we are seeing it not just in meats
we’re seeing it also in vegetables that we’re being exposed to is that to be
confused because dr. joel Fuhrman talks about using mushrooms as part of his
protocol of G bomb to help with the immune system to fight cancer meaning
include a good amount of variety of mushrooms in the diet I mean they’re
fungi right I mean is that a different kind of a fungus that’s in the blood and
in the body does it actually show up in the blood I mean I look under the
microscope I see what I’m told looks like Candida when they pipetted
they send it off to lab this is oh this is some one of the fungal forms is there
any evidence to that or is it usually you hear about it in the medical
literature that’s the end stage of life and then fungus starts to develop in the
body I understand what you’re saying is consuming but what about the appearance
in the body or in the gut I think is what you’re referring to – yes I mean if
if you have somebody’s immune system of the gut remember the gut accounts for
70% of the immune system of the body so if their immune system is actually
depleted bacteria which are normally what we call commensal and fungi which
normally would be commensal which doesn’t cause any harm can become
pathogenic and then if that person is exposed to people who have been
receiving a lot of antifungal and antiviral medications those they did
they become resistant to the Siddhas standard antifungals and
therefore you have a vicious cycle of organisms which would normally be
commensal or be good for the gut now becoming pathogenic to the gut so I
think a lot of overuse of antifungals overuse of of treatments that are not
needed can cause that problem are there any natural ingredients I’ve heard of
colic acid that might calm down to reduce fungal activity is there
certainly there’s discussions about certain forms of silver that seemed to
pierce the cell wall bacteria at a 10 to 30 picograms or whatever the measurement
is let me correct that but it apparently doesn’t harm your own good bacteria but
it seems to break down the harmful bacteria I’m not sure about the fungus
but I’m hearing that it may be a good preventative measure there may be but I
think that the key things that people have to focus on is what’s the state of
their immune system and what they have to do is basically be consuming good
probiotics with the diversity of these commensal bank the good bacteria which
can help to restore the guts immune health and it’s not so much about the
billions of probiotic it’s it’s a good strain a good variety it’s a diversity
diversity and also the specific quality of these bacteria these probiotics I
think many people buy probiotics that are actually in ineffective because
usually you buy probe are six people may buy probiotics online and most of them
are dead so the quality and where they get them from is also very important not
necessarily frozen but refrigerated refrigerated correct yes all right and
so with that ongoing rebuilding the good bacteria and the gut biome
right yes there’s this diversity and to have a healthy immune system we have to
have some on slots mm-hmm and the body defends itself and builds up a defense
system mm-hmm yes with a good little with a good functioning immune system
when we get infections like a virus or the flu the way our immune system is
supposed to work is supposed to create acute inflammation that’s a good working
and but what happens in with immune dysfunction is that inflammation instead
of instead of calming down it remains chronic and it’s a chronic inflammation
that really causes the disease processes because the is that it comes from the
immune dysfunction the immune system is not working well and therefore it’s it
sort of stays switched on or upregulated and that’s what causes chronic
inflammation are there some studies that suggest that possibly the diet obviously
a plant-based oil-free diet compared to an animal-based diet you might have less
inflammation because animal-based diet tends to have maybe more protein
antigens that are viewed as foreign proteins and at times or just a whole
microbial Malou that’s added to an animal-based diet and dairy product
based on have you looked at any of these studies at all I think it’s
multifactorial I mean if you look at very large meta analyses using looking
at studies looking at millions of patients yes there is good evidence to
show that in fact people who are eating meat particularly the red meat processed
meat that their you know their cardiovascular mortality overall
mortality cancer mortality is significantly increased although there
is a recent paper which appeared in the annals of internal medicine which seem
to say that that may not be the case but I think that if you look at the data
very carefully and if you talk to people who are eating a plain plant-based diet
versus a high animal processed food diet you’ll find that the people with the
plant-based diet talk about the the fact that they feel better and and
certainly I think that if you if you have someone who eats a lot of meat they
also talked about the fact that yes they feel satisfied but their overall general
feeling is not as good so I think we need to look at that data very carefully
but I think the consensus of data publish data as well what the experts
say is that a whole food plant-based diet is actually the better diet don’t
you feel that exercise I once read a study suggesting that it improves the
lymphatic system tenfold when you sprint where you’re breathing heavily during
exercise versus just kind of strolling along that exercise truly can build up
the immune system in a healthy way yes I mean there’s very good data to show that
the tight the exercise first of all is important to have you know a moderate
degree of exercise every day not Hein not what’s super what athletes do but
basically that can actually weaken the immune system they’re kind of stopping
and going and whatever their athlete their analytic game is right it’s the
the duration the intensity prolonged exercise for long periods of time not so
good however high-intensity interval training yeah it is actually the best
form of exercise that looks at the immune system so you know with someone
doing exercising intense exercise for four minutes relaxing for 3-4 minutes on
three minutes 12 that type of exercise is actually pretty good and most people
should be able to do that correct and as they build up their fitness level their
restoration can shorten and they can pick back up I tend to like to string my
intensity throughout the session so I can kind of get in and get out get the
workout done mm-hmm but breathing heavily the whole time is part of it and
isn’t the lymphatic system stimulated by muscular contractions it doesn’t really
have its own pumping heart to move the lymphatics and the very factor of the
core of the immune system yes no absolutely I think there’s also data to
show which was the studies done in athletes as versus resting individuals
that if you look at the if you look at mitochondrial function of the muscles
that you actually it increases the cells overall increases during exercise and
there’s no doubt that as you say when you’re exercising you’re actually moving
fluid shifting fluids which would normally be stagnating you’re shifting
it you know I’m moving it back into the lymphatic system what about hot box
theory heating up the body when you get a fever
your immune system improves so some of the theorists treating cancer will use
not just a far infrared spa but they’ll take it to where the core body
temperature is raised is there some efficacy to improving the rate of
strength of or the rate at which the immune system goes through and seeks and
destroys and improves the body yes worked that time that was done by my
scientific collaborator at Wake Forest in a study we are doing looking at young
white cell infusions to treat cancer the basic science works sure that in fact
when you take cells of the immune system they will kill cancer when the
temperature is higher so during our study often after we gave the white
cells to patients with cancer we would find that the temperature would go up we
would encourage the patient’s not to take you know medications at calm yeah
to reduce their temperature because in fact we wanted the cells are known to
work better to higher temperature is actually what happens when somebody gets
a viral infection that temperature goes up and that’s because the immune system
is actually producing a higher temperature so that the cells of the
immune system could work more efficiently yeah I had a self transfer
procedure done and I’ve had cord blood transfusions that are not transfusion as
a cord blood stem cell and I know when I did the cell transfer I had a little bit
of a broken a fever at night I mean I woke up with my shirt perspired and
everything but I felt good I didn’t want to break the fever you know I’m just
wanting to see what was going to happen with
and I felt I feel really good two weeks after the treatment so you’re really
pioneering work where I know you spoke about this where you just brought it up
that you’re looking for healthy 22 year old donors you have to tissue match
because they’ve already taken on a genetic code and then you have to
transfuse that into cancer patients with the understanding that they’re very
potent white blood cells are gonna seek and destroy and look for those
metastases cells which there is no other cancer therapy that searches for
metastases when a person has metastases they’re in trouble so the work that
you’re doing could very well solve that link that missing factor of intervention
well yes that study is ongoing we treated a number of patients under study
and we showed that in one of the papers we published that when we gave these
donor white cell infusions to patients with cancer and we were able to look at
the pathology of the tumors we saw 60 to 90 percent destruction of the cancer Wow
the issue that we have with that study is that it is being funded by our
foundation and we’re we need funding to continue that study so we are also
looking out for anyone who is interested in funding cancer research of this type
to be able to to help us to get that study completed and and how can they get
in touch with you to donate and make sure this vital research continues we
have a website for the foundation it’s – it’s called stem cell cancer and
regenerative medicine Research Inc excellent and so if they would look if
they would just look that up they’ll be able to find the site and they can make
donations to the foundation to support that research and also the work that we
are doing for immunised senescence of aging as well tell me about that work in
amuse census I know Aubrey de Grey talks a little bit
about the aging body and having to clear out the debris
give me some understanding that well as we mentioned earlier when we as we get
older our immune system declines and that’s because the cells that forms
the the effector cells B cells T cells and natural killer cells which are part
of the innate and the adaptive immune system they come from lymph from stem
cells which are called lymphoid stem cells as we get older the numbers of
functioning lymphoid stem cells decreases because many of the stem cells
become senescent that is that they are being exposed to toxins which causes
mutations within the cells those cook those cells which when they acquire
mutations can divide up to a certain point and then they stop dividing that’s
a senescence L so senescence held and releases inflammatory proteins which
then affects the environment of the normal lymphoid stem cells which
decreases their function and that’s the the mechanism by which we have declining
of the immune system as we age that’s called immune senescence so the way the
way that the body naturally deals with that is that individuals who live to be
a hundred and healthy their immune system is working well so there they
have been able to maintain their effector cells B cells T cells and
natural killer cells working well so they naturally clear the senescence
cells we talked about normal aging in individuals who are undergoing normal
aging exposed to you know multiple environmental and lifestyle factors
which causes increases the likelihood of these mutations occurring within the
lymphoid stem cells they have they developed senescence and as the
senescence occurs their effector cells B cells T cells and natural killer cells
their function decreases so then leads to an accumulation of the senescence
cells and as that happens they it’s a it’s a vicious cycle because as more
accumulate the immune system weakens further so our goal is basically to deal
with the deal with immune senescence the way the body naturally deals with it by
improving the immune system then the this the the naturally effective cells
of the immune system will remove senescence so that’s our approach to
correcting immune senescence with our protocols there are many
efforts to increase the immune system and there’s talk about those who live
the longest eat that herb astragalus and then people are getting extracts and
we’re working with a two hundred to one extract of astragalus garlic ashwagandha
what’s your feeling about the intervention with high grade Good
Manufacturing Practice herbs that might help to support a healthy immune system
well there again there is no doubt that we have we need good micronutrients
which can help to support the cells and provide good nutrition for the cells of
the immune system because again if you look at remember I said 50 to 70% large
studies of join 50 50 to 70 percent of the population and micronutrient
efficient yes so unless we correct those micronutrient deficiencies those cells
which are which are in need of these micronutrients eventually they go into
this senescence state and then eventually they die but they will
accumulate so the so the way that we’ve got to do it is to find out by precision
measurements of what each individual is short of and replace those but if you
give too much of it as well then you can actually cause harm because you can
induce mutations by giving too much of these again micronutrients so the
approach I take with my patients is I when they come in and they’re on a range
of supplements I will measure their blood look to see which micronutrients
is specifically deficient in and we will correct those only do you spectra
analysis or what what particular labs do you run I’m not going to quote any
particular lab I think that the the approach that I’ve taken is that as a
pathologist I can look at the lab tests that are being done speak to the
pathology pathologists understand the specificity and sensitivity of the tests
because there’s there many different labs using different methods and I think
that we want to make sure that when within a patient in whom I’m
recommending the tests to be done I’ve done the due diligence of making sure
the lab has all the quality control the accuracy of what they’re doing
allows me to be able to interpret it in such a way that I could give make the
best recommendation to my patient dr. Deborah Maharaj the work you’re doing is
quite advanced and exciting and yet there’s a lot of discouragement about
the battle against cancer currently there’s work obviously with traditional
treatments yet what we’re talking about might be some interventions that take a
different approach building up the immune system looking at how the
hormonal level balances are in order what foods is this individual eating
what is their exercise what is their sleep patterns do you think there’s
maybe a whole area that’s been overlooked or for whatever reason
because it hasn’t been funded there’s not really any patents involved with
this that there might be a much better ray of hope in those people who choose
to embark on this type of new journey oh absolutely and I’m very encouraged
because I think with the education that’s occurring of the importance of
lifestyle and environmental effects on the immune system
people are becoming more and more aware that to really kill cancer we’ve got to
restore immune surveillance in that individual who developed cancer because
we’ve known as a transplant physician treating patients with you know blood
cancers immune disorders and different types of cancers what we’ve shown is
long term survival and the people who have long term survival when you measure
their immune system they have reinstatement of immune surveillance and
that’s very well known in transplantation but in bone marrow stem
cell transplantation as well as in you know treating blood I think for solid
tumors the data is coming out very clearly now the Nobel Prize in medicine
was won by two scientists one was a from the MD Anderson you know dr. Allison who
actually showed that immunotherapy is a very very effective tool for treating
cancer our approach is basically to keep the immune system strong in a proactive
way if we keep if we maintain a healthy immune system then we will get a
significant in Packt on the occurrence of cancer but
not just cancer all of the other diseases which occur as a result of
immune senescence and those include if we think about it just a frailty frailty
is is it caused by senescence or immune dysfunction or – immune diseases chronic
inflammatory diseases like Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s heart disease also people
who develop recurrent infections they have immune dysfunction and so I think
that those are sort of categories of diseases which we know clearly can be
you know improved upon with fewer patients getting those diseases by
maintaining a healthy immune system and being proactive about their health

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