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  1. Another great video 💕 could you have PCOS but still have regular 26 day cycle periods (light to medium flow) lasting about 4 days? I had 3 Mirena IUDs back to back for a total of 15 years so I think my hormones are off balance. Would off balance hormones cause PCOS like symptoms? I hope I’m making sense! Either way I may try these suggestions.

    Edited to add- you look like you’re feeling better! I hope you and baby are well 😊

  2. Is there any certain amount of carb or calories from carb that someone with pcos should try not to exceed on her daily intake. It is said that we should even avoid having a lot of fruits as well… I am asking this since I can't digest protein properly so I have to eat a portion of complex carbohydrates like brown rice or whole grain bread. Fleur, it'll be somewhat helpful if you can suggest the measurement while eating every meal.

  3. I take a bunch of supplements for my PCOS (following the dosage) and my husband is worried that I am taking too many. Is that possible? He thinks I'm just peeing most of it out because I take them all at once (none say to take multiple times a day). What so you think?
    I'm taking: vitex, inositol, fertile aid, vitamin c, d, and e, fish oil, i-3-c, geritol, prenatal, and calc. Fluer. I haven't had any I'll effects so far. I drink them with my green smoothie in the morning (also I recently tried starting seed cycling so I add the seeds to my green smoothie as well, any thoughts?). Like I said no issues, but I am seeing my temps go all over the place which makes me think I may have low progesterone. Let me know what you think (sorry the comment is so long).

  4. Hey your vlogs are very informative and comforting. I am going though Subchornic hemorrhagic and 6 weeks pregnant. I don’t know y it has happened and how to heal it. I request you to please make a video on this subject. Not a lot of information is available over he internet. Thanks.

  5. mam i m taking pulsatilla 6x tab two tyms 5days gap and natrium sulfuricum tab daily 2tab three tyms..my bilateral tubal blockage due to partial hydrosalpinx is there. will it clear my endometriosis and help me conceive? plz 😢

  6. Hi Inge sorry I am spamming this video but I wanted to thank you very much for being so helpful and promoting charting. I am 33 and have been trying to conceive our third and last baby for the past 8 months. In the past 8 months I had 2 chemical early losses so I knew something was wrong at implantation stage. I never experienced any losses with my first two but I was also in my 20s. I started charting two months ago thanks to your videos and advice bought an Ava and femometer found Ava better for me as I have two other kids who keep waking me up at random times. Already from two months charting I could notice a pattern that I get a beautiful post ovulating rise peak at 7dpo and thereafter my temperatures drop prematurely they don’t remain raised long enough to allow for a healthy implantation envirnoment. I’m now in touch with my doctor re progesterone supplements thanks again for your videos!! They are excellent and hope i will have a successful pregnancy next time ❤️ xx

  7. thnk u mam for this video….i had pcod 4 years ago and i took allopathy and cured but again i have pcod and i thought to go to again allopathic treatment and i know that may b it's my sugar level is higher sometimes that's why i have this prblm…but now i am gonna look forward to have a healthy lifestyle….

  8. Could you please do a video regarding detoxing the implant Implanon or Nexplanon ? Also regarding do and don’t regarding Pcos lifestyle but as well different homeopathic treatment in place the price range of them and if it’s effective and how is it effectively working . And what about kombucha I mean there is trace of alcohol in it.

  9. I been taking Maca pills, Vitex and just prenatal vitamins… idk if I have pcos.. but I been ttc for about 11months.. I hope this works.. what do u think?

  10. I have started pregnitude as it has inositol and folic acid. My periods are regular but when trying for our 2nd baby, I miss carried 2 times at 5 weeks. what else can I do to maximize our chances?

  11. Can you please make fertility massage video and what's the difference of castor oil pack? Do you recommend it? Thank you!

  12. Heyy my endrometrium lining is 6.8 and my LT ovary has a follicle of 25.3/20.3 and my RT. Ovary has a follicle of 14/21 follicle on day 12 so is it normal to have 6.8 endrometrium

  13. I wish we had a lot of natural practitioners in South Africa. And had a lot of people talking about PCOS. Thank you so much for this🤗

  14. I have PCOS but im completely opposite. I am not over weight.. its actually hard for me to gain weight. I have my period every other. Ive been ttc for 14months now. Last medication i took was letrozole 7.5mg cd 3-7. I also bought these pills called upspring fertility thats suppose to be really helpful for women with pcos.. have you heard of them? What is your opinion?

  15. I was diagnosed with pcos just last week after getting off BC 6 months ago, was wondering why all of a sudden the last 3 months my cycles were wack. Thankfully I have woman around me who have been through pcos and endometriosis. So glad I found your channel and have a doctor here in South Africa that prescribed I take the exact supplements you spoke about on top of my daily multivitamin. ❤

  16. My doctor put me on birth control for PCOS and I know so many doctors do this and it drives me nuts 🤦🏼‍♀️

  17. If you conceive do you continue inositol? I know some hormone balancing supplements can cause miscarriage if you abruptly stop them. Thanks!

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