Trim Maxx Caffeine and Chemical Free Dieter’s Ginseng Tea Review

Hi, I’m Kerri. Hi, I’m Shelby. We’re here to talk to you about Body Breakthrough’s
Trim-Maxx Tea. They smell delicious, this is what they look
like. In preperations for Shelby’s big day in April
we decided to start trying Trim Maxx tea to help us lose those excess pounds and bloat,
primarily in the belly area. Hopefully you like your bathroom! Trim Maxx tea is super easy to make, you just
boil 2-3 cups of water and let the tea bag steep for about 2-3 minutes and that will
give you 2 servings that you drink at night right before bed. This makes you really energized! It comes with 60 tea bags and this box actually
includes 10 extra and there’s an easy diet plan to follow. This tea comes in 3 flavors. This one’s my favorite, the cinnamon stick
and I prefer the lemon twist but it also comes in original flavor. Trim Maxx tea does a body cleanse after every
time you drink it. So it’s removing all the sludge in your system
and allowing you to be energized and feel slimmer and trimmer and less bloated. It’s super easy to make, super convenient
and super convenient to your lifestyle, you can drink it at night, you can drink it in
the morning, you can drink it hot, you can drink it cold, you can drink it sweetened,
you can drink it unsweetened, however you like it you can just replace your normal tea
drink. Give it a try, we both like it. So, if you like it, tell your friends and
family and I’m sure they’ll like it too. Don’t forget to spread the wellness.

7 Replies to “Trim Maxx Caffeine and Chemical Free Dieter’s Ginseng Tea Review”

  1. Been using this Tea everyday since 2000. TRUST ME this has done wonders over the years for maintain weight and feeling energized.

  2. Let me give yall the real on this tea. This is to be taken at around 5 to 6pm. It wont start working until 11pm to Midnight. But when it does IT DOES!!! This tea makes you RUN TO THE TOILET!!! You will be back and forth to the toilet throughout the night. It wont wear of until 5am. DO NOT TAKE IT AFTER 6 OR 7PM. Cuz it will last until the next morning and you will shit yourself on the way to work!! You cannot hold it in!! It will also give you some stomach pain. Not stomach ache crampy kinda pains, but I GOTTA TAKE A CRAZY SHIT kinda feeling. But It will definitely make you go. And clear everything out of the pipeline! If you have a low tolerance for pain, or a whimpy ass bitch, then this aint for you. Try "Smooth Move" from whole foods. It works also, and without the stomach drama. But its no way near as effective as TRIMM MAXX! Thats my SHIT!! No pun intended lol

  3. Just start this tea having alot of belly pains and going toilet .Very uncomfortable is this normal.

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