The Ionic Detox experience

The fundamental physical law was set forth
on the relationship between the electrical condition of the air and micro pollutants.
By supplementing high concentrations of negative ions produced by the foot bath. You can assist
your body’s organs to neutralize stored toxins, acids, and metals, and cleansing them from
your body. Organs are then free to function as they were intended. Let’s view the treatment in process! Most
detox programs work on one area, such as liver, blood, or kidneys. The Vert Sante Ionic Foot
Spa effectively works to detoxify your entire body by ions attaching themselves to a toxic
substance of the opposite charge, thus neutralizing the toxins and evacuating them from the body
through the skin’s pores. Now the 30 minute session is over. Look at the results. Your
first step to a healthier you. Use the chart to analyze the results. The ionic foot spa will:
– Promote exchange through the cell membrane, increasing energy and oxygen
– Strengthen your immune system, providing greater resistance to infection in general
– Improve your quality of sleep – Help your digestive and renal systems, and
so much more! The ionic foot spa allows the body to safely
eliminate toxins naturally and without pain. Invest today in your family’s health for a
better tomorrow. Incoporating the Vert Sante ionic foot spa in your practice is a profitable
and beneficial approach to your client health.

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