The Thyroid Secret Day 9 Q&A

– Guys welcome, Dr. Isabella Wentz here. Today is already, I can’t believe it but it’s already day nine
of The Thyroid Secret so today we’re sharing
some success stories from people who’ve taken back their health and have some good, great
tips to share with you. So if this is your first time joining me or maybe this is your 9th time joining me as this is the 9th
Facebook live Q&A session. If you could just say hello,
let me know that you’re here. Let me know where you’re from. Let me know if the
audio is working as well because every now and then I have talked to myself for some time before I figured out
that whether the audio was working or not. So, for those of you
that I haven’t met yet I’m Dr. Isabella Wentz. I am a clinical pharmacist by training. And I became a Hashimoto’s expert thyroid expert/human guinea pig after almost losing a decade of my life because of debilitating fatigue due to an undiagnosed thyroid disorder. And then of course that fatigue continued even when I got my proper diagnosis because I was just told to
take thyroid medications which as a pharmacist,
I’m all for medications but at the same time they didn’t really help
get rid of my symptoms and they didn’t get to
the underlying root cause of my condition. And so, I sort of set out to change how thyroid disorders are treated after I got my own health back and I’m the creator of
The Thyroid Secrets. I am the New York Times
best selling author of Hashimoto’s The Root Cause which you can see behind me. As well as the author of the upcoming book called Hashimoto’s Protocol which you can see behind me as well. Looks like we’ve got a few
people joining here live. We have Alexis. So she says she’s hungry all the time. So protein, you may not be
getting enough fat in your diet so that would be something
I would be looking for. Or perhaps doing some amino acids or looking at potentially whether or not you might have blood sugar issues. Then I have Mary from
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Julie says it works, great
to hear that, thanks. Patty also says that she
can hear me, awesome. Michelle from Birmingham. Christy from Calgary. I love Calgary, I got to visit there. My sister-in-law lives there. Penny from Waterloo. West Texas is in the house, hello. Hello Mike Delena. Jeana, hello again. Sandy from Colorado. Helen, Melissa. Hello Melissa from California. Susan from Kansas. Andrea, nice to see you here again. She says, “Thank you so much
for everything you’ve done “And I’ll miss this special time.” We’ll have to definitely
do more Facebook lives. You guys definitely
let me know what topics you have in mind. Some of the topics I have are that I thought about were some of the most helpful supplements for thyroid disease and just keep me posted in the comments on what you would want me to
do future Facebook lives on. I will be taking, and full disclosure lots of naps after this
Thyroid Secret release so I will be off of
Facebook Live for a while. I probably will not be doing my hair or getting out of yoga
pants and pony tails for some time. But today is the last day of The Thyroid Secret so we’re, tonight’s episode we’re sharing some success stories. If you haven’t watched it I have a link here for you guys in the description of
the Facebook Live event You’ll be able to watch it there. And then I also have a opportunity for you guys if you wanted to
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free world-wide screening of The Thyroid Secrets and allow us all to take,
me and the whole team to take some much needed rest and get a nap in and maybe some relaxation time. So Stephanie Grace is
saying on episode nine “So inspiring.” Cindy from Manitoba, “Carey
is just starting this journey. “Thank you so much for
the nine day seminar.” It’s so great to have you here Carey. It’s really nice when you
can get all this information at the very beginning of your journey because I know for myself, it took me oh man, like how many years? Wow, yeah 2009 until 2013 is when I actually recovered my health. The beginning of 2013. And then I was taking notes all along and I just like,
scrambled and put together the Hashimoto’s Root Cause book in May of 2013 and it’s gone through a
series of edits of course. And it’s now become a surprise
New York Times best seller because so many of people were
able to use the strategies that I did to recover their health and just really showed that
this was a really big need for lifestyle changes for Hashimoto’s and figuring out what the root cause is. Michelle from southeast
Georgia, hello Margo. Hello Alodia, what a
pretty name from Austin. Stephanie from Pittsburgh. Hello from Houston to Linda. Leah from Australia. Emily, “Thank you so much for this. “I want to write a book too like you did. “How do you go about
getting a book published?” Oh, that’s a great question and I highly encourage
you guys to do that. And write about your health journeys. One of the ways that you
can get a book published is through self publishing. And there is a company
called Self Publishing School that helps you do that. There’s a wonderful young man who just. I don’t know, I think he’s
like 23 or something, maybe 25. He just inspires me, his name’s Chandler that heads up the Self Publishing School. And he teaches you how to
get your book published and together and then of course there’s the option of
going through a publisher. I have a wonderful publisher, Harper One that’s publishing Hashimoto’s Protocol on March 28th. But you know, definitely
don’t let anything stop you. People initially told me that you know, they didn’t
want to publish my first book because they thought it was. You know, because what
were those objections? Because I didn’t have a platform or because I was an unknown author or some people thought that
because I was a pharmacist and not an M.D that you
know, for some reason I wasn’t gonna be able to help people which is silly because you don’t have to
have a degree to help people. You just have to have things
that can help them right? And I got a lot of objections. And you know, once I put it out there and people found that it was helping them now I have a lot of people
that are very interested in working with me to
get the work published. So, for my advice to you would be write what’s in your heart and share as much helpful
information that you can to help other people and that you know, that’s
what matters the most. And I know it’s you
know, it doesn’t matter if you have people behind you or whatever you can, as long as it’s in your heart and as long as it’s helpful to people people will pick up on it. Let’s see here. You guys are saying hello. Ginger from Minnesota, hello Ginger. Rosa, “Sad for the last day. “I love this series.” I’m so glad to hear that. This series has been really, really great. Lafardian from Switzerland, hello Europe. And just as a reminder,
all of our packages do ship to Europe, Australia the UK, Canada. So we did arrange that
with our distributor. So that you guys can get the full packages and of course, it will
take a little bit longer to ship there but so we’re giving you guys
also access, digital access when you order a physical package. And you can do either/or. Paula from United Kingdom. Alodia says, “Sad that I didn’t
have time to watch this.” So, we do have a few different packages with options if you
wanted to own the series. Then you could watch it on your own time. It could be really helpful. And if you could just, you could jump on to episode nine right now and go watch it right now. Pamela says, “Hello from Washington. “Love all your Facebook Lives, thank you. “Thank you so much for all you do.” I appreciate that. Carey says, “I’ll miss
seeing you each night.” I’ll miss you guys too
so we’ll have to have more date nights after we get some rest after The Thyroid Secrets. Angela says, “I live in yoga pants.” Yeah, guilty here too. They’re so comfortable right? Plus, in case you ever want to work out like, you’re perfectly dressed so that’s my excuse. Plus, I live in Boulder
which is yoga pants central. Andrea says, “I finally put sugar away “And I started Stevia. “Also got white tea and put coffee away.” Awesome to see you taking action. Let’s see Leslie says, “I
don’t have much of an appetite. “Is that normal with hypo yet overweight?” Yup absolutely, so your
metabolism is gonna be slowed down and unfortunately you could
be eating very, very little and your metabolism is so slow that you’ll still be gaining weight. Jenna says, “What can
we do to get a change “Among mainstream medicine “Where doctors believe ferritin levels “Should be over 50,
TSH should be below two “And believe in candida overgrowth?” Um, “Not everybody can
afford functional medicine “And these are things that
regular doctors can know.” You know really guys, it’s
through the way that you change. Change the face of medicine is through requesting these
things from your doctors and then being the proof too. So it’s kind of a
patient centered movement when you start with this and let them know that
hey, this is a concern. I recently visited a doctor in Boulder and this was
for an unrelated issue. I wanted to have you know, a breast exam. And I was, it was a traditional doctor and I was very, very pleased that the doctor’s wife
actually had Hashimoto’s and she basically convinced him that there was much more to Hashimoto’s than just TSH and Synthroid. And so it’s nice to see where doctors maybe have that
personal connection whether it’s through friend,
family member, or patient who actually has had different results. And sometimes it just takes one person to get that doctor to kinda look and say huh yeah, maybe
you’re onto something. And so if you guys you know,
as you’re going gluten free as you’re making these changes take your labs, get your
doctor to draw your labs and say, one thing you would say is like “Hey doctor, I’ve heard this stuff works. “Are you willing to test me and help me do “This little experimentation?” And I know a lot of
doctors are really willing to go at it from that end because at the end, a lot of
them are curious scientists. Michelle wants to know,
“What are the best exercises “To not overexert the adrenals?” So, yoga, Pilates are some
of the best ones for that. And then some light weight lifting. If you’re gonna do you
know, like marathon training and running, that stuff can actually make your adrenals worse. Let’s see. Jessica wants to know,
“Is the discount through “Tomorrow at midnight “Or does it end tonight at midnight?” So it ends tomorrow March
10th at 11:59 Eastern which is actually you know, like um. Which is actually earlier
in different time zones so you might as well
take advantage of it now just so that you don’t miss out. It’s gonna be all the
packages are half off until the end of the day. Dylan says, “Thanks for you
and your team for everything.” Thank you so much. Valerie, “Thank you for all your help. “I really appreciate it.” Heather wants to know,
“Is there a way to shrink “A smooth non-modular thyroid
back to a regular size?” Low level laser therapy
may be able to do that. Michelle says, “Just in the last month “I’ve had a lot of joint pain and rash. “I’ve been on the AIP
protocol for a while now. “Could it be a new food sensitivity? “I’m doing everything correctly “But I’m having setbacks,
just last month.” So joint pain and rash. So one of the things I
would look at Michelle would be looking at potential
parasites within your body. Whenever I see somebody
that hits a plateau on the autoimmune paleo protocol or begins to lose more foods. That’s gonna be usually
an indication for me that there’s a potential
infection within your body. “Thank you, can’t get me strained out. “I’m trusting God to complete my journey. “I appreciate all your hard work.” Thanks for saying that Mary and sometimes it does take faith. Tammy says, “Thank you so
much for all this information. “I’ve been struggling with Hashimoto’s. “I’m gonna use everything
to regain my health. “You’re a blessing.” Thank you. Kevin says, “Thank you from Seattle.” Hello, thank you appreciate that. Yes, Megan wants to know “What gadget did you speak about during “An earlier live show? “Headband for anxiety
or stress or something?” So this is called the muse headband. It’s M-U-S-E. And you wear it across your forehead and you look a little bit silly with it on but it’s really great at
sensing your brain waves and it kinda helps to put you in a more of a relaxed mood. And trains your brain
not to be so overactive. And I know a lot of us,
when we have thyroid disease we can become overactive. And sometimes it’s something
that’s been with us or sometimes it’s caused
by thyroid hormone excess. And thus, can get that imbalance. Shawna says, “Really encouraging. “Really enjoyed the episode. “So encouraging to see
these success stories “As I start my journey to heal. “Thank you so much for the
series and your passion “To help us, I can’t thank you enough.” I appreciate that. Lily wants to know, “How much
should we be supplementing “With B12?” So B12, you want to do 5,000 micrograms sublingually every day if you have deficiency. Methylcobalamin is usually
the best version for that because it gets properly
activated in the body. And doing it under the tongue can be very, very helpful for absorption. This is something that’s you know if you’re testing your B12 levels if you are testing under seven actually under seven or 600 that will be a potential sign for me of a deficiency. Under 200 or under 100 is
considered a deficiency by traditional medicine. But we’ve seen symptoms
even with those amounts. Let’s see Alison. She says, “I want to thank you
so much for the doctors list “That we received in the email.” So thanks so much you guys,
be on the lookout for that. Some of you guys may
have already received it. And some of you will receive it in about probably two weeks or so so we’ll be sending that out. It’s after, we don’t want to distract you from watching the episodes but after you sign up for
watching all the episodes we’re gonna send you, give
you a little bit of time to absorb it and then
send you the information on the doctors list. Rita says, “My feet are swollen. “What could be causing this? “I’m at my wit’s end.” You know it could be, it could
be a few different things. One of the things I would look at is whether or not you’re
retaining water in your adrenals. So sometimes water retention can stem from adrenal issues. Michelle says, “This has
been so great at validating.” I’m so happy to hear that. Chris from Adelaide,
South Australia hello. She says, “Your webinar
has been invaluable “And extraordinary.” So great to hear that. I really, really appreciate that. Alodia says, “The affordability
is a major problem.” I agree, and that’s why I’ve put out the documentary series and then my books, The Root Cause and Hashimoto’s Protocol so that you guys can educate yourselves and like, really take charge of the things that you can take charge of to reduce your dependency
on the medical system. For example, with foods you know you could do a food sensitivity test. That’s a few hundred dollars that is not covered on insurance. Or you could get rid of the most common aggravated foods for free and then see how your body responds. So these are some strategies that we try to incorporate for you. You can do traditional
doctor testing for B12 vitamin D levels for your ferritin levels. And then we’ve given you resources throughout the episodes on what to do if you have low levels of those. So this is a way to
kind of hack the system. Low dose Naltrexone is
actually very, very inexpensive as is natural desiccated thyroid hormone. You can get each of them for
probably less than a dollar or two a day. If you just make sure you
find the right kind of person to prescribe it for you. Generally, some of the
doctors that prescribe it may be covered on insurance. Some of them may not be. But you know you can just
have one visit with them and then some of them
require monthly follow-ups. Others yearly follow-ups. Others, every three months. It just depends on the doctor,
what they’re comfortable with but this is something that can
be a very, very inexpensive way to maintain your health when you use these kinds of medications. And then you know, diet. You’re really in charge of that. You know, people are like,
“Oh paleo diet is expensive.” And whatnot, but when
you’re eating real food you’re really saving money in the future because you’re saving
money on healthcare costs. You’re saving money on feeling bad. You’re saving money on
potentially you know missing out of work or you know, missing out on projects because you’re not feeling well. So it’s a really good
investment into yourself. And the goal of the series and my books is to give you all the
information that you need so you can take back your health and empower yourself and so that you can reduce your dependency on the medical system. Because doctors should
be there to guide you but like, Dr. Mark Mandel one of the LDN pharmacists
I interviewed said the responsibility of
healing actually lies primarily with the patients. And I think once you guys realize that. That it’s your body doing the healing and your changes that are
making the healing happen you’ll realize that doctors even though they may be expensive are an investment for your future healing and the rest is up to you. And so they’re there to guide you. They’re not there to save you. And you can also you know, you really. Like, there’s this one saying that I love and I always look at it. You know, the calvary is not coming. It’s like you have to take
charge of your own health. And I don’t say this to discourage you but I really say this to
actually encourage you to trust in yourself and trust in your ability to heal and recover your health and in your power. Because it’s within you. It’s within your body and that’s something you can absolutely do once you have the right information right? I know, let me see if
I can plug this better. I know so many, we had a
little interruption here. I know so many of us would be doing things differently had we known. Like I know personally,
I would not be eating all the dairy I used to eat even though I never liked it until I saw all those commercials about why I needed to eat dairy. And you know, it was like I was overriding my own intuition and
my own body’s messages of giving me stomach aches and reflux when I was eating dairy. And had I known all of these things and I know you guys as well is once you learn all these things you’ll be able to make different decisions and different choices. Let’s see here. Getting some wonderful
questions from you guys. And one thing I want to ask you is you know, you guys have been asking a lot of great questions. I want to ask you a couple of questions. One of them is, what have
been your biggest take-aways and biggest a-ha moments from the documentary series? I’d love to hear that from you because there might be
something that you’re saying that was a big breakthrough for you that maybe somebody else didn’t catch. Because we had a lot of strategies within the series. So if you guys go ahead and write in what was your biggest a-ha moments. Alright. Amju says, “Good evening.” Miranda says, “Your work has
been game changing for me. “Finally validation of
all the random symptoms “Since childhood.” Thank you, I’m so glad to hear that. I’m so glad that you’re here. Jason wants to know, “How long after B1 “Should you feel different?” About three to five days. Nicole says, “I’ve purchased
the silver package. “I’m so excited to have this resource.” I’m so excited for you Nicole. So excited to see all the
healing that you’re gonna have. Let’s see here. Linda asks, “Is the
information in Root Cause “Included in Hashimoto’s Protocol?” So The Root Cause and
the Hashimoto’s Protocol are both meant to be stand alone books. But they do compliment each
other really, really well. And the difference is the
Hashimoto’s Root Cause has a lot of research on
how I got my health back and a lot of different strategies. Whereas the Hashimoto’s Protocol has a plan for you on what you need to do to take back your health. If I were to get one right now for you with a limited budget. I would start with the
Hashimoto’s Protocol to work through those steps for you. And then if you still
need additional guidance The Root Cause will have
some additional strategies in there because it’s kind of like a bit of an encyclopedia of Hashimoto’s. Let’s see. Denise says, “Hello.” Maggie says, “My B12 is very high. “What should I do about it? “Is it bad? Should I take a B complex?” So this could be from supplements
you’re already taking. And you likely don’t need
an additional supplement. Kenny says, “Is it possible
to buy the package in Brazil?” It is, so we’re sending
everything to Brazil. Best supplements Stacy wants to know to help with adrenal fatigue. I really like the daily stress formula by Pure Encapsulation. If you go to Thyroid
Pharmacist under supplements you’ll be able to see some
of the favorite supplements I recommend. “Can Hashi’s cause high blood pressure “And a high heart rate?” Yeah, so that could be a possibility. And then if you have a fever that’s an indication that you may actually have a low grade chronic infection. And sometimes a viral infection. So I’d recommend that. “Will taking B12 cause
Epstein-Barr virus to flourish?” No, it can actually be helpful in helping you overcome. I get, Mary says, “I get
times when I get rushes “Of the medication which
creates pure anxiety “And spikes my blood sugar and heart rate. “Do you know what causes it?” So that could be basically
an adrenal reaction to you or it could be an adverse
reaction to the medication. And you could pre-order
Hashimoto’s Protocol at It comes out on March 28th and I’m very excited about that to share that with you guys. Lori says, “I’m taking LDN. “My thyroid antibodies are almost normal.” Congratulations. And Rosa is giving some great advice. Thank you so much for that. Robin says, “I’ve been
using over-the-counter NDT. “I feel better and my numbers are good. “My doctor would not give optimum amounts “So I took my health into my own hands. “How do you feel about OTC?” You know for me, I
recommend doing prescription whenever you can because it’s gonna be cleaner. And it’s gonna be you know,
more generally cleaner more effective and the dosage
is gonna be better tailored. Whereas a lot of the OTC ones we’re not quite sure how much is in there and it’s hard to like,
have a stable dosing of it. So that’s my recommendation is to try to do your best with somebody that can help you manage it as well. Just because you know,
hormones and thyroid hormones are goldilocks hormones. You don’t want too little,
you don’t want too much. And so I oftentimes recommend working with you know, a doctor or a pharmacist that can help you get
regulated on a proper dosing. “What do you think of the
protocol of high doses “Of vitamin D for Hashimoto’s?” So I’ll tell you and I
don’t know what you consider high vitamin D but I like to see my clients
around 60-80 of vitamin D because those seem to be the target areas for the majority of my ladies that go into remission. Is I see those high levels of vitamin D. Linda says, “Can your eyebrows grow back “After losing them from hypo-thyroid?” You know, I have seen them grow back. In many cases, one of the
things that seems to help and it’s kind of odd but it’s putting castor oil on them. So I’d love to see if you could try that. Jeanie says, “You’re wonderful.” Thank you so much. “Where do we get MegaSporeBiotic? “Do you take them?” I do take them. You can get them if you go
to, we sent out an email about them this morning. Was part of giving away as a raffle. We have a link in there for that and you can order them
through your practitioner. Mary’s a-ha moment was, “There’s a hope “To stop the anxiety I’m having.” Yes, like you don’t have to live with it. Cindy wants to know,
“Can you post the link “To order the package from Canada?” So if you go to you’ll be able to purchase from there. So anywhere in the world is for shipping The Thyroid Secret, which
I’m really excited about because I know that people everywhere need this information not just in the US. And I know having lived in Europe that there’s this information
is not as readily available. Okay. Let’s see. Lori says, “No gluten is
very important in my opinion. “As is no dairy.” That’s right. Jeana says, “I didn’t know that
magnesium should be avoided “With thyroid meds.” Yup. “Four hours or so.” Denise says, “No gluten or dairy.” Ellen wants to know, “I
know my thyroid medication “Is cheap so if you know how to cure this “Than doctors know how to cure this. “Why don’t they?” Oh yeah, so this is the thing. Most doctors don’t know this information. So I’m a trained pharmacist and when I was going
through pharmacy school I never learned that natural
desiccated thyroid hormones may work better and I never learned that
selenium can be a factor in causing thyroid disease. And I also never learned
that chronic infections could cause thyroid disease or that the gluten free
diet, dairy free diet would help it. Where all of this information
is tried and tested. I’ve tested it out with over
thousands of people personally and I’ve also see this with
my colleagues have tested it with thousands of people and before even I started doing things there were people getting better using these same methods. But this is not something that
is taught in medical schools. This is not taught in pharmacy school. This is not taught in nursing school. So that’s why I created The Thyroid Secret and then I write my books and my blog because I decided this information
needed to be out there. From a pharmacist’s perspective there are some people in natural medicine that do have training in these protocols but a lot of times unfortunately you know, for whatever reason people may not find some
natural medicine practitioners. They may not find them as credible which of course, is a myth. Or they may not be able to see them. They’re not licensed in every state. So this is a potential barrier. So I wanted to get this
information out there as a pharmacist. Let people know that this
actually, this actually does work and no, we don’t learn it in
conventional medical schools. But it actually can really
be dramatically life changing and very, very helpful for people. So I’m very, very excited
to share that with you guys. Let’s see, other questions. Elizabeth wants to know,
“Do you recommend taking “Wobenzym with gut healing bundle?” So you can either do Wobenzym or systemic enzymes. It’s actually very, very
similar in ingredients and I’ve tried to like, pick a favorite but it’s hard to pick a favorite child. I’ve seen both very effectively work in people with Hashimoto’s. So some of the things I’ve seen and we discussed Wobenzym
in episode eight. Were reduction in thyroid antibodies and reduction in food sensitivities. Marcy wants to know,
“How long after I start “Integrating T3 should
I start feeling better?” You know, it depends. Usually some people will start
feeling better right away. Other people might take a couple of weeks. Maria says I’m frozen. Do any of you guys see me frozen? Ugh, live feed. Looks like we’re having some issues here. The internet doesn’t
seem to like me today. Let’s see what we can do about that. Okay. Thanks, okay guys. Keep putting in your questions. I’m gonna see if we can do something here to help with the live feed component. Work a little bit better. Frozen, let’s see. Okay. So I think I’m back now. (husband speaks off mic) Okay. Thanks. My husband just let me know that I’m back so I’m glad to hear that. Majana wants to know, “I
ordered your books and series “But I’m confused about iodine. “Should I completely avoid it?” So generally it’s a goldilocks nutrient. So somewhere in like a multivitamin dosage 200 micrograms is gonna
be fine for most people. And may be beneficial. But when we go above 500 micrograms it can be problematic. “Having low vitamin D,
is that associated?” It is, so low vitamin D levels are associated with all kinds
of autoimmune conditions and autoimmune thyroid for sure. “Doctors not informing us
of real choice of treatments “To keep ourselves with
all the health issues “Involved with these medical conditions.” So you know, and doctors. My mom is a doctor and I
have a lot of great friends that are doctors. And they really want to help people. That’s why they become doctors. But at the same time, they
only know what they know and I know that if they
knew this information and I’ve actually met plenty of doctors that said, “Wow, once I learned
about functional medicine “Once I learned that lifestyle changes “Can actually reverse disease. “I’ve never gone back.” And this was my case as well so I was working as a public
health consulting pharmacist and I was also working for a short time in pharmaceutical sales for a little bit less than a year and I truly believed in what I did and everybody that I worked with you know, in pharmaceutical sales and consulting and the pharmacy and the medical clinics everybody really cared about people and wanted to help them. All the social workers I worked with wanted to help people but we just were taught that
these things don’t work. And you know, I’m living proof and thousands of my clients and readers and all of you guys are living proof that holy cow, when you
start doing these things they actually work. And so I’m really glad. You know, I really wanted. It was important for me to
come out with episode eight and to have all of these
wonderful patient stories that took back their health because you know, we
want to show you proof that it’s not just like, I kind of laugh and you know, of course
a lot of this stuff that’s covered in this series not to sound like I’m the
smartest person in the world but you know, I’ve been
working with Hashimoto’s for quite some time now. And I’ve worked with a lot of people and done a lot of research. Have written a couple of books on it. So I do know quite a bit about Hashimoto’s and I didn’t want to
be the only crazy lady that was saying that this
condition was reversible. And that thyroid disease was reversible. And so I wanted to come together with over a hundred experts and over 60 patients who
took back their health to kind of show you guys
that like, I’m not the only crazy person, like this
is happening every day. People are healing on a daily
basis with these changes. And to be honest with you through the process I
also learned some things that I personally did not know and so that’s why I’m really excited about sharing The Thyroid Secret with you and the gold package which will give you guys an opportunity to go through some of these interviews that have some more advanced information if you’re a big health nerd like I am. “Are elevated white blood cells “Associated with Hashimoto’s?” So, white blood cells that are elevated could be associated with
having an infection. Mallory, “Once you’re in remission “Does your thyroid return to
normal size and function?” So this is actually a really,
really great question. And this actually, this
is a section in my book Hashimoto’s Protocol. There’s a pathway to healing where we talk about what
are the steps to healing. And the first step is gonna be going through and reversing your symptoms. So we’re gonna do this by
optimizing your thyroid hormones and we’re gonna do this by
optimizing your nutrients and changing up your diet. And then that’s gonna help us
also get you into remission. There might be other
things you need to take on to get into remission. Like addressing toxins and infections. And so that’s step two. And then the third step is addressing, and in some cases that can help you normalize
your thyroid gland’s size structure, and even function where you can produce your
own thyroid hormones anymore. But if not, we have
step three interventions where we really look at okay,
what are some interventions that can help normalize the thyroid size or regenerate thyroid tissue and low level laser therapy or LLLT. So I don’t have to say
the whole tongue twister is one of those interventions
that can help with both. Aloski said, “I saw
episode eight and nine. “The whole series is shining with love. “Thank you so much.” Aw, thanks so much for saying that. “My a-ha moment symptoms
that seemed off to me “But doctors ignored were actually issues. “Fatigue, 60-80 blood pressure.” Yup, “Low body temperature
and cold all the time. “Scalloped tongue, low vitamin D “And prescription vitamin
D does not move my numbers “Because oftentimes we need D3. “Positive Epstein-Barr Virus.” Yeah, these are all these things that it’s amazing because when I put out my book
Hashimoto’s The Root Cause I wrote about my personal
story, my journey. And you know, the biggest
surprising thing for me was how many people have
the same exact story that I did. And it’s like you know, I was told after I had the Epstein-Barr Virus that like oh well, I don’t
know why you’re tired. You must be depressed. And then, “Oh your
anxiety’s got nothing to do “With your thyroid.” And, “Your hair loss isn’t
really thyroid related.” And just this whole you
know, “Your gut symptoms. “Those aren’t related.” And so many people have
the same exact story like you could put down in any city in any country in the world and any kind of profession and we all kinda go through
that same trajectory. And you know, conventional
medicine hasn’t caught on. We all have low vitamin D levels. We oftentimes have low ferritin levels. Some of us have low B12 levels. All of us are selenium deficient and most of us are gonna
have gut infections. We’re gonna have some toxins on board. And like 90% of us will
be gluten sensitive and we’ll feel significantly better getting off of these things. And this my friends, is public health. And this is looking at population health so this is part of the
training I undertook as a consulting pharmacist working in public health. Is looking at what are
the things that help a large group of people. And so these are all
the things that I share in Hashimoto’s Protocol and The Thyroid Secret. Where wow, these are
humongous, tremendously helpful patterns and things we can see that wow, so many of
us are gluten sensitive and so really, really glad
to get this information out to you guys so you can know what
you know, to start with and what can benefit you. Uh-oh, looks like I’m frozen on and off. I’m not having the best
internet connection. Not frozen. Alright so let’s see. Tony said, “I’m so
thankful for the series.” Aw thanks for saying that. “Thank you for all the information.” Yay. “Is there a good chance of remission “If you have a lower antibody count? “It started with severe digestive issues.” Yeah, so the lower the antibodies the less aggressive the attack. So that’s usually a good indication. Shelby says, “Just ordered
the gold package, woohoo!” That’s, I’m so excited for you. So I can’t wait for you
to get it and unpack it so it’s quite, quite amazing. It’s very high quality. I’m really excited for you
to take back your health and learn as much as you can. “Is there a B Vitamin you recommend?” B complex by Pure Encapsulations. “I have been gluten free and
soy free for almost two years. “And now after watching The Thyroid Secret “I remembered dairy. “I’m experiencing headaches
and sour acid stomach upsets. “Could this just be a
temporary reaction of my body?” So what I think maybe you got off of dairy and now you’re having a weird reaction. So that sounds maybe like withdrawal. That can sometimes happen. But you know, I’m not quite
sure exactly what you’re asking so if you can get a chance
to chat in again to clarify or I would recommend that you ask your health care practitioner. Because I don’t want to
give you the wrong answer if that’s not what you’re asking. Brett Meyers, “How can you go gluten free “When you can’t go out to eat? “I watched a doctor show “And they found that all of
them had traces of gluten “Except for one.” There’s a supplement called
the gluten/dairy digest by Pure Encapsulations that can be helpful for minimizing your exposure to gluten and digesting it. I do go out to eat quite frequently. I would say once a week or so. And there are certain foods that are gonna be naturally gluten free and people with Hashimoto’s,
they don’t necessarily have celiac disease. Up to 15% of them do
but most of us do not. And so it’s basically a dose response. Where a person with celiac disease like teeny, tiny amounts of gluten are gonna cause them a problem. Where you know, a person with Hashimoto’s it’s like they have a slightly
better threshold of that. So of course you want to
do your best to avoid it but and you know, a lot of times one of my goals is to give you guys a life that’s not crazy. And just being able to
be free in the world and feel good in the world. Even you know, and just
knowing what works for you and what doesn’t. So some of the things you can get that are gonna be naturally gluten free are gonna be things like a Cobb salad where you ask for it to be
made gluten and dairy free so like, no croutons and no you know, no cheese in it. Or a Greek salad, again with no cheese. And this can be very helpful. Use olive oil and lemon as a dressing and a lot of these foods
are naturally gluten free. You can get boiled eggs if
you’re not sensitive to them as a protein side. And then also potentially
getting grilled chicken can be very helpful. One of the things they can do is they can put you
know, in dire situations foil around the food that
they’re grilling for you. Or some places will have
a dedicated gluten free kind of burner. I don’t like to use
foil typically too much because there’s some
potential with aluminum building up in the body. But you know, it’s kind of the thing is like, you don’t want to go crazy right? So you just want to do
things for your body that make you feel better. Kathleen, “Hearing loss
related to thyroid problems. “Five years, my problem got worse.” You know potentially you can and there seems to be a
connection between MTHFR and there may be some
potential to help that by addressing the MTHFR gene mutation. Let’s see. Questions here. Stephanie, “What to do if your body won’t “Stop gaining weight. “I’ve changed meds, gone gluten free. “I had Epstein-Barr at 11. “Still positive results.” So one of the things that
could be sending your body in this like, basically when
I think about thyroid disease is your body thinks that it’s not safe and for whatever reason it’s
trying to hold onto this weight and slows down your
metabolism to protect you. Chronic infections can also
slow down your metabolism. And so that might be a
potential target for you is to treat that infection and potentially address
the health of your gut. Lori wants to know what was my root cause. You know and this is
kind of, I guess to say not to be, this really is not a good word but the word root cause. So a person might have just one root cause or they might have multiple root causes so for some people it might
just be gluten sensitivity. For another person it might be that and as well as different infections. You know, really in all reality I think the root cause of thyroid disease is gonna be your body
feeling like it’s unsafe in every single case. Is for whatever reason it’s gonna be either a food sensitivity a nutrient deficiency chronic infections impaired stress response, toxins and a leaky gut. All of these different things can make your body feel unsafe and can be potential root causes and contribute to that. So, as far as I go I was not an easy case. So there are some people who I admire and you know, dear friends
of mine and clients of mine who went off gluten and they no longer had Hashimoto’s. Or they went dairy free or they went autoimmune paleo. Or you know, started one supplement or you know, started systemic enzymes and they no longer had Hashimoto’s. So, I was not one of those cases. And I’m more of a complicated case where I had quite a few different things that were out of balance in my body and it was the nutrient deficiency. So I was deficient in
selenium, thiamine, ferritin. You know, you pretty much you name it I was deficient in it. I had toxins, multiple toxins in my body. Copper and mercury being two of them. Copper is something that I believe I have a genetic mutation that tends to, has me accumulating it so it’s something that
I have to constantly keep in balance. And take you know, kind
of an inventory of that to make sure that it’s not
building up in my body. I have some genetic mutations that prevent me from getting
rid of toxins very well. I’m MTHFR homozygous so I have two copies of that gene that prevents me from
getting rid of toxins. And so I have to kind
of keep that in check because my body just likes to. My body’s a bit of a hoarder
when it comes to toxins. And then I had four infections in the gut. So I had SIBO, yeast overgrowth, H. pylori and blastocystis hominis. And then, let’s see. I also had a lot of trauma in my life. So that was another big thing that I had to address and re-balance. And so it wasn’t, definitely wasn’t like a switch where I just got better. It was a progressive journey when I was able to, oh and
Epstein-Barr too of course. So I think that played a significant role in triggering my, I
would say not triggering but exacerbating my thyroid condition. Probably the initial
triggering factor for me was I exposed to ternal wool when I was aged four and that’s probably when a lot of my. That’s where a lot of my symptoms started and I had some abnormal thyroid swelling when I was a teenager and whatnot. My mom always tried to keep an eye on it but then various things
like the Epstein-Barr virus and the irritable bowl syndrome kind of you know, kinda like made it worse and were my you know. You know, there’s antecedents and triggers and exacerbating factors so these all kind of
came and played a role in making me you know, making
my own body feel unsafe and attacking myself. So basically if, hopefully
that doesn’t sound discouraging to you guys but it’s kind of the way. And I was very discouraged at first but it’s the way of the wounded healer. I feel like went through all of this so that I could learn on my own body and share with you guys and my clients and my readers on the various ways you can get better and what things you can do
to take back your health. And for some people, it
might just be one thing two things, three things. For others, it might be a
whole bunch of different layers of an onion that they have to peel back. And the good news is that once you start peeling back these layers is you start recovering bits and pieces of who you truly are as a person. So you start shedding the
anxiety, shedding the weight shedding the fatigue. Your hair stops shedding right? You get back to who you
are truly meant to be. And then food sensitivities
were another thing that I had so gluten and dairy. And then I also avoid nuts because they’re very high in copper and my body seems to want
to hoard that at all times. So those are the things
that were factors in my life and I do work to you know, to try to stay in balance and I’m very aware of what the
messages my body sends me now so it’s really interesting if I’m you know deficient in things I oftentimes might be more tired. And then I’ll kinda
jump on that right away and then I address those
deficiencies and imbalances. So it’s really what I hope for you guys through this process is that you will learn
how to be in communication with your own body. Sandra wants to know, “Please
talk about vitamin D.” So vitamin D, generally I
like to use 5,000-10,000 IU per day for people. You do want to make sure
you get your vitamin D levels tested and the
target is about 60-80 where you want it. That’s where I see most
of my clients in remission with that number. There’s some studies
that suggest higher doses of vitamin D even above like 100. I’m sorry, above measuring
at 100 on blood tests that may be helpful for autoimmunity. That is something that is
controversial at this point and vitamin D can build up in the body so I always recommend testing for it. Kya wants to know, “Is lactose free milk “Or do you need to skip
all dairy products?” So Kya, I’m guessing
that you’re from Europe because I know in Europe
there is this movement towards lactose free and I was excited to go to various cafes that were gluten free and lactose free. But it’s not just the lactose
that’s a problem in dairy. It’s actually lactose is
sort of an after thought. The biggest problem in
dairy is actually casein which is one of the dairy proteins. And then some people actually
have an adverse reaction to whey as well. So for me, I actually have
a stronger reaction to dairy than I do to gluten. And I have, there’s not
actually a name for this. But I have the way that
people test for celiac in blood tests, I have that blood test in terms of dairy. So I have like, the celiac
version of dairy sensitivity. And this can be possible for
people with thyroid disease that they may be more sensitive to dairy than they are to gluten. One of the stories, and this is why I love sharing success stories. But one of the stories
that really inspired me was a young woman named
Krystal who had a blog where she wrote about
how she went dairy free. And that helped her get her
Hashimoto’s into remission. I had a chance to correspond
with Krystal a bit and she was somebody that
helped me on my journey and I ended up getting a
guest blog post from her on the Thyroid Pharmacist website as well. And that was really,
really exciting for me to share her story because her story was unique in that she was dairy sensitive primarily. So she didn’t even have
to, she’s been able to go back to eating gluten. And she stays in remission. Whenever she tries to eat dairy she starts having thyroid antibodies and thyroid symptoms. So this was very, very fascinating because for some people and I would say the majority but for some people the number one issue is dairy. Some people can go back to
eating dairy without a problem after they’ve been off of it for a while. For me, I will probably stay off of gluten and dairy lifelong. I might even go back to gluten first before I went back to dairy. Melissa wants to know,
“Did the DVD packages “Ship from within the US? “I live in Canada. “If I should ship to my US
address to avoid paying duty. “Also, where did you get the blue sofa?” Oh, thanks for asking. So, I’ll answer the blue
sofa question first. There’s a company called
Comfortable Couch Company. And they make sofas. You pick out a color and
it was quite reasonable. And it’s pretty comfortable but it’s not as soft as I
thought it would be at first but it’s getting more
and more comfortable. So I do think Comfortable Couch Company is a good place to get your couches. And they are pretty clean and non-toxic so I did check into that. As far as shipping, we
are shipping the packages the gold packages and the silver packages. The physical products are
shipping from Illinois. So we have our warehouse there that’s shipping everywhere in the world. So, that hopefully will help you determine whether or not you should
ship to a US address if you have it. I apologize, I’m not familiar
with the various tariff and importation taxes. I know when I lived in the Netherlands my sister-in-law sent me a gift and I had to pay a tax on it. So you know, hopefully
that answers your question but we do ship everywhere in the world but we don’t know what specific
rules the countries have as far as making you pay taxes on it. Judy says, “My sister has
been suffering for years “And I just sent her the gold package. “Mother suffered many years
and was never diagnosed. “This effected all my family
members and now we have it “But because of you
there’s hope, bless you.” Thank you so much. That really just touched me. And then what a great
idea to send the package or the DVD set to a
friend or a family member as a gift. I know one of the ladies I met through recording her story she was saying that somebody just sent her a copy of my book in the mail. And that helped her recover her health and it was like, this really nice gesture. I know sometimes people who struggle and I’ve definitely been one of them. They look for signs right? So they’re like, oh where’s
the sign, where’s the sign? And sometimes it’s
like, if a family member is telling them something it may not be as valid then if something gets sent
to them from a third party. I know my brother would
tell me to get off of sugar for a really, really long time and I was like, you don’t know
what you’re talking about. You know, you’re an engineer. I’m a pharmacist right? And he was like, “Yeah you
need to get off sugar.” And so then of course, I learned it from another scientist and then that was okay. So sometimes that does help
to have a neutral third party provide that information such as a book or a set of DVDs or a you know, I don’t know if you guys had a chance to see it yet. But we have a giant thyroid encyclopedia. I’m gonna grab it here from this shelf. It’s heavy, it’s my workout for the day. So the gold package comes with this gorgeous, gorgeous book that’s over a thousand pages long. That has every single transcript
professionally transcribed from every single interview that we did with each patient and each expert. So this is very, very proud of it. It’s huge. (laughs) And then we also have this one. So this comes with both the gold and the silver package. And this is the transcript of all nine episodes. And this is gorgeous as well. So this is professionally done. We actually had a team of
wonderful health coaches that went through and made sure everything was done correctly and transcribed. So we’ve got you know,
the supplement names are spelled correctly. And different tests, lab tests and things are spelled correctly. Because sometimes when
you get things transcribed they make up really, really funny words. I know there was one time somebody was talking about
post traumatic syndrome and they called it poster mike syndrome. So yeah, so we actually had this. Went through this with a fine tooth to make sure that you guys get the right information for you. And then of course this is the DVD set. And I’m very, very proud of that. You guys will have an
opportunity to order that for half off until tomorrow. Tomorrow night at 11:59 Eastern time. Let’s see here. Dorothy, “How does one get off of Nexium?” That’s such a great question. So, one of the ways to do that is you wean off of it. Because you don’t want
to just stop it suddenly because you can get rebound acid reflux. And one of the things
I found to be helpful is to use another medication like Pepcid as you wean off of it. Because Pepcid is not something that causes rebound acid reflux. And so basically what you do is you switch off your Nexium for Pepcid over the course of a couple of weeks. And then you alternate the Pepcid dosing every other day and then you can also
pair that with things like mastic gum or DGL to help support your gut naturally. Caroline, “Do you recommend
23 MEDNA testing?” Yes, I do. Just as a caveat guys I want to let you know I
was chatting with somebody earlier today and she had gotten her genetic testing analysis and she was very, very concerned
about the testing results because when you get the analysis it says you know, you’re
at higher risk for that. This gene means this. This gene means that. And just so you guys know genes are not your destiny. And let me say that again. Genes are not your destiny. And a lot of times, these genes are kind of like minute little traces in the literature that have been found. So like, if you have this gene and it says that it’s
associated with cancer sometimes it’s like this
cancer has a .00005% higher rate in people with this gene. So it’s not like a destiny. And you know, another thing too is it’s about gene expression. And so we don’t necessarily
know that the genes are expressed every single time. And one of the things you can do is make sure that you’re paying
mindful of your environment. Your gut health is one of
those most important things. Making sure that you’re
not exposed to toxins and everything that we’re talking about within The Thyroid Secret is gonna help you to address any kind of you know,
things that you might have out of balance. And whatever I talk in
my Hashimoto’s Protocol supporting your liver, adrenals, and gut. This is gonna support
your way to get healthier and get better health. You know, one example I want to share is with my, one of the
gene evaluations I had done is it said that I have
both from my dad’s side and my mom’s side really high rates of obesity. Everybody in my family
looks like greyhounds. A.k.a, the only time that we gain weight we look like spiders because
we gain it all in our bellies and so you know, this is something that it was just one of those things where it was like okay, the
genes say I have a really high rate of this in
my family but I don’t. So it’s just all about the environment. The genes are only a portion of the story. Rush says, “It’s great
that you acknowledge “That everyone with
Hashimoto’s has different “Food sensitivities, lest
we unnecessarily adopt “Them all and developing orthorexia.” You know, thanks so much for saying that. It’s like, such an important
thing to talk about. I’ve never had an eating disorder like. You know, like I’ve never
had binge eating disorders or anorexia or you know,
that was never a part of my journey. And they say like okay,
only people with these kind of history of eating
disorders are at risk for this but I actually developed
orthorexia when I was doing the GAPS diet. And so I was, it was a pretty tough time. My husband and I were traveling for my sister-in-law’s wedding in Canada. And my skin was gray, I was losing hair. I had these bald spots, I
was really, really skinny. I was having breakouts. And I was you know, like my husband. I was trying so hard to be healthy and I was like, not eating
gluten at the wedding and just doing everything
like the GAPS diet and bringing my own food. And my husband was like,
“What’s wrong with you? “Just eat a cheeseburger. “This clearly is not working for you.” And it wasn’t but I was like,
no this is the protocol. And it’s gonna work for me. But I didn’t realize that I had my unique kind of sensitivities. So for me, nuts were a no-no and the GAPS diet, the
way that I was eating it I was eating almond flour for
breakfast, lunch, and dinner and all these almond
flour things and muffins. And that was causing me
to accumulate more copper because my body tends to hoard that. And so it’s really,
really important for me. For you guys, my number one goal would be that you get in communication and understanding with your body because when you have acid reflux when you have diarrhea. You have all these things going on that’s actually your body
sending you a message saying, “Hey, I don’t
like what you’re eating.” Or it’s saying, “Hey, there’s
something inside of me “That’s not working.” So you know, toxins or infections or food sensitivities or nutrient deficiencies. All these things could
be causing you to have symptoms or antibodies. And it’s a way of kind of tuning in and listening to your body. Let’s see, some questions. Great questions coming up. “How do you get rid of H. pylori?” So there’s an antibiotic
protocol you could follow. And I actually have a blog
on And I have protocols in
Hashimoto’s Protocols. You might have guessed
for various infections. For getting rid of mercury. For getting rid of H. pylori. For getting rid of SIBO. For getting ferritin levels up. All those wonderful things. One of them for H. pylori
is gonna be mastic gum. So this is something that can be. It’s an herbal remedy with DGL. It can be very helpful. And this one you guys are gonna laugh but cabbage juice. So juicing four ounces of cabbage juice and you could mix it
with whatever you want. To you know, make it taste
a little bit differently. That can be helpful for
overcoming H. pylori. And this is about a two month protocol. And you could also do
triple antibiotic therapy. Though, that could be
really rough on the gut so I don’t really recommend that unless you’re having acute ulcer symptoms. Because there’s sub-clinical
H. pylori infections where you just have a
little bit of symptoms or even silent H. pylori infections that are just causing you
to have thyroid antibodies and attack on your thyroid. Let’s see. Sangita wants to know,
“How long were you on “Anxiety meds and how did
you wean yourself off?” So I wasn’t taking daily
anxiety medications but I had a prescription for
Lorazepam Ativan as needed. And I didn’t take it on a daily basis because I was concerned,
as you guys may know that medication can be habit forming. And in the pharmacy, I
unfortunately saw some people who became addicted to it. So I only used it sparingly. And I didn’t use it long term. But it is something you know, definitely if you are on anxiety medications I would recommend working with somebody to wean off of them. Especially the benzodiazepines because you can have withdrawal symptoms that can be dangerous. So you do want to wean off of them. Let’s see. “How do you test for that dairy?” So there’s a test called Ulta Test Lab that I found really
helpful for dairy testing. If you guys look up food sensitivities on you could find that. And then they do IGA testing
for various dairy proteins and that’s what came up positive for me. Joanna, nice to see you. Joanna’s from Chicago is saying hello. She was positive for yeast. Yeast can be a trigger
for thyroid disease. And so doing some yeast
protocols can be very helpful. So we were talking about yeast and as you might have guessed I do have yeast protocols in Hashimoto’s Protocol as well. So this is basically based on. This book is based on protocols. “What diet is good for
healing Lahika and Candida?” So AIP can be very good. Stacy says, “In Canada,
if you mark it as a gift “There’s no duty.” “Is raw the same as pasteurized?” This is a very common question so people want to know is raw dairy okay? And then I also get is goat’s milk okay? Is A1 dairy okay? Is lactose free milk okay? And this is a very common question and here’s the deal. If you’re gonna be sensitive
to the casein protein whether that’s in raw
milk, pasteurized milk A1 milk, goat milk, sheep milk it’s gonna, you’re
still gonna cross-react. So it’s similar enough in all these types. In all these products where
if you’re reactive to one you’ll be reactive to the other. 80% of the time. Rebecca says, “Kudos to you. “What a great informative docu-series.” Thanks so much, I appreciate it. Rachel says, “Do you eat other grains? “Rice, corn, etc. “Hoping I could add
those back in eventually. “I miss Mexican food.” Yeah so once I was able to eradicate the blastocystis hominis which is a protozoan parasite. I do talk about it in
the documentary series. I have it on my blog and
in Hashimoto’s Protocol. I was able to, basically I was no longer grain sensitive after that. I used to be very
sensitive to a lot of foods and eradicating that pathogen
helped me tolerate foods. I had some rice today. You know, I don’t have a problem
with those foods anymore. I don’t eat them all the time though. I try to, I eat mostly paleo at home. When I’m here. When I travel, I’m usually pretty liberal with what I eat, but I’m still gluten free and dairy free. Elizabeth, “Do functional medicine doctors “Prescribe medicine, run lab work?” That depends on their degree because functional medicine doctors can be doctors of oriental medicine. Doctors of acupuncture. Doctors of pharmacy. Doctors of naturopathy. Doctors of chiropractic. Medical doctors and
then the medical doctors are the ones that are
gonna be able to prescribe as well as nurse practitioners. D.Os, P.As and in some states N.Ds or naturopathic doctors
can also prescribe. So it’s kind of odd. It varies on the states. So I hope that helps. “Insights with adrenal
fatigue and Hashimoto’s?” Katie wants to know. I really like the adrenal reset diet by Dr. Alan Christianson. That’s a really great, really great book. And there’s also Adrenal
Thyroid Connection that just came out by Aviva Romm. That’s a wonderful book as well. Both Dr. Alan Christianson and Aviva Romm were in episode six. If you guys do get the series I highly suggest that
you watch that episode a few times because it’s
full of a-ha moments and then also I spent like, three hours in Dr. Christianson’s
clinic just grilling him on like, everything related to adrenals thyroidectomy, thyroid
cancer, graves disease Hashimoto’s and so if you guys. If you get the gold package you’ll have access to his full interview as well as Dr. Aviva
Romm’s full interview. Just in full disclosure,
some of the camera stuff went out for a segment of her interview but it’s all on audio and it’s all transcribed. So, that’s gonna be in there for you guys within the gold package. Heidi says, “Was it your primary physician “That guided you to the other specialist “For the infections you had in your gut?” Uh, no. (laughs) No, these were tests
that I ordered on my own. That I found through Bio Health Lab. Offers a wonderful test. GI Map offers a wonderful
test for gut infections. And I actually had like
four or five tests for this before I found one that
was effective and positive. And Bio Health Lab 41H, GI Map and then GI Effects are
some of the best tests in the industry. If you guys go to we have some self ordering
options for you guys there. Heidi, “How did you select
patients for this series?” Thanks for asking, it
was really a fun process. One of the things we did is we sent out an email to people that were in the community in my Thyroid Pharmacist community. If you guys want to sign up for that at The people on my email list are oftentimes the first in the know for
exciting things happening. And also on my Instagram account. That’s where I kind of sneak things in. That is kind of a
testing ground for things before it gets on Facebook
and makes you know history for forever. This is gonna be a great
place for you guys to go so
to subscribe. And I sent out a message asking people to submit their stories or if they wanted to meet me in Colorado or Chicago or San Diego or New York to record their stories. Which were some of the
cities I was going to. And then we also asked
some of the practitioners if they had any patient stories
they wanted to share too. Just so that we could, I
really wanted to highlight a variety of backgrounds, cities. You know, kind of a variety
of root causes and stories to give you guys a
little bit of perspective and help you see yourself in that. So I hope that was helpful. Melissa says, “I learned
that depression medication “Did not work, I went to
family therapist instead “And used animal therapy. “Dogs help with depression,
cats help with stress. “Horses and fish help with PTSD.” I love that, yeah. I don’t know if you guys know about this but I’m a huge animal lover. So I don’t have a pet, I
have a little family member. He’s right here with me
actually taking a nap. Usually he’s in the office with me. Sometimes he makes noise but we had. (laughs) You know, he’s being really good and being very quiet. Cindy wants to know, “It
froze during explanation “Of each book, what was it about?” So yeah, so let me go through this. The Hashimoto’s Root Cause. This is the book that I wrote based on my own journey and research I did to recover my health. And this is available on Amazon if you guys, it’s a New
York Times best seller so it’s got over 1,600 reviews of people who have used it
to take back their health which I’m very, very proud of. So this was an accidental best seller. I never had written a book before. I don’t think I had even written a blog. I just wanted to get this
information out there and help people with what helped me. This book is Hashimoto’s Protocol. This is based on my work
with over a thousand people with Hashimoto’s. And this goes through some of
the most helpful protocols. So fundamental protocols that everybody needs to do
regardless of their root cause. Supporting the liver, adrenals, and gut. And advanced protocols. So for example, when you have H. pylori what do you need to do? When you have this parasite,
what do you need to do? When you have yeast overgrowth what do you do for that and when you have, you know
this nutrient deficiency how do you properly supplement. And then the other books. This is the transcript book that’s coming with The Thyroid Secret so you can order that
through the packages link in the description. And this is a transcript
of all nine episodes. So you can read and highlight and go through it. This is also available in digital format. And the mother of all thyroid books. This is The Thyroid Secret. Full transcripts of every single interview that I did throughout the series. And it includes over 100 experts. My interview as well as
the patient’s interviews. So this is definitely for
the advanced health seeker. So if you’re somebody that
wants to know everything and doesn’t want to miss a thing this is the thing to get. And this comes with the gold package either mailed to you. Be forewarned, it is quite heavy. Or you can get it in digital format where it’s PDF that you
can view and download and you know, print off if you so choose. Laura, “What are the, are
there, can you talk about “The good supplement brands?” So definitely there’s
great supplement brands. One of the ones I like
is Pure Encapsulations. I love Designs for Health. Douglas Labs, Wobenzym. I just created a formulation
called Rootcology. If you guys go to or just go to and look at the supplements tab I explain how to look for good supplements and then share with you guys the ones that are my preferential ones. You want to be gluten
free, dairy free, soy free for all of your supplements. “What about low dose
daily antibiotics forever “To keep infections away?” You know, some people have seen benefit with doxycycline, using it as a low dose. Kind of to modulate some of the infections and keep them at bay. And I cover this in
Hashimoto’s The Root Cause as well as Hashimoto’s Protocol. And then there’s also some people that use, have benefited
from the use of antiviral medications to keep some
of the viral infections suppressed and at bay. This is one option. It’s not the only option. Some people do find it helpful. Sherry, “I have a friend that’s
been fighting this disease “But doesn’t eat meat. “Is this a problem?” So yeah, you know. Unfortunately, and I just
had a couple of nutritionist friends over last night. Leanne Ely from episode. She was in one of the episodes. I can’t quite remember which one. And then Debbie Steinbach who is another nutritionist that was in the episodes. And they were, I think they were featured in quite a few actually. I think yeah, Leanne
was in today’s episode. And we were talking about basically their experience and my experience with people who are on a
vegan and vegetarian diet. And with thyroid disease,
oftentimes you know we have nutrient deficiencies
and we’re depleted. So being on a vegan/vegetarian diet can actually make you worse. And can help make your
body in a break down state. So I will often recommend people who are willing to, to eat meat and they feel better. And then some people that are not able to. You know, that are not
willing to switch their diets that oftentimes we see that
they continue suffering. Some of the things that may help might be things like B12, zinc. L-glutamine, those kinds of things. And iron supplements to help address some of the imbalances and nutrient deficiencies but still I see people struggling. To this day, I have collected
over 500 success stories of people who have recovered their health. And none of them are vegans. I have had a couple of
people that reached out to me with saying that they
did recover their health on a vegan diet but I haven’t been able to get them to write up their stories. So this is something
that we’re working on. Majority of them though
are gonna be people that have done the paleo diet. Alright. Thank you. Lisa, “Is H. pylori bad?” Yes, H. pylori can trigger thyroid disease among other things and if you find it, you
should eradicate it. Jennifer, “What protozoa
blastocystis hominis? “Do you think applied kinesiology can work “To find allergies?” I think it depends on the kinesiologist. I have seen some surprising results. My scientific mind has
a hard time believing it but there are people that swear by it. And you know, I think it definitely. If I did it for you, I
probably wouldn’t be able to find any allergies. But who am I to say that somebody else might not be trained in it properly? I am, that’s one of the trainings that I think I’d like to do at some point. And at that point, I’ll be
able to tell you guys more. “Naltrexone. Lifelong or short time?” So that can be something
that’s taken short term to rebalance you and then also long term. It’s used for cancers to
keep the immune system at bay and preventative. I’m personally thinking
about taking it long term to prevent post-partum thyroid issues. Because it can help women get pregnant and it can help have a healthy pregnancy and prevent post-partum thyroid issues. And I’m thinking about taking it. I’m not presently taking it. But I’m actually thinking
about specifically taking it to help with post-partum
and fertility, period just in case you know, ladies we do know that when we get pregnant and have babies we can become quite depleted. And so my goal is to basically do whatever I can in my power to make sure that I have a
you know, healthy pregnancy and healthy post-partum period. And a healthy as possible baby. So that’s gonna be a preventative. Alright, so let’s see. Questions, questions, questions. “My daughter has celiac. “Is she gonna be at risk
for thyroid disfunction?” Yes, so anybody with one thyroid condition has the potential to… Sorry, anybody with one
autoimmune condition can have additional autoimmune conditions. And this is very, very common. So if celiac, there’s
gonna be a much higher chances of her having Hashimoto’s. And then Robert wanted to know “Does the silver package
include life time access “Or only one year access?” So we give you access to everything and then you can download
it to your computer and we don’t plan on
turning off the portal. Or kicking you out after a year or anything like that. So it is you know, lifetime access but for credit card billing purposes they don’t want us to say that. So we have to say one year. Otherwise, they don’t want
to process the credit card. Well looks like the
video is keeping freezing so probably will want to wrap up soon. Kathleen wants to know, “Do
animal allergies go away “When thyroid is treated? “I’m sensitive to cats and dogs.” So MegaSpore, one of the
treatments we discussed in episode eight can be helpful for that. Alright. So, thank you so much you guys for dialing in. It was so wonderful to hang out with you. Such a pleasure to be here with you. Again, if you wanted to
watch today’s episode go to the link in the
description, and if you wanted to
check out the packages and I also have a link here for you guys. Again, the packages are
half off until tomorrow. And I appreciate you
guys showing your support by owning The Thyroid Secret or getting it as a gift for a loved one. I know that they’ll be super grateful once they receive this beautiful package of healing information
in the mail from you. And with every gold package I am giving away a copy
of Hashimoto’s Protocol. My new book that’s
coming out on March 28th filled with helpful protocols to help you take control of your health. So, thank you so much for being here. I’m gonna miss hanging out with you guys. And definitely let me know if you have ideas for
topics for Facebook Lives. I will be back hopefully next week so make sure that you. That you keep up with this page and like a lot of our stuff because then you’ll get notified about everything that. Anytime that I go live. So you have to have engagement
with my Facebook page in order to basically get a message when I come on live. So thank you so much you guys. Really, really love hanging out with you. And really love the positivity and all of the you know,
action you’re taking and you guys being a
part of this community. And helping other people you know, answering their questions. It’s just such a gift to
be part of this community. I really feel like healing
happens with community and I know that if other
people with thyroid disease hadn’t shared their stories I would have been discouraged. So I hope to see thousands
of success stories from each and every single one of you that recover your health. And you know, like I said cheers to a bright future and this is not the end. This is just the beginning. Make sure that you tune
into tonight’s episode and we’re airing it until tomorrow. It ends at 6:00 p.m Eastern and then you’ll have just
a few more hours after that to take advantage of our special deal. Thank you so much.

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