Top 5 Foods For Getting Rid Of Leaky Gut | Nutrition Facts

Are you having leaky gut problems? Well, this is your lucky day. Our video will give you 5 food groups that
will solve your problems. Watch until the end to learn what leaky gut
is and the foods that combat it. The proper medical term for leaky gut is increased
intestinal permeability. It is a condition wherein the gaps in the
intestinal walls loosen. This might be related to several autoimmune
and chronic diseases such as celiac disease. When a person has leaky gut, the gaps become
too big, wherein toxins, bacteria and undigested food pass across the intestinal walls into
the bloodstream. This can lead to more serious medical issues
or may become fatal due to sepsis or blood poisoning. The following food groups are great options
for improving your digestive health: 1. Cooked fruits and vegetables Vegetables and fruits are full of nutrients
and high in fiber. These nutrients are proven to fight inflammation. Eating cooked vegetables and steamed fruits
are gentler on the digestive tract. It is also easier to digest. Vegetables that are known to improve digestive
health include eggplant, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, zucchini, spinach, and Swiss chard. 2. Probiotics
Probiotics are live good bacteria that aid in absorption and digestion. These bacteria or yeasts also help keep the
digestive system balanced and healthy. Probiotics are commonly found in dairy yogurt. For those who are reducing their dairy intake,
kefir, kimchi and other fermented products are also good sources of these good bacteria. Fermented products also produce certain natural
oils and acids that help with digestion and elimination of waste products in the digestive
tract. 3. Bone broth
Broth from bones, such as pork, chicken or beef, helps in correcting leaky gut. It also strengthens our intestinal lining. This is due to the amino acid and collagen
content from the bones that make the broth. Collagen and amino acids repair and seal the
gaps in the intestinal walls caused by the leaky gut syndrome. Adding some vegetables to the broth also make
the broth more nutritious. 4. Prebiotics
Prebiotics are types of dietary fiber. This is what the probiotics feed on. Prebiotics help the good bacteria in our digestive
tract to grow and produce nutrients for the cells in the colon. Probiotics help in achieving a healthier digestive
system. Nutrients produced from prebiotics include
acetate and butyrate. These nutrients are easily absorbed into the
bloodstream, thus improving metabolic health. Prebiotic foods include oats, chicory root,
barley, cocoa, flaxseeds, and wheat bran. 5. Coconut
Coconut contains lauric acid that our body converts to mono-laurin. Monolaurin is a defense mechanism of the body
that fights off pathogens, especially in the digestive system. Coconuts are helpful in slaying pathogens
such as yeast, bacteria, and toxins in the body. Coconut is considered a natural antimicrobial
powerhouse. We can use coconut in just about anything. Cooking food with coconut oil or adding a
teaspoonful of coconut oil to your tea helps heal leaky gut syndrome. You can also use coconut milk for your coffee. Coconut cream will be a good addition to your
dishes, as it adds flavor and nutrients. In summary, these are five of the best food
groups that help fight leaky gut syndrome. Combining these foods together is also just
great. Just remember to take them in moderation as
sometimes too much is not healthy. We hope you liked the video. If you did, please like the video and share
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