11 Replies to “Top Vegetarian Restaurants in London (non-veggies approve🌿) | London Food Guide | Love and London”

  1. Once more you've dun a cool video plus your videos give me my London fix …. I till all my friends that your channel is the best channel to look at if you need info and thing to do in London …So so happy I subscribe… Keep up the great job

  2. I think the best bet is in the northwest,west and south where there is a predominantly Indian and Sri Lankan community. A good recommendation is Blue Ginger in Kenton, The Regency in Queensbury and Shayona in Neasden. The latter is part of the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir and the restaurant is in the Michelin guide as well. I don’t much about the South in particular Tooting which is the area with the predominantly Indian and sri Lankan culinary and cultural scene.

  3. I reccomend Tibbits on Heddon Street!! Its a vegetarian and vegan friendly buffet. You pay plate, so you can get as much or as little as you want! I never paid more than £13 for a full dinner plate of food.

  4. also a vegetarian (sometimes vegan) New Yorker in London! but a bit of my New Yorker heart broke when I saw you take a fork and knife to that pizza 😉

  5. Hola! How can i get on the waterbus, i going ti stay close to Cadmen station and to go to the zoo or little venice google says i can take the waterbus, how does this work? 😱


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