Top 10 Scary Animals That Got Possessed

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
channel on the internet! I am your host Miss Rebecca Jane Felgate ….. Have you seen a possessed animal? What animal scared you the most. 10 – Cursed Goat I am going to show you two clips….and you
can tell me what they have in common – the first is from The Exorcist, a movie about
an intense demonic possession, and the second is from a goat at a farm in the Netherlands. Editors please play x2 clips. URM. the video, simply called demon goat was
uploaded to Youtube in 2014 and has had over 230 thousand views. I have to say…. I am SCARED! Do you want to hear something horrifying today? Sure you do. 9 – The Parasites
So I came across an article in Scientific American called: Zombie Creatures, What Happens
When Animals Are Possessed by a Parasitic Puppet Master? And it was a pretty harrowing read! I’ve linked the article in the description
box so you can read the whole thing. The article details how a wasp lays egg on
spiders abdomen which causes it to become possessed and spin an uncharacteristic and
strange web….a strange web that happens to be great for supporting a cocoon for the
newly born wasp larvae which will eat the spider alive after they hatch. As of yet its unknown how the parasite molds
their hosts behaviour to their advantage….its pretty spooky. 8 – The Flies (Conjuring House) Can flies get possessed? According to Andrea Perron…yes! Andrea lived in the real life house that inspired
the movie The Conjuring – the house famously investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren – a
spook in Rhode Island where the flies are NOT what they same. In Perron’s book, House of Darkness House
of Light, she claims that her home would be inexplicably filled with house flies up to
no good. She wrote she would see clusters of them huddled
together, as if plotting the next move.” She claimed: “It was far more than infestation. It was manifestation.” She then added that strangely the flies would
disappear as soon as they appeared. When the Warren’s arrived to investigate
the house, Lorraine claimed that the flies were there with a purpose, they were an omen…a
harbinger of evil to come. Honestly I feel like all flies are harbingers
of evil to come…. The evil that comes from not being able to
get a good nights sleep. WHO on earth can sleep with a fly in the room! 7 – Hyenas Hyenas are basically considered to have the
souls of demons, right? In a lot of cultures, especially in African
Tribes, it is thought that Hyenas are possessed with a demonic force that can in turn possess
humans. Human possession by a hyena is a common tale
in African lore – in Tanzania, hyenas are witches’ familiars and the witches are thought
to ride them. This makes me think of the Buffy Episode,
The Pack. Season one Buffy…. I am always here for you. Is this scary or is this funny? Coming in to number 6 we have the so called
Demon Cat…. This video was uploaded to Youtube by Aprider
Love in November 2018 and shows a very odd cat indeed….have a look…. CLIP … THAT is
the CRAZIEST looking cat I have ever seen in my life. Literally insane. Shall we have another look at what might be
causing that face?! Mm…OH! Honestly I have never seen anything like it
in my life and I am utterly baffled. The eyes! The tooth! It definitely looks like a possessed cat to
me!!! While we doing videos of scary possessed animals,
check out this spawn of satan at number 5 ** It’s Moose the Dog In March 2015 Scott Baxter uploaded a video
called “my girlfriend’s dog is possessed” and….well…. Upon reviewing the footage aI suspect this
may well be a fact. In the video description he wrote My girlfriend
had to go to work and she just gave her dog “Moose” a new bone- he was in no mood to share. I love how he used inverted commas for “Moose”
as if its like…..allegedly moose! Moose …if that is your real name! Anyway let’s have a look at “moose”
…Editors Clip. Oh, blimey, he does want anyone near dat bone! The video received a lot of views for an uploader
with a small number of subscribers…some of the comments were great – Smell nice said
This Dog Needs Jesus and Henaci Smothers said : Yo that dog aint possessed it just doesnt
like ya…. So what do with think? Enemies or get Jesus on the phone? Shall we have another look? CLIP Ah… jesus it is then. Helllooo Jesus? I hope you are sitting comfortably for number
4 as Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for REDDIT…. The Possessed Parrot In 2016, ThatShoeGaxer asked the good people
of Reddit of their parrot is possessed by satan. A good question. Why did they ask? Well… it seems that the pretty polly very
much enjoyed the Quentin Tarrentino movie Inglorious Bastards and got particularly excited
in its cage when the Nazis were in the screen. One thing led to another and…well…I’ll
read you what happened next: I ran a little experiment tonight. I looked up some Satanic Latin chants and
started reading them out loud. My parrot starts getting really REALLY excited. He starts bobbing all around, doing his usual
“talking in a low, buzzy tone” thing. I try to distract him by giving him a treat,
he rejects it and doesn’t shut to for several minutes. Finally at his bedtime, I’m about to put the
blanket over the cage and he does his mimicked human laugh and doesn’t stop for about a minute. URM. Cursed. I am going to go out there and say cursed. 3 – Princess the Paranormal Poodle New York Artist Olga Horvat believed that
her poodle was possessed and brought her bad bad bad luck. Purebred Princess arrived at Horvat’s home
in New York and soon her owner met ill fortune. An intense bed bug infestation, hefty exterminator
fees, a rare autoimmune disease, a serious car accident. Horvat claims her daughter started hearing
voices in her head. It seems that the woman only began to realize
the dog was possessed after 4 months – she said: She was happy, but something was manipulating
her…. I am convinced that something was attached,
whether it’s the spirit of another animal, human or even extraterrestrial.” So what was the resolution? Olga made energy shield pendants that block
electromagnetic energy and therefore evil spirits. 2 – The Cursed PigGoat A goat, human, pig looking hybrid was born
to a goat in the Phillipines, making headlines in 2018. The creature was born by Cesarean section
on a farm and locals were worried that the creature was a cursed mutant devil. Have a look. Locals suspected that the pregnant goat that
birthed the creature was at some point possessed by the devil, leading to the defected kid. Sadly the mother and the kids died after the
birth. This is one of the saddest stories around… 1 – Travis The Chimp
The story of Travis the chimp is a heart breaking one. Travis was the beloved pet of Sandra Herold,
who adopted him at three days old. Travis was born in 1995 and lived to the age
of 13. In his 13 years with Sandra Travis became
a famous not just in Stamford Connectocut but across America. He appeared in TV commercials for Pepsi and
Old Navy. Travis would pose for photos, dress himself
water plants, feed his owners horses and eat at a table with the family. He also loved watching baseball and knew exactly
when the ice cream truck would be going by his house. In 2009 Travis lost it. Uncharacteristically. It seems Travis had never ever been violent
but one day he snapped when playing with Sandra’s close friend Charla Nash. He mauled her, horrendously. He wouldn’t get off her. He went nuts. It was as if he became possessed. She lost her nose, an ear, both her hands
and her eyesight. Possession is perhaps one word… but ultimately
animals are animals….we cant expect them to be human. Comments from Top 10 Places Scarier Than Area
51 part 3: Ricky Pasket Official said: The black forest
in Germany is extremely haunted and the suicide forest in japan Arturo Reyes said: Listen kids, A Rebecca
a day keeps the frowns away. Best host to make me smile! Looking forward to the video xD

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