The TRUTH about Belly Fat, What Jillian Michaels Didn’t Say – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

once again Jillian Michaels is talking
about weight loss explain to us that there isn’t really any particular way
that we can lose a belly fat and it’s frustrating because she’s only telling
you part of the story hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellnss with Violet I’m Violet I’m a psychologist the reason that I make these videos is
because I want you to understand that your physical health and mental health
come together to create that overall sense of well-being if you find these
kind of videos helpful please consider subscribing so Jillian Michaels works
really hard in this video to evade actually giving us information that
could help us to lose belly fat specifically she talks about how to lose
weight and she mentions that it’s impossible to spot reduce and honestly
Julie Michaels is so good at giving accurate information that supports her
agenda while leaving out other bits of accurate information that would
contradict her agenda and so what happens is that it actually makes her
look really credible when she’s telling you this is the only way to do it but
unfortunately because there’s other information she’s leaving out you’re not
aware that there’s another way to do it can you actually lose belly fat yes and
I’m gonna talk about that one of the things I find super aggravating about
watching Jillian Michaels videos is that she’s so condescending the way she
speaks to us is as if I have the answers shut up and listen to me and then you’re
going to be okay where else have we ever encountered that kind of interaction if
you are like me you might have encountered that in the doctor’s office
because you walk in at least I know when I walk into the doctor’s office and
there’s something wrong with me I want to explain what’s happening in detail so
that when the doctor’s gonna answer me they have as much information as
possible so that they give me the best possible answer and I’ve encountered
doctors who give me this attitude of like yeah yeah I know what you have and
here’s the answer now even if he’s idea about what I have is correct
and so this answer that he’s proposing to me is correct for 99 percent of the
population he also needs to understand that there’s
that 1% of people that have special circumstances and he should really hear
out the whole story or she should hear out the whole story to make sure I’m not
one of those people and I’ve had situations where doctors don’t want to
let me finish even though I have a particular condition that if you didn’t
know I have it you give me the wrong medication and now there’s a problem
right so but this is this is everybody like the truth is unless the doctor
specifically asks about allergies about any recent sicknesses or surgeries or if
you’re in the emerge they can’t know if you’re in if you’re just in a walking
Klint they can’t know everything but they act like they do sometimes I’m not
saying every doctor but some of them do and Jillian Michaels acts like this and
it drives me nuts okay so I want to point out that she’s right about a lot
of things like for example she talks about hormones she’s right that hormones
affect the way that we store fat she’s not right that hormones are the
beginning of the story actually food is the beginning of the story but I’m gonna
come back to food because actually food is the most important part of the story
I’m gonna come back to food because I want to talk about what she said first
okay so one of the things that Jillian says is that stress and high cortisol so
cortisol as the hormone is the biggest problem that people have and that really
part of what you need to do is reduce your stress and I agree with that
cortisol does affect your your weight gain I want to point out though cortisol
affects weight gain because cortisol affects insulin now in the entire video
she didn’t mention insulin but I’m gonna start with cortisol yes if I am in that
fight-or-flight mode so if I am stressed out if I’m anxious and my cortisol is
being pumped out all the time then basically what’s happening is that
this hormone is creating the physiological situation that my body
feels or understands that it’s time to go do something to get out of a bad
situation because in our history then one of the major reasons for us to need
cortisol to push us to fight or flight is because we need it to fight or flight
which means that my body is actually allowing sugar back into the bloodstream
so that my muscles can use it to get me the heck out of there or to combat with
this predator what we need to understand in this situation is that yes she’s
absolutely right if I can get my stress levels under control then that won’t be
happening and the reason this is bad is because when my body brings sugar back
in and then you know there’s nothing for me to fight or nothing to run from
insulin needs to come in and put that sugar away and this is a game that’s
happening back and forth and of course that’s gonna cause me to gain weight the
question is where am i gaining that weight it’s not particularly in the
midsection and so this is where Jillian’s using information in a very
interesting way to push you towards an idea of that well you can’t spot reduce
because it’s true the sugar that my body puts back into the system which is
glucose isn’t the sugar that’s going to be stored around my midsection so
glucose is used by my entire body so when insulin steps in and puts that
sugar away absolutely that sugar is gonna be placed everywhere all over me
because it’s glucose my body made it what’s actually being stored mostly here
okay so this is where she’s not telling us the whole story
one of insulins important functions is storing away excess energy it’s also
very pivotal in getting excessive carbohydrates out of our blood system so
any sugar that’s floating around in the blood insulin helps it to be used as
energy you store it in glycogen stored in fat storage now every cell in our
body determines how it’s going to store that energy so that
why glycogen sometimes is made because muscles more likely to store energy as
glycogen versus other body cells are more likely to store energy as fat and
then each of those different cell types will also use that energy for energy if
it’s possible right so your body is trying to use energy and store energy
for later and the amount of sugar in your body is actually going to determine
how long insulin is turned on right so if insulin is raised to a certain degree
then the insulin will stay on longer right so if I have an excessive reaction
insulin stays active longer so it’s important for us to understand that
every time we over eat carbohydrates we are encouraging insulin to be
free-floating in our body and doing stuff more for longer periods of time so
now this brings us back to food and it helps us to see that there’s a piece of
information that she’s leaving out so another question is is she leaving it
out because she doesn’t want to tell us is she leaving it up because she doesn’t
know I’m not sure all I know is that whenever I learned information and I’m
trying to understand it I do more research she has a lot of resources so I
don’t understand why she wouldn’t know this piece of information so here it is
the food we eat matters and there are two specific classes of foods that we
tend our foods and beverages that we tend to eat that affect whether or not
we have belly fat so I’m gonna start with the liquids first because I think
this one is the obvious one that we can all think about alcohol when you drink
alcohol and you drink it to excess you create what they call a beer belly what
is a beer belly it’s a belly that has a lot of visceral fat so there are two
different kinds of fat again information she didn’t share in the video there’s
subcutaneous like fat that’s around your entire body and then there’s visceral
fat and so when she’s saying you can’t spot reduce she’s right the subcutaneous
fat that’s under your skin that you can pinch there’s no way to spot reduce that
when you eat less sugar all around your body your
body will use up that fat that’s everywhere to fuel you versus the
visceral fat which is you know internal around your internal organs that fat we
actually can affect directly by diminishing the amount of alcohol that
we drink if you stop so let’s say you are a person who has that bare belly
because you were drinking a lot of alcohol if you stopped drinking alcohol
what happens your bare belly goes away okay so that’s one place where Jillian
was not honest with us because she made it seem like there wasn’t any food that
so she was right is there food you can eat that will help you to lose weight no
being in the ketogenic community everybody who’s watching who understands
that carbohydrates lead to weight gain you know that the actual answer is
eating fewer carbohydrates but that’s not a specific food you’re eating
that’s a substance that you’re eliminating from your daily meal plan
now the other beverage that we can stop drinking that will contribute greatly to
reducing belly fat is fruit juice okay fruit juice has fructose in it and by
reducing the amount of fructose we’ve all heard of that terrible high fructose
corn syrup which is just fructose coming from corn the corn but high fructose
levels in anything you’re eating will contribute to your belly fat
I want to go specific in this why is it that alcohol and fructose contribute to
belly fat they contribute to belly fat because the only part of your body that
can metabolize alcohol and fructose is your liver now generally speaking when
your liver is cleaning up and processing and blah blah blah yeah it makes a
little bit of fat in that process but not enough to overload you because a lot
of the energy that comes from that process gets used and then a lot of the
byproducts that your liver makes gets eliminated through feces and urine and
sweat and right so usually when we eat a metabolically appropriate diet then the
amount of waste and the amount of fat that your liver is producing isn’t
enough to create a negative situation around your midsection right so when
we’re talking about is there something specific that you could stop eating to
minimize the amount of belly fat you have the answer is yes alcohol and
fructose containing foods so now let’s look at the food part of it we talked
about the juices but the food part would be fruits and vegetables and now there’s
the reason that Julian doesn’t want to tell you in my opinion part of the
reason she doesn’t want to tell you that there’s something that you could stop
eating to lose weight because we’re being made to believe that fruits and
vegetables are the most healthy things that we can eat why Julian is constantly
telling us that if we eat fruits and vegetables and and and a small amount of
protein keep the fat low exercise a bunch by my program by my book then
you’re gonna be able to look the way that she looks I’m not sitting here
saying never touch of you’re never touch a vegetable again anybody who knows me
knows that I say understand what you’re doing
understand how many grams of carbs you’re getting from whatever you’re
eating and then you have a choice to make and anybody who knows me knows that
my number one thing that I tell people who are trying to lose weight weigh
everything track everything that way you know how
many carbohydrates you’re eating and how much sugar you’re telling your body to
put away on a daily basis your body will put away all the excess sugar and fat
and protein energy if you go over a certain amount right because it won’t be
able to use it in the course of your day so when I’m saying pay attention to what
she’s telling you if you pay attention jillian michaels does not ask
us to eat a low carb lifestyle as a matter of fact when you look at the
numbers in terms of the foods that the people on The Biggest Loser were eating
if we just go back to that example of another time where she’s saying fruits
and vegetables aren’t the problem in actuality those numbers still come to
well above 20 grams of carbs per day so here’s a problem I think most people
understand and can see and will agree with me that when you eat through it it
tastes sweet there’s no one’s gonna argue with that
the majority of fruits tastes sweet and the sweeter the fruit tastes chances are
the higher it isn’t fructose content they’re exceptions to that rule like I
said some of the reception’s to people they’re exceptions to the rules of which
foods have more fructose on which foods have less fructose however I wanna pay
attention to this vegetables so broccoli artichokes asparagus okra sweet peppers
peas mushrooms for example all are high in fructose content relatively speaking
if you eat those vegetables rather than eating lower fructose containing
vegetables you continue to create the story where you have more belly fat it’s
not about eating of food to eliminate many belly fat it’s not about taking a
medication to eliminate belly fat it’s about understanding that if the only
organ in my entire body that can actually metabolize alcohol and fructose
is my liver then by eating excessive amounts of fructose and by drinking
excessive amounts of alcohol and excessive what’s excessive if I’m having
fruit on a daily basis and the carb count of that fruit is getting more than
what well if we’re allowed to have 20 grams of carbs per day and the average
Apple has about 26 grams of carbs and you look and you see about half of that
is gonna be fructose you start to understand that if half of that Apple is
only being metabolized by my liver the rest of my body is dealing with the rest
of those carbs what’s the likelihood that my liver isn’t being overloaded by
that Apple same thing with alcohol your body sees alcohol as a toxin period
every time you drink alcohol it’s all being metabolized by your liver you’re
putting stress on your liver and your liver is pumping out fat because that’s
how it neutralizes these substances is there a possibility that Jillian isn’t
telling us about the fructose thing because she doesn’t want us to stop
eating fruit because she doesn’t want us to abandon her weight-loss program
that’s a possibility but whenever I watched a video from Jillian and I don’t
do it often but people send me videos and say what about this what about that
whenever I watch a video from Jillian I’m always floored at how condescending
and rude she is to her audience because yes when I watch I become part of her
audience and I get the impression that she sees us ask her audience and her
goal is here’s the information drink it up
buy my products use my information and like you know buy my products whether
it’s a book or whether it’s a workout program or whether it’s admire me and
understand how much I know and how much my information is gonna help you to do
different yes it’s like going to a doctor who doesn’t care to really do
that interaction with you because he wants to give you the script because
there’s somebody else waiting in the waiting room that he wants give a script
to and that’s how I feel when I watch your videos and it’s frustrating because
sometimes the information and there is accurate but other times it’s like this
okay fine but that’s not the bigger problem is I’m not a number you’re not a
number people gonna save me well the other doctors online are selling stuff
too yeah they are the other doctors are selling stuff but
I think the thing that I’m trying to get everybody to see is that if it’s a
doctor if it’s a nutritionist if it’s a nurse or if it’s a fitness professional
and they’re more concerned with getting you to buy their product than they are
in teaching you something you need to pause
and you need to back up because my doctor should be willing to hear me out
about what’s happening with me before he decides the course of action and that
means that he has all the information he needs to make the best decision for
violet and so should my trainer your your trainer which in this case is what
she’s trying to be right she’s trying to encourage us to let her give us the
information that we can do better and that means buy her book or do her
program or whatever she wants to be our health trainer but yet she’s talking to
us like we’re stupid little people that just follow along and go do this and
stop bothering me and that’s frustrating I’m not gonna lie and say that there
aren’t doctors in this Quito space that push products I’m not even gonna lie and
say that there aren’t doctors in this Quito space that kind of seem like maybe
their care for the person is waning in favor of the sell the next product maybe
I’m not gonna say that but there are still so many doctors in this space
who focus on giving us good information who focus on listening to us on caring
about what we’re presenting on giving a full and round answer even if that
answer doesn’t push you towards Quito because there are doctors in this space
there are nutritionists in this space there are researchers in this space
who still talk about the benefits of Capelli oh they still talk about the
benefits of low-carb right because their goal is not to get your money their goal
is to help people improve their health while being sustainable which means
making some money and there’s a difference because your doctor didn’t
become a doctor to help people and be poor your doctor became a doctor to help
people and to also make money and have a good life right we need to move away
from this take my word for it mentality that Julian is putting in front of us
because we took Ancel keys word for it and look at how many years we had of
poor health weight gain after weight gain until now we’re today trying to
convince people that that line of thought was
bad for us and look how much problems we’re having to pull people back and the
truth is before we take decisions about what we’re doing the research should be
there the research is there for how the body reacts to sugar it’s there
unfortunately there isn’t any money to be made in telling people eat less fruit
drink less alcohol and that’s how you’re gonna solve your midsection issues there
isn’t much money to be made in telling people eat low carb and if you already
have metabolic issues eat keto to solve your weight issues and to solve your
health issues there’s no money in that there’s no prescription to right and so
unfortunately how do we make money on this well people find ways because you
there will be ways right it’s not about this okay it is about making money but
it’s not about making money you need to look at the motivation of the person
who’s giving you information and we need to be a bit more adult about the idea
that yes whoever is presenting information needs to find some way to
keep the sustainable so some way to make money but at the end of the day we all
know that there is a huge difference between going to a doctor who allows you
to speak who allows you to tell your story so that they can fully understand
what’s happening with you and then they give you a recommendation based on
violet rather than going to a doctor who lets you say three words and says yeah
this is what it is this is what you take come back in two months because that
doctor is gonna see me in two months and maybe my problem isn’t solved and then
he’s gonna say well this is what you take this what you do come back in two
months and I’ve had clients in this situation who end up on five six
medications to only find out that the initial medication was wrong and it led
to these other medications that were unnecessary and hundreds of dollars
maybe even thousands of dollars in certain cases later to be pulled off the
medication and to get the right medication and now life is better we
need to start understanding that it starts with food
of course if I’m in a situation where I’ve gone past the point where food can
help me of course other interventions are necessary but how about if we start
by looking at food I want us all to rail against the idea that the medical
profession has created where we are an orchard that they’re just waiting to
harvest where they tell us oh this is not a problem yet you know you’re
pre-diabetic that’s not a problem yet your blood pressure’s a little high
that’s not a problem you it’s not high enough this is it’s not and then when
we’re ripe for the picking take this medication take that medication go to
this professional what is that professional I want us to no longer be
seen as an orchard where I’m a tree that they’re waiting to say how much fruit
can they get from me no more there are things that we can actually do before
the it’s not a problem is now okay yeah this is a problem now and we all as
individuals you and myself we need to question our doctors we need to present
all the information if you sit in your doctor’s office they try to rush you out
don’t get up finish what you need to say explain your situation make sure they
listen to you before they say okay this is the answer give all the details
because it’s your health this is your body
you only get one it’s important for you to make sure that whatever you’re doing
is the thing that’s gonna help you to feel the healthiest you absolutely
deserve better from someone who is telling you that they’re there to help
you and you know she’s saying she’s here to help us she’s wants to explain this
information she wants us to to get it but then she’s not doing her research to
make sure that the information she’s giving us is accurate and for the number
of years she’s been in this field she should know this stuff so she’s not
doing her own research to make sure she’s giving us as accurate and then on
top of all of that we have the fact that all she’s saying is eat less move more
and if you can’t do this it’s your fault because you’re not doing it well because
that’s what it all comes back to right if what I’m telling you doesn’t work is
because you’re not really doing it and we all know that that’s not true because
especially the people in the kita world the amount of weight that’s been lost
with the person eating more and not adding any exercise doesn’t make sense
if eat less move more is the answer if jillian michaels was my trainer I’d have
fired her just for the way she spoke to me that condescending do it like this is
gonna work what’s wrong with you attitude
you deserve proper explanations and you deserve to have your specific situation
looked at to determine what specifically will work for you I really hope that you
guys found this video helpful because you deserve better than what’s presented
in that video the truth actually you deserve the truth so even if it doesn’t
suit her agenda Pro my wellness worries I want to thank you for coming by I love
it when you guys come and watch the videos I want to thank you for watching
Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet everybody who’s new subscribe ring the
bell do the things so you know my videos are coming out a patreon and Amazon
links in the description for you to be able to help us make more videos I love
talking to you guys and I really really can’t wait to talk to you again next

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