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Hey everyone, it’s Lauren and John from hot for food and we’re gonna get you ready for St. Patrick’s Day! For, not, the night time, but for after St. Patty’s Day. Yes, we’re gonna do a hangover brunch for you. We’re gonna make a smoked tofu benny with vegan hollandaise sauce. So this is a very simple recipe. Anyone can make it, you just need a blender. Doesn’t even have to be a fancy blender. What goes in there? Lots of stuff. To start we’re gonna make the hollandaise sauce. With what? Almonds! Do you ever look at hollandaise sauce? It’s really bad for you. Real hollandaise sauce? What is it? Butter? It’s a lot of butter and it’s a lot of egg yolks. And then you take those that butter and egg yolk and then you put that on an egg. It’s like- It’s kinda gross. So for the base of the hollandaise sauce we’re gonna use sliced blanched almonds. You don’t need to soak them because they’re gonna blend up really smooth since they’re already soft and so small. So, it’s half a cup into the blender. And then half a cup of almond milk. Or you can use soy milk. And then a tablespoon of coconut oil. One and a half tablespoons of lemon juice. Two tablespoons of nutritional yeast. You’re gonna add half a teaspoon of ground mustard. A quarter teaspoon of turmeric. Quarter teaspoon of salt. And a quarter teaspoon of white pepper. And now you’re gonna blend this together until it’s really smooth. [blender noise] [music] We’re gonna heat this up cos’ we’re gonna make this right now and we’re not gonna be hungover so we’re gonna make it now. But you would refrigerate that and heat it up before you wanna eat your smoked tofu benny. So where we come from, up here in Canada, eh, we can get this smoked tofu. Er- It’s already pre-seasoned, it’s smoky, adds a nice flavor to the “egg” benny. Erm- If you don’t have smoked tofu, you can just use regular firm tofu and season it however you like. Maybe with some liquid smoke, or just salt and pepper, some nutritional yeast. You do you. We’re gonna do us. You can even use yeah medium, like softer. Whatevs. You can really- This is kinda like do whatever you want. The main important part is the English muffin and the hollandaise sauce. Sir Hollandaise. And anything else you put on underneath between those two layers is up to you. So we’re gonna chop ours in half. And then again, down the centre. So give us four little egg medallions. So just get all your toppings ready. We’re gonna do fresh tomato and sautéed spinach. Just have your spinach on standby. As soon as your tofu is done cooking, we’re gonna heat this through. For the tofu, you’re gonna lightly oil a pan, and brown the tofu on each side. [music] When the tofu is done, you can set it aside. And while the pan is still hot, we’re gonna add our spinach. Our leftover lemon juice, and we’re gonna lightly cook it. [music] Hangover brunch is done. Smoked tofu benny with vegan hollandaise. Breakfast is, and was, and still is my favourite meal of the day. And I was worried about becoming vegan cos I was really gonna miss eggs but like- This is like- You don’t miss eggs. I don’t miss eggs. This is so good. And people are always like, ungh, tofu. But like look at the amazing things you can do with tofu, people. Oh my god, that sauce is so good. The sauce is incredible. [cutting the tofu benny] And there’s nothing bad in it. Like you can just eat that sauce, you can just drink that sauce. [tasting the tofu benny] Oh yeah. It’s perfect. You guys are gonna freak over this one when you make it! [music] What is this? Chives. [laughs] So good. Wowza. Traditional eggs benedict isn’t really that easy. Poaching eggs, and being delicate and all that kinda stuff. So, this is kinda like a cheater’s version but it’s also plant-based. You’re gonna love it. Get real drunk on St. Patty’s Day and then look forward to eating your smoked tofu benny with vegan hollandaise. If you premake the sauce, you’re going- you can make this in 10 minutes. Happy St. Patty’s Day. Happy St. Patty’s Day! We didn’t wear green. Oh! We’re so dumb! If you guys like the video, which you obviously do, subscribe below if you haven’t already. You can get the recipe at the link in the description box as well. This is actually an older Hot for Food recipe that’s been on the blog for a while so click that link, bookmark the recipe. Snapchat, Instagram, other things. Twitter, Facebook, find us at Hot for Food or hotforfood. I’m gonna demolish this, bye guys. Bye bye!

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  1. I bought all the stuff to make this, I just couldn't find smoked tofu. I do have some liquid smoke, but how do you recommend I cook it? I really hate the taste of tofu alone, so I don't wanna mess this up lol. I'm so lost in the kitchen with out an exact recipe.

  2. I have to remind this recipe because my family always eats asparagus with sauce holandaise here in Germany and I'm gonna make this vegan holandaise, the next time

  3. Awesome recipe, made it for the second time now, and love it. 10/10. Admittedly, I've used vegetable oil instead of coconut oil, and cashews instead of almonds, but it's still soooo delicious!

  4. You guys inspire me to take the next step from "semi"-vegetarian to vegan. I come from a very meat centric family, on all sides. I've been watching your videos for the passed hour and everything looks so delicious! And still very simple to make.

  5. I've always wanted to try hollandaise sauce but I was afraid of uncooked eggs. Love being vegan now, and I'll try this!

  6. If you haven't tried this you need to! It's amazing made it this morning and it won't be my last time I can guarantee that! 😍

  7. Hi, I am allergic to almonds. Do you think I can also use cashews or macadamia? Or is this not yummy then? 😀

  8. The sauce IS awesome! Made it for my family who are huge egg and meat eaters, you name it. Didn't tell them I was making a vegan brunch, and whaddya know, they loved the tofu benny w/ vegan hollandaise sauce, wiped their plates clean and left bo trace if the sauce. They even loved the smoked tofu!! So thank you for this amazing and tasty recipe. Your channel is amazing for non vegans but who are slowly transitioning. 👍🏼

  9. Have to go to a mothers day brunch and be forced to sit around body parts and chicken periods ugh
    Vegan brunch for the win super excited to try this!!

  10. Hey. Do you guys have a cookbook??? If not; you definitely need one!! All the recipes from your blog would make an amazing cookbook. 😄

  11. Had something like this at a vegan restaurant after a night of drinking and it really does help hangovers hahaha. So glad to see this because now I can make it for all of my hangovers woooo! heh.

  12. Um that sauce doe… I made this with a portobello marinated in some balsamic in place of the tofu. Sooo goooood. Breakie is the best meal of the day.

  13. Oh my gosh! New fans here! We MUST try this one! It looks delicious! Definitely sharing on our page!

  14. Oh my gosh! New fans here! We MUST try this one! It looks delicious! Definitely sharing on our page!

  15. Okay, I gotta, I gotta. Eggs contain cholesterol which is somewhat essential, because your brain in made of cholesterol. Literal food for thought.

  16. Where in Toronto did you get the smoked tofu from. I have been looking in stores but can't find it! Thanks !

  17. I'm scouring through your videos to find the perfect recipe for my vegan friend who is coming home from being abroad for a few months–I want to surprise him with a home-cooked vegan brunch and I think he would really REALLY like this! Thanks guys for all the awesome vids!

  18. i got stoned & made a Broccoli-Barbeque Pizza from scratch and topped it with this Hollandaise and it was like heaven. i adore your channel ! foodporn at its finest. <3

  19. hey guys, where do you get your Himalayan salt from? I get mine from Amazon but I would still like to know! I'm in Canada as well

  20. Added this to my "Yummy Vegan Recipes" playlist because it's genius!
    Since I live in Canada I'm going to look for some smoked tofu tonight, make this deliciousness for my Husband & I tomorrow morning! So stoked.. 🙂
    You guys are awesome, Thumbs up!

  21. Made it and here's a couple of things i got to say:
    2. if you don't have a blender (even a non-fancy one) i suggest you use an immersion blender over a food processor – gets the smooth finish of the sauce
    3. if you don't have ground mustard you can use regular mustard (from the tube/jar, I used Dijon)
    4. medium smoked tofu works just fine 🙂

  22. I'm kind of new to nutritional yeast can anyone tell me what does it taste like ? and what brand should I use ?

  23. So I made that awesome sauce and put it in the fridge to make this dish today. Than I realised there are no English muffins in my country. Will you please attach a link for a good vegan English muffin recipe and maybe also a recipe for smoked tofu (since I just don't know what to do with that regular block of tofu to make it smokey)?
    Thanks! 😊

  24. Pick the damn thing up and eat it! Hilarious watching people politely poking around at a sandwich with a knife and fork. But never mind that, thanks for the recipe the hollandaise looks amazing.

  25. I don't know where you guys get your food from I'm also from Toronto but can never find the thing you have. Can you tell me where you get nutritional yeast from?

  26. I made the bearnaise sauce, but with pine nuts and it was unbelievable! Thank you! Your channel makes it so much easier for me to explain vegan cooking. Love you guys!

  27. Using a lot of nutritional yeast is what makes many vegans sick. It's important to try and overcome the 'cheesy' taste most vegans crave so much to compensate for the lack of meat and dairy. Both meat and dairy are addictive just like alcohol so ditching those flavors actually improves the taste buds – we only use 3% of our brain, because most of our – senses – are deadened by chemicals. Live naturally, be naturally great! Dream Regime to Clear Eyes promotes EVERYONE who offers fabulous recipes and so this is definitely pimped, however, I'm not a fan of nutritional yeast

  28. I haven't read all your comments, but if you haven't tried black salt in your hollandaise yet it's a must! gives it that eggy yolky flavor that hollandaise needs. 😉

  29. This is awesome! I was just thinking about how to recreate hollandaise while binge-watching your other videos. Thanks for sharing (and for responding so quickly). 🙂

  30. " you could just drink this sauce " LOL thought i was the only one………..jk

    not rlly jk cuz i love sauces so much and miss ranch and honey garlic so much rip

  31. This is soooo good! It's life changing! I keep a block of smoked tofu in the fridge now for Tofu Benny emergencies, lol! The whole recipe only takes 10 minutes to come together! LOVE!

  32. This Rocks! My twist on this was plain extra firm tofu cut into circular egg's to fit the english muffin then I season the tofu with turmeric, smoked paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, dash of cayenne, and black salt (my go to for egg taste). I then griddle the tofu in my panini maker. Add some Veggie Lite sausage, tomato, spinach (or any greens) and top with the hollandaise. So good. thank you for all of your inventive recipes!

  33. I've been waiting to use this sauce and now the Norfolk, UK asparagus season HAS STARTED!!!
    So, tonight's the night… asparagus and hollandaizzzze sauce!

  34. That's my favourite brand of smoked tofu!!! I used to love eggs Benedict. Thanks for the recipe 🙂👍

  35. I made this today and it was delicious but I didn't really feel like it tasted like hollandaise sauce. I think maybe it was too sweet or something? Not entirely sure what wasn't right but it didn't matter…my plate is clean 😋

  36. Tried out the hollandaise sauce with smoked tofu and potato wedges. It was AMAZING. I almost only ate the sauce because how delicious it was. Thank you for this recipe <3

  37. I made this and YES we did freak out!! WE LOVED IT!! Thanks Lauren & John!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  38. Thank you for letting me take vegan to my non vegan family and allowing them to see that Vegan isn't all "rabbit" food as they call it …. haha Thanks guys XOXO

  39. I like John’s idea here when he said if you don’t have smoked tofu you can just do extra firm tofu put smoke liquid and the other stuff I forgot. I thought to myself, great 👍🏽 idea 💡 because I do have all the stuff he said. Thanks John! Why do you have to leave Laurent or vise versa 😞

  40. i made this and it was sooo incredible! everyone must try this! i used wild wood siracha tofu and daves killer bread bagels becuase all the english muffins were filled with shit ingredients 🙂 much love thank you guys for bringing this recipe into my life

  41. I'm all for this awesome recipe, but I find it silly when vegans rag on non vegans food by saying how unhealthy and disgusting their food is. I can't stand it when I'm eating vegan and get made fun of for my choices so I don't do that to other people. I ordered a "BLT hold the B" in a restaurant when I was with my inlaws and they made fun of me for that. And then I got the concerned "but where do you get your protein from" talk. It's annoying AF. I don't think that butter and egg yolks are bad for you. Of course you need to balance your diet no matter what diet you are on, so don't go guzzling Hollandaise sauce all the time, but I don't really think it's bad for an omnivore to eat it every now and then. Vegans can certainly eat unhealthily, it's not an instant fool proof lifestyle that way.

  42. I’m thoroughly enjoying & embracing the vegan way of life. I bought the nutra bullet 900 so that i can make different sauces easier.

  43. I made this and it was really good! I’m just not the biggest tofu fan so I think the tofu could use some more work. Maybe make a tofu scramble and form them into a patty shape to get some of that taste out.

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