Treating Sick Pet Snakes : How to Check for Internal Parasites in Pet Snakes

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Nicole from
Pet Kingdom. I’m here to tell you about sick snakes. Many species that are caught in the
wild and transported to your local pet stores will come with internal parasites. This is
something you want to be very careful of cause most of internal parasites will require antibiotics
which will definitely mean a trip to the vet. One sign that your snake has is internal parasites
is bloody stools if your snake is passing blood or if your snake is regurgitating it’s
food a lot. If it can’t seem to keep anything down but has the appetite to eat, if it’s
star gazing in other words if it’s standing up looking at the ceiling or the sky with
no particular intention just kind of dazing off, staring into space. Then you know your
snake probably has an internal parasite that is caused some neurological problems. All
internal parasites are very serious diseases and they need to be treated by a vet as soon
as possible. If you need to find a vet in your area that has a background in herpetology,
it’s very simple to do. All you need to do is find a vet in your area any kind of vet,
call them and ask if they have a doctor that a herpetological background. If they do not,
they are very likely to be able to guide you somewhere that has a herpetological background.
Even if you have to go to the next city over, it’s definitely worth it cause all internal
parasites are extremely dangerous to your pets health.

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