Things You’re Doing Wrong In The Shower!

Hey, guys! It’s Samantha! From washing too often to forgetting your
feet, here are all of the things you’re doing wrong in the shower! 14. Too Hot Although we all enjoy a nice hot shower in
the morning, it might not be doing your skin much good. The skin is composed of three layers, the
top being the epidermis. This surface layer is filled with keratin,
which assists with moisture retention. Your body produces oil naturally to help keep
your skin from drying out. But, when you take a hot shower, it affects
the protective measures your skin has taken. First of all, the heat causes the oils to
become softer… similar to melting butter… ew, right? So, even without soap, you’ve disturbed
the safeguard your body provided. But, adding some foamy body wash to the mix
makes things even worse. This can strip the oils and leave your skin
dry and itchy. Plus, when it’s winter, and you take a hot
shower to combat the chilly air… you’re making things even worse! After you terminate all of your skin’s moisture
in the steamy shower and go out into the cold, the dry air gets rid of more oils. So next time you and your significant other
are enjoying a shower together, don’t be too irritated when they’re hogging the hot
water… you’ll be the only one with soft, moisturized skin. 13. After Exercise Many of us exercise in the morning before
work, and sometimes we’re running a little late. You have to pull yourself out of bed, jump
on the treadmill, and, sooner than you know it, you’re out of time! So, you skip the shower and apply some extra
deodorant. It might not seem like a bad idea… but,
it is! Of course, we all know that working out can
cause body odor. So, if you don’t shower after pumping all
that iron… well, you’re probably going to smell. When sweat mixes with the microorganisms on
our bodies, it creates that B.O. scent that everyone knows and nobody likes. Plus, if you don’t shower after exercising,
the sweat that’s left on your skin causes bacteria to build up. It not only makes you stink, but it can also
eventually lead to infections. The areas where this bacteria grows the most
are the feet, underarms, and groin. So, make sure you’re scrubbing these parts
even more than the others. Skipping that post-workout shower can also
cause worse acne. When your sweat mixes with yeast and bacteria
on your skin, it can cause your follicles to become inflamed, resulting in lesions similar
to pimples. Not washing off after exercise can also cause
brown spots, a smelly scalp, rashes, and salty skin. So, make sure to take the extra ten minutes
and jump in the shower! 12. Cold Water You already know that you shouldn’t be taking
hot showers. Maybe you thought lukewarm water would be
okay… well, you’d be wrong! You’re not entirely incorrect, but, washing
off in cold water actually has quite a few benefits. First of all, it makes you more alert. Your heart rate will increase with the shock
of the water’s temperature, and it will cause a rush of blood along with a shot of
energy. Cold showers also help with your hair and
skin. Just like hot water opens your pores, cold
water tightens your pores, which helps seal in moisture. Plus, it makes your hair look shinier, stronger,
and healthier overall because it flattens your hair follicles, causing them to hold
more tightly to your scalp. In addition to your skin, cool water can also
improve your immunity and circulation by encouraging blood flow to the organs. Taking cold showers can also help with weight
loss by activating our brown fat, the fat that keeps us warm. They also notedly assist with relieving muscle
soreness, stress, and depression. So, feel free to keep the knob on cold when
you hop in for your morning shower. It might be really uncomfortable, but you’ll
feel and look better in the long run! 11. Foot Scrub Something that people don’t pay too much
attention to in the shower is their feet. However, if you aren’t taking the time to
wash those toes, then you’re doing it all wrong. Cleansing your feet is a task you should be
taking on every day. Why? Well, because your feet sweat more than other
parts of your body. We already talked about how this can cause
more bacteria to build up; so, cleaning your feet is essential to good hygiene. You should wash them with a gentle cleanser
since other soaps can eliminate moisture. Then, make sure you dry them off thoroughly,
especially between your toes. Afterward, make sure you lather on a foot
cream, so your feet stay soft! 10. Shaving Wrong Although most of us believe we have this down
pat, the majority of the population isn’t shaving the way they’re supposed to. So, listen to these tips, and you’ll get
the perfect shave. First, make sure your skin is clean beforehand. Use a gentle cleanser to remove any bacteria
on the surface of your skin. Second, you should exfoliate. You can use a sugar scrub or other exfoliator
for this; it will soften your skin and removes dead cells, which will make shaving easier. Third, apply moisturizing shaving cream to
your skin before you start; this makes the razor glide smoothly, which will help you
avoid nicking yourself. Last but not least, shave with the grain of
your hair, not against it! This is something that most people get wrong
because they’re trying to get the closest shave possible. However, shaving against your natural growth
direction can cause irritation. You won’t get as close of a shave the safer
way, but your legs will look better without the razor burn and ingrown hairs. Don’t forget to dry off afterward and apply
a gentle moisturizer to keep your skin looking gorgeous! 9. Wrapping Hair Something else us girls do after taking a
shower can make our hair look unhealthy. What is it, you ask? The answer is wrapping your long locks up
in a towel to dry. When you pile your hair on top of your head
after shampooing and conditioning, it can make your hair look frizzy and damaged. This is because wet hair is more prone to
breaking and stretching. So, the best thing to do is part your hair
into sections, get the excess water off each one by gently squeezing with a clean towel,
and use detangling spray and a wide-tooth comb for any knots. 8. Too Long Just like taking a hot shower can dry out
your skin, taking a shower that’s too long can cause the same issues. Even though you might feel good standing in
the warm water, relaxing, and watching your fingertips turn into prunes, the negative
outweighs the positive. Your skin will be soft while you’re in there,
but after the oils have been washed away for forty-five minutes… you’re not staying
moisturized for long. Apparently, a good shower time is five to
ten minutes. Shorter is better for your skin’s health. So, yes, unfortunately, cold, fast showers
are the way to go for healthier skin. 7. Nasty Towel You’re nice and clean. You’ve spent five to ten minutes taking
a nice, cool shower. Your legs are exfoliated and feeling smooth…
and you’re gonna dry off with a dirty, old towel? That doesn’t make much sense, does it? Of course not! Your towel could be harboring various germs,
dirt, dead skin cells, and residue from hair and skin products. So, make sure to inspect the towel that you’re
using to dry off your clean body because these things can lead to acne and irritation. If you use the same post-shower towel every
day, then switch it out about once every week. 6. Conditioner Most of us are used to conditioning all parts
of our hair and scalp. I mean, you want to make sure everything is
moisturized, right? The answer is “not necessarily.” Your scalp produces oil; so, the roots of
your hair don’t usually need extra moisture. Many people recommend that you only apply
conditioner from the bottom to the end of your hair. However, this suggestion doesn’t apply to
everyone. In some cases, you might not be producing
enough natural oil; this means a conditioner would be essential. But, if your scalp has enough oil, then adding
more moisture can result in a greasy look and feel. So, pay attention to your head, and you’ll
know what to do! 5. Leaving Loofah One of the things you should always avoid
doing is leaving your wet loofah to hang in your steamy shower after you’re done washing
off. You probably already know this, but warm,
moist areas are breeding grounds for bacteria… it’s weird that so many people seem to forget
this when it comes to their loofahs. Plus, the dead skin cells left over from your
scrubbing cause the microorganisms to be even more likely! Many people recommend getting rid of the cleansing
poof altogether. However, some of us can’t live without the
excellent scrub a loofah provides. So, if you’re going to keep it around, then
make sure it’s dry. Also, throw it out and replace it every few
weeks, especially if you smell anything funky. You don’t want to go into the shower to
get clean and end up with a fungal infection! 4. Wrong Products One of the most common things that people
aren’t doing right in the shower is using the wrong products. The first thing you probably haven’t given
much thought about is what shampoo you’re using. We usually run to the store, grab whatever
shampoo smells the best, and bring it home to lather up our locks. However, your cleanser of choice might be
doing more harm than good. A lot of hair-care products contain fragrances,
oils, and parabens that can irritate your scalp, cause acne, and damage your hair. In addition to shampoo, you should keep an
eye on the ingredients in your body wash. Although many body wash brands are meant to
help fight against acne and irritation, they actually might be causing it. They could contain several detergents that
ultimately dry out your skin. So, if you notice that your body wash creates
an excess amount of foam… or if you just take a look at the ingredients and see something
that isn’t helping your skin, then switch it out! Opt for a soap-free cleanser, and you’ll
notice the difference in no time. 3. Moisturize If you aren’t giving yourself a good lather
of lotion after you get out of the shower, then you’re doing it wrong! When you apply a moisturizer to your skin
after you’ve patted yourself off a little, some of the water becomes captured. This keeps it from drying out. If you wait too long to apply your moisturizer,
then it won’t have the same effect. However, lotion isn’t necessarily the way
to go. According to Dr. Kenneth Mark, a dermatologist
and surgeon for Mohs skin cancer, the best way to moisturize post-shower is with an ointment. Since these are oil-based, they help increase
your skin’s natural moisture and create a guard against external elements. A lot of people are against using ointments
because they feel greasy… this is understandable. So, the next best option is a cream; they
are hydrating, just less so than an ointment. They won’t make you feel oily either. Lotions are the last recommended moisturizers. This is because they are more liquidy and
don’t lock in water as well. The most significant note here though? Moisturize once you step out of the shower! 2. Not Exfoliating Something else a lot of people don’t pay
attention to is exfoliation. You might already exfoliate your face, but
you should be doing this to your entire body. Dead cells pile up on the outer layer of our
skin, and you should be regularly getting them off. There are two different types of exfoliants,
including chemical and physical. The chemical ones are designed to break down
your skin’s top layer gently. The physical kind includes things like sugar
scrubs. The gritty texture helps to rub off the built-up
dead skin. However, make sure that you aren’t doing
this too often because it can irritate and damage your skin. 1. Too Many This is one of the things that nearly everybody
does wrong; they’re getting in the shower far too often. Just like using hot water and taking long
showers can dry out your skin, so can washing off too many times. Almost everyone takes one shower daily, but
some people take two or three showers per day depending on their jobs and how sweaty
they get. However, the recommended amount of showers
you should be taking is just three per week. But, don’t forget that just because you
aren’t taking as many full showers doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue washing your
feet and the other, stinkier parts of your body every day. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll definitely
see improvements in your skin and health overall! Today’s comment comes from Katherine on
our “The Truth About Ellen DeGeneres” video! Thanks for the comment, Katherine! Don’t forget to leave a comment below and
you may be featured in our future video!

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  1. How, I repeat how, is it possible for anyone to get throughly clean by taking just a 5-10 minute shower?!? How is it possible? Seriously! I'd love to know, because I take hour long showers and I hate it. But I imagine it's due to my severe OCD issues and having hair down to my butt. 🤷‍♀️

  2. OK, now I don't know what to do. If I shower, I wash off my body's protective oils and that's bad. If I don't shower, I let harmful bacteria grow on my body and that's bad. WHAT DO I DO??!? WHAT DO I DO?!??

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