The Role Of Friendly Bacteria In Digestive Health

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Health. Most people do not realize that our gut is
filled with bacteria all the time. The vast majority of the bacteria and fungi
in our system exist in the colon. In fact, it is estimated that, at any given
point in time, several pounds of bacteria exist in our system. Friendly Bacteria versus Unfriendly Bacteria. If our digestive system is working properly,
it consists mostly of friendly bacteria. These consist of bacteria that come from the
Bifidobacterium family, Acidophilus, and Lactobacillus family of bacteria. There are about 100 trillion of these bacteria
that actually outnumber the number of cells in the actual human body by a factor of 10:1. Friendly bacteria live in a symbiotic relationship
with us. The aid in the proper metabolism of nutrients
we eat. Some nutrients we consume cannot be utilized
by the body until they are first metabolized by the friendly bacteria. The bacteria use the nutrients we provide
for them in the gut and use them for fuel, exchanging them for nutrients our body needs. Without the help of friendly bacteria, we
would become nutrient deficient and our health would suffer. In some cases, people contain too many unfriendly
bacteria and fungi, including Candida species and bacteria such as Escherichia coli or E.
coli. These do not help the body gain nutrients
and can, in fact, cause bloating, gut inflammation, discomfort and gas in the system. In some cases, the unfriendly bacteria leads
to nonnutritive materials and food particles that are really too large to be absorbed in
the system. When this happens, we develop a “leaky gut”
that has been shown to cause food sensitivities and generally make us sick. Maintaining the Balance of Good and Bad Bacteria. The trick to good health is to have as many
of the friendly bacteria in the gut and to eliminate or reduce the numbers of unhealthy
bacteria and fungi within the gut. This sets up a nice balance that prevents
leaky gut syndrome and allows the digestive system to run smoothly. But how do we do this? It turns out that there are foods you can
eat that contain healthy bacteria in them and, if you can’t eat these foods or want
a simpler way to have healthy bacteria in your system, there are supplements you can
take that can improve the balance of good bacteria to bad bacteria in your gut. The Role of Probiotics and Prebiotics. Probiotics are basically the good bacteria
in your system. You can consume them by eating plain yogurt
with live cultures, unpasteurized sauerkraut, kimchi, miso soup, Gouda cheese, kefir, and
sourdough bread, among others. There are also many different brands of probiotic
supplements you can take to build up the healthy bacteria in your system. Try to choose a brand that will allow the
bacteria to make it through the acidic environment of the stomach so that they can colonize the
gut. Some probiotics contain the spores of bacteria
that survive the stomach’s acidic environment only to grow from a spore to an adult bacterium
later on in the gut. These are the types of probiotics to take. It may also be important to take prebiotic
supplements. Prebiotics are not bacteria at all but represent
the nutrients good bacteria need to live off. When you combine probiotics and prebiotics,
you give your gut the best chance of having the right kind of environment for good health. Prebiotics can be taken as a supplement or
can be found in non-digestible carbs, such as onions, whole grains, leeks, garlic, chicory
root, asparagus, and artichokes. These feed good bacteria and help eliminate
symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. A Healthy Gut. When the friendly bacteria vastly outnumber
the unfriendly bacteria, your gut will run smoothly, you will get the nutrients you need
from the metabolism of the good bacteria, and you will generally aid in good health
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