The Value Of Supplements | Andrew Weil, M.D.

I grow a lot of my own food as you known,
I cook a lot of my own food, I shop very carefully, I am very conscious about what I eat and I
also take a good multivitamin/multimineral and a few other supplements every day as insurance
against gaps in my diet. As conscientious as I am, for various reasons, if I am traveling,
if I am running around town, I cannot eat optimally every day. So I don’t see dietary
supplements as substitutes for the foods that contain them because at best they are a partial
representation of the spectrum of micronutrients that are in foods. But I think they are very
useful as insurance against gaps in the diet and also some of these products in higher
doses you can get from foods have specific or therapeutic properties. Vitamin D would
be an example which looks as if it is strongly preventive of many types of cancer and other
diseases and I think that it is best taken as a supplement.

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  1. I take 5000 I.U. of D3 each day along with 200 mgs Coq10…the Coq10 has helped my gum problems enormously, just saying–I can go have my teeth cleaned every 4 mos without feeling like I have to go to bed for a day; my dentist takes it too. Thanks Dr. Weil…you are wonderful!

  2. too much vitamin d has been reported to cause problems…. this could be related to its effect on calcium in the body… people exposed to more sunshine and seasonal variance affecting dosage needs should probably be discussed when talking about vitamin d supplementation in light of present reports

  3. Vitamin D must be in the form of D3 and taken in conjunction with vitamin MK7, which is a form of K2. D3 by itself will transfer calcium from the bones to the arteries and create blocks. Doctors, please get up to speed on this.

  4. Most supplements are actually bad for you- something the highly profitable supplement industry doesn't want to promote for some reason! Unless you have been diagnosed by a medical professional using a blood test as deficient in a vitamin- they are, at best unnecessary and at worst, unhealthy.

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