100 Replies to “The MOST UNIQUE Street Food in Asia – SILK ROAD Street Food Tour of Tashkent, UZBEKISTAN!!!”

  1. Huge thanks to Bekruz for helping out with this AMAZING street food tour of Tashkent, Uzbekistan!! Go follow his account now here: https://www.instagram.com/behruz_hamzaev/ !! Thanks so much for watching! Uzbekistan has some of the most UNIQUE food we've ever tried! Make sure to click that subscribe button and bell notification button down below so you don't miss any of these videos! Watch until the end to discover along with us 6 incredible foods in Uzbekistan! Thanks for watching!!!

  2. What I really hate about your show, is that I can't be there with you!!😂👩‍🍳 I'm so jealous!! I want to smell it 😭 and eat kibobs with soup NOW!! Bless his culture.

  3. Oh my Jesus! The colors of meal. Super attractive ( never thought, I say about meal) any way, I have gave myself a new challenge. Try to make grass, looking like noodles.
    I like what the host said." We are as good or desint as the guests are " I like to add on that, we are as good as the liaison (the middle person) are. Sometimes its not the guests who are a problem, nor the host, it's the middle people.

  4. Uzbikstan is a great country with a very rich culture , i love everything about Uzbeks specially their beautiful dishes

  5. It was a great pleasure to host you and share with you Uzbek food. Thank you very much for such amazing series!!! Huge thanks from people of Uzbekistan my dear friend!!!

  6. Hey buddy, knowing what is happening now, do you and wife have an exit plan yet? Perhaps back to Canada to wait this out. Give us an update so we know you guys are OK. Thanks.

  7. It's got to be so awkward and uncomfortable having this guy watching you cook. He put his dam thumb down until you acknowledge him.

  8. τι boom ρε αναγωγο γουρουνι? δεν σε εχουν μαθει να μην χτυπας τα χειλη σου οταν τρως?? κανεις σαν νηστικος!!!

  9. This is really similar to Northwestern Chinese food!
    In my hometown there are spinach noodles, which are just the dill laghman here except using spinach instead of dill. We also eat egg dumplings. Even for the giant samosa, we have a similar food caihezi (literally 'vegetable case') which is similar but with different filling and it is not deep fried.

  10. When you use clean fresh ingredients to make your meals, you are guaranteed a hearty delicious ones. Muslims pay attention to what they eat so they must use halal meat, they cannot eat anything so what they cook is delicious and healthy. Watch for what you put into your stomach as it might make you sick.

  11. Lagman….Lagman….ehehehehe……Lagman…….eheheheheeee….. mazali……..MAZALI…hehe….. oooOOOoooOOooo……. Here it is, guys: Fresh…..Uzbek…..LAGMAN!!!!! EHEHEHEHEHEHEEE

  12. Hey Trevor! Such a big fan of u!!!, It would be an honor to show you some amazing places here in Mexico City 🤗♥️

  13. Bekcruz is the best man. So cool this is happening, I crave this commentary and culture. Deep deep dive in to the heart of Taskent street food!

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