The PantherChef 2019 Highlights

(upbeat trumpet music) – Good morning everyone! Welcome to the Panther Chef Competition. I am one of your emcees for today my name is Kendall Cottrell, I work with ASPCC as a Director
of Legislative Affairs. ASPCC is your student government, it’s the Associated Students of Portland Community College, and I’ll introduce my other co-host. – Hello, my name is Trevor Witt, I am the Director of the Co-Op
on the Rock Creek Campus. I’m here to help put on this event and inform everybody in the audience about food and security
on college campuses. About more than 60% of college
students are food insecure and have issues with food and security. I’m gonna hand it back
to Kendall really quick to explain who helped put on this event. – This event was made possible with help from Media Services,
Food Services, the MC, the QRC and the OISS, and we are about to go
introduce our judges if you guys wanna follow
us over to the stage. – Hi, I’m Tiff Hayes. I work in the Office of
International Student Services, I do international student life so orientation, activities,
student leadership. And our office provides
all sorts of services and resources for students. We focus of international students, but everyone is welcome in our space. And we have advising, we
have student leadership, we have referrals to different resources, and it’s a pretty great space, lots of people from all
sorts of different countries. – [Sarah] Awesome. – What’s up, everybody? My name is Makerusa Mak Porotesano Of course, you can call me Mak. Use he/him/his pronouns. I’m a coordinator at
the Multicultural Center located in the CC231. Much like the Office for
International Students, we also provide advising,
we have peer tutoring and math tutoring, so if
you’re looking for some help in those subjects and the
tutoring center’s full, come check us out. – Hey everyone, I’m Sarah
Hansel, pronoun she/her. I’m the Program Assistant in
the Queer Resource Center, and we’re a space for centering
queer and trans students. – Okay, chefs, your time starts now. (suspenseful string music) – [Kendall] Okay Jay, do
you have any idea so far what you’re gonna make? – I’m pretty stoked to make
some spaghetti for our judges. – Nice. Now Asma, do you have any plans so far? – I’m cooking a curry from Libyan cuisine. It’s easy and delicious. – Sounds delicious, I
can’t wait to see comes up. What’s up Philippe?
– What’s up? – [Kendall] What are you making right now? – So I’m just making a
small entree of guacamole, and I’m gonna place them in tostas, so it’s sort of going to be a simple, quick, sustainable, and
also vegetarian option, which I’m not gonna
use any animal product. – [Kendall] Awesome. – That’s pretty much what I’m making. – It looks delicious. Yeah, this looks like all sorts of stuff you can get
from the Learning Garden, I don’t know about the avocado, but the onions for sure, the
tomatoes, all those peppers, the green onions, I think you can find all of
those in the Learning Garden. Let’s go see what Sunny’s making. So what are you making? – I am cooking a pasta,
but it’s kind of like a combination like Asian-style and western-style combined together. And also, it is a
vegetarian option as well, so I already prepared everything, just waiting for pasta boil. And I will saute these
veggies to be a topping. And then, the sour for this
cooking is this source. It is a secret but later I will let, yeah. Let everyone know. – Oh, awesome. (suspense orchestra music) Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. – [Both] Five. Four. Three. Two. One. – Drop your plates. Nice Jay, last minute, okay. (clapping) I can pass them up if you’d like, so you don’t worry about dropping them. Okay, oh, it looks so good, oh my gosh. – Oh my gosh. It’s beautiful! – There we go. Maybe take one pass it
down kind of situation. Okay let me bring these mics around and we’ll go talk to the chefs. Okay Jay, let’s start with
your wonderful spaghetti. – Sure, yeah, so I think traditionally, people a lot of times
associate spaghetti sauce with spaghetti, I didn’t
go that route, did I? Instead I decided, that
it would be a wise idea to really extenuate the
taste of the noodles and I wanted to elevate it, let’s say. And I wanted to utilize, yeah, thank you, some chili peppers, and
I got a lemon in there, and some parsley, and
I think that, you know, the parsley brings some bitterness, there’s some spicy from the red peppers, a little worried about that one. (laughing) But I think I toned it down a little well. – This dish, this is from Libyan cuisine. It’s called a Purik. We can make filling for
many kind of filling, maybe ground beef, chicken, mash potato, but I prefer ground beef, so it has parsley and little bit of eggs, so there’s protein, carbohydrate,
so I hope they like it. – Yeah.
– Thank you. – It smells so good and it
looks so good from here. (clapping) – The noodle which means long connection with family member, and which
stands for the long life. So I think its best wishes
for my mom and my family, and my friends, so I chose this cooking. Yes. And I think that’s it. Let’s wait for the judges.
– That’s amazing. Thank you, yeah that’s beautiful. You cruised through this competition, you knew exactly what you wanted to do, you made it, executed
it, how you feeling now? – I feel okay. – Still worried about Physics? – No, I just feel like the avocados could have been better riped, that’s it. – It’s out of your hands. – Otherwise, I’m pretty solid. I made sure to make one less
spicy for one of the judges. – You gotta know your
audience, that’s pretty good. – We have at least the first and second. – Drum roll. – And our winner, over-all
winner for today’s Panther Chef Cook Off is Asma. (triumphant trumpet music)
– Oh my gosh, congratulations! Reminding you that first
place prize is $300, second place is $200, and third and fourth get
their very own crock pot. – There we go so, Sunny,
you are in second place, and Jay and Philippe,
respectively third and fourth. But all the dishes were really good. We’re super impressed. If you ever want to cook for us we’re gonna welcome you into our spaces (laughing) and share these delicious recipes. So congratulations to everybody. We thank you so much for your time. – [Kendall] Congratulations! (triumphant trumpet music) – I have a brown thumb
when it comes to cooking. (laughing)

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