Hello I’m Ann! And I’m Chloe. And we are
Veggie Magnifique. And today we are going to be talking supplements! … for vegans but also potentially supplements for everyone. So if you’re interested in this
topic keep watching! So number one is b12. Now b12 is not just for vegans of course — we made a video about that which we will link. So I take b12 once a week. I used to do once every day, and then I realized that you can do it all at once just once a week, and that seemed to work. So I have this Veganicity one which is…. I have a matching one actually…. look. Ooh, matchy-matchy. B12 twins. My favorite b12 in the world is Dr. Group’s vegan safe b12, which I would take all the time every time all day
long, if it weren’t like a million dollars and also a company that is in the US. So they do ship out of the UK to Europe but it’s a little bit more expensive. I still do take it, but in conjunction with this other kind, so as to cover all the bases of the different types of b12. So there’s methylcobalamin there’s cyano cobalamin adenocyl cobalamin… And then that way I feel covered and I also get the delicious taste of this lovely posh one. It’s yummy. Yeah I know… it’s amazing and then I also
of course have this one so b12 that’s what I take. Well that’s the thing with the liquid one that some people say that it’s better absorbed into the body. So I have this liquid one as well but I actually found from Aujourd’hui Demain in Paris. It’s kind of like an under the tongue one, so that’s one of the different types of b12 I use. And then as Ann does, I kind of like to use different types so as to just make sure that all the bases are covered, so I’ve also got the veganicity and I’ve also got this one that dissolves under the tongue. And as we say, it’s not just for vegans because in today’s day and age the dairy products and any animal products are not rich in b12 anymore, because the animals aren’t eating in the fields and and that’s where b12 comes from — it comes from the soil not from animals. But if you want more information definitely check out our video which is gonna be right here. The next one is EPA and DHA. Now this is just to cover our bases really, because people don’t quite agree yet, as to whether or not vegans can get the omega-3s that they need from vegan food so flaxseeds or chia seeds, or if the body can then convert it to the fatty acids that it needs so just to be sure, we take the omega-3 DHA EPA, and I take this one from Deva — Ann takes a different brand. I take this once a day and it’s from algae so it’s not a fish source, it’s an algae source. So there are studies that say if you’re deficient on EPA-DHA that your brain will start to shrink, and since we don’t want our brains to shrink, we take EPA-DHA. Now the one that I take I don’t have with me, because it’s in my refrigerator but it’s the EPA DHA from Joel Fuhrman — it doesn’t taste fishy at all. It’s a liquid. It’s got like a lemon essential oil in it so, again, you can take any EPA DHA that you like… Like a good one — do your research — but we highly recommend that you take it and I particularly prefer the Joel Fuhrman… that I often will have my mom ship. — Your lovely mum. Well cuz these supplements are so much more readily available in the States, much to our chagrin here in Europe. — But having already done the shout-out to Aujourd’hui Demain, I’m going to do another one, because they stock EPA and DHA now from a German brand I think it is, so I stocked up on that last time I was there. Exactly. So you can get these kinds of supplements in different places, it doesn’t have to be the exact brand, but do do your research to make sure that you’re getting a good brand. Next up is iodine! So many people are deficient in iodine. So we take Detoxodine from Dr. Group. Now what’s great about Dr. Group’s iodine, in addition to just being an exemplary product, all of Global Healing Center’s products are amazing, but this one’s great because you only take three drops a day so the bottle lasts you long time. — Forever! So it’s a good bang for your buck, so definitely order this one because… he is just absolutely amazingly insane about how he creates his products — he uses alchemical formations. Oh and Dr. Group shared a very interesting video about the importance of iodine — certainly for pregnant women, so we will link that video down below and do check it out! Next up is vitamin D! And I have this cute little bottle here because it’s really really really strong. In every single drop there is 5,000 I.E.s (I.U.s) I don’t know what IE is.. (I.U.) — yeah I think it’s cuz it comes from Germany. This is by Sunday Natural and it’s actually associated with k2 which helps with the bioavailability of the vitamin D. It helps it to fix it into the body. And this is certainly a supplement that everybody should be taking — it’s not just a “vegan thing”, it’s if you live in a country that has a colder climate or you don’t get enough sun on your skin, it is really important to take vitamin D and certainly it’s the case in Paris. (Sadly.) And I’m breastfeeding at the moment so I’m taking a higher dose of vitamin D just so that it gets through to my baby as well. So vitamin D! And also with Vitamin D, it helps the absorption of calcium among a slew of other important functions, so vitamin D is really super important especially for immunity, like, say you’re fighting off a cold or something, everyone’s like, “Vitamin C! Vitamin C!” And vitamin C is cool and important, but so is vitamin D. and they just don’t talk about it as much, so if you’re feeling under the weather blast out the vitamin D. And I use the Dr. Group vitamin D but I just ran out so I don’t have it with me but we will link it below. So next up is vitamin C — and you can get vitamin C in a variety of different sources, there’s superfoods: camu camu, baobab, acerola cherry… these things are really rich in vitamin C, and they can be added to smoothies for deliciousness. We make a vitamin C drink actually at home, which is super delicious. You should make a video about that. Comment below if you want a video about the specifics of the vitamin C drink, that is the Ann signature morning drink. — I did show it in what I eat in a day…. (You did.) In my Sunday version…. so we’ll link that. The next thing that we love to take is probiotics because gut health is everything. Your health, your immunity, your moods even… start with a healthy gut. It is everything. Gut health is the answer… and having had awful gut health for a very long time, and now feeling much more on a level on that playing field, I love to boost my gut health with the aid of probiotics, and also fermented food. So I make a lot of sauerkraut and eat a lot of miso and tempeh, and all of those delicious fermented foods that really help to create a happy gut terrain. And the probiotics they really help on an empty stomach in the morning to get things balanced in there. So I take the Doctor Within total flora biotics which is an amazing multi-strain probiotic. You want to make sure that you get a good probiotic with a lot of different strains of probiotics, and this is perhaps one the best that we’ve found on the market. It’s just something that helps when you’re
not feeling right and… you know some people say you should take it for a while, and not take it, see how you feel… but certainly think about probiotics whether that’s kombucha, (oh yeah! Yummm.) or fermented foods or whatever it may be, but definitely try to get some form of probiotics in your diet. Yeah, especially if you’ve just done a round of antibiotics! Oh yeah if you, sadly, had to do antibiotics — doctors don’t tell you this, but make sure to replenish the gut flora… otherwise you can get a yeast infection
and that sucks. – Totes. So just really quick a few optional vitamins that we take sometimes, when we’re feeling like we need it. This is one of the best most amazing supplements on the market — Mega Hydrate, which is a potent antioxidant. It is extremely powerful for hydrating the
body… hydrogen ions and it boosts your energy. It’s just really one of those amazing supplements — check it out. One of a kind. A couple other things that we take sometimes is turmeric which is, of course, really anti-inflammatory, like before a woman gets her period it’s a good idea to up the turmeric consumption to de-inflammize… de-inflammatize… which helps, and then of course milk thistle is a wonderful liver cleanser. So that’s something you can take if you’re having liver issues. And then activated charcoal is another one that you can look into — it’s very interesting for cleaning things out. So there you have it! Those are our go-to supplements to make sure that we are in tip top health. If you appreciated this video and found it helpful please give us a thumbs up! And maybe subscribe for more videos like it and, of course, if there’s something that you feel that we missed, leave us a comment down below because we’re constantly on the hunt for body optimization, and we would love to hear from you. And if you have any questions about our supplementation and where we find all of our things, then please leave us a comment below, as well. And we will catch you next time on Veggie Magnifique TV, bye! Hello Chloe and Ann again. You’ve probably heard about a morning
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  2. What would be your top picks for enegry? Both supplements and food recommendation???? Love you guys! Thanks for the video!

  3. Hello les filles,
    j'ai regardé vos deux vidéos très intéressantes sur la B12 mais du coup je suis un peu perdu, qu'est ce que vous pensez de la marque Sunday natural Vitamine B12 Formule MHA bioactive 500µg elle a l'air de bien correspondre à tous les bons critères ( sauf l'assimilation sublinguale) et en plus elle est vraiment pas cher, Dans un commentaire de votre précèdente vidéo sur la B12, il me semble que Chloé l'avait testé, pourquoi avoir changé ? Est elle recommandable à votre avis? Merci d'avance.

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