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Rick Teska Senior Market Solutions. I want to put together a short video today concerning some true facts when it comes to dealing with your Medicare Supplement. Some facts that I feel really aren’t being told out there to consumers because we run into on a daily basis from consumers that they’re really afraid to change their Medicare Supplement and the fear of losing coverage and I think there’s only a couple reasons that I feel that they’re being told this. One they’re either being told that by their agent or a family member. All might have good intentions but I think there’s the only reason that I’m coming to the conclusion that they’re being told that is because either a family member or their existing agent really is misinformed on how medicare supplements work. One- mainly agents, I run into this: That an agent might tell them don’t change your coverage you might lose benefits. When agent makes that type of statement they’re really misinformed, and they’re not being truthful with you the customer. They have a vested interest they don’t want to lose you as a customer. I understand that, but really you’re being held hostage by that agent. Again either being that he’s misinformed or maybe he works with just one or two companies and doesn’t have access to anything other than that. So again, you may be paying more for that particular policy or that plan so it’s costing you. The other thing-is a family member they might have good intentions of protecting you or trying to help you but again, they’re merely misinformed. They don’t- may not understand how Medicare Supplements work So again all at your expense. When you’re paying or overpaying on your particular Medicare Supplement plan because these individuals aren’t you know, giving you all the facts whether they’re doing it on purpose or not. But I wanted to share with you a couple things in which are absolutely true facts and that is- right from the Medicare & You book that people are sent out every year- right from that book on page 81. It tells you right in there of how Medicare Supplements work, that all Medigap policies are standardized. Every Medigap policy must follow federal and state laws designed to protect you the consumer and they must identify their particular plan and that as a Medicare Supplement that only insurance companies can only sell Standardized Medicare Supplement plans. They have to letter them Plan A through N and that all policies must offer the same basic benefits. So if you have a Plan F now and as long as that letter code stays the same and you’re looking on the market at a Plan F with XYZ company. Every company has to abide by that- those rules in that same regulation, so So again that’s a fact. So if anybody tells you any different again right for the Medicare & You book a Plan F with Blue Cross, Blue Shield Mutual of Omaha, Aetna- Plan F is the same with all companies. Plan G- If you’re on a Plan G- a Plan G with all companies is the same. So that are the true facts right from the Medicare & You book that I want to share with you. We work with customers on a daily basis where we’re, you know, doing comparisons because we have access to all Medigap companies. We’re not working with just one particular company. We work throughout the country so we have again access to all companies. In fact, I just put together just from last month. Here’s some examples of customers throughout the country that we worked with. Here was a couple customers in Wyoming John and Judy, they had a plan with Colonial Penn, Plan N that had co-pays, deductibles. We got him on a plan, without co-pays still in the deductible. With the Colonial Penn Plan they were paying $400 a month. We got them in a plan for 244 they saved $156 a month. Here was another case Barbara from Indiana, she had a plan with Pekin. She was paying $300 a month and we got her cost on a Plan F down 192. That was a $108 month savings that we were able to help her with. Here was another couple- Delores and Richard from Wyoming. They had a plan through Reserve National. They were paying $421 a month we got him a plan for 321. So again $100 a month savings you know that they realized and I don’t know any person I deal with or any person out there that is on a fixed income and retired, that wouldn’t like to have $100 a month added or a raise in their income especially when Social security hasn’t increased and all other costs are going up, interest rates are going down. This is really a way that people can realize the healthy savings. Here was individual from Iowa. They had a Plan N again, had the co-pays We eliminated the co-pays, gave them the deductible that they still had- we match that up- they were paying 197 or she was paying $197 a month got her costs down to 127 that’s a $70 a month savings. Here was a couple, Allen and Lyla. They are from South Dakota. They were paying $350 a month. We got their costs down to 264 again, eliminated the co-pays. So healthy savings, but more importantly we were able to give them better coverage. Here was a couple, Calvin and Geraldine, from North Dakota- get this- they had a plan through United World They’re paying $546 a month on the Plan F. The best plan you can get. We got them a Plan F. Again same exact coverage they were paying 546 we got their costs down to 295. That’s a $251 a month savings for this couple! You know they were a ecstatic! I personally worked with that couple and that’s a huge savings. Here’s another one Raymond from Montana, he had a plan through Mutual of Omaha, is paying 273. We got him to plan with Aetna for 158 and again saved them $115 a month. Here’s one last one a, couple from Michigan They had a plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield. We did a lot of work in Michigan. They were paying $525 a month. We got their costs down to 256 that’s a $270 a month savings for this couple! So those are some of the stories that we go through and we hear and talk to people on a daily basis that that people are ecstatic when we can save them that kind of money on their health insurance and give them the same basic benefits that they have. So when it comes time to looking at your Medicare Supplement, let our expertise and our experience go to work for you and and you be one of these success stories that where we’ve helped people over and over on a daily basis. And we’re licensed in many many states we work throughout the country. So when it comes time again to looking at your Medicare Supplement and reviewing it, make sure you call us the Medigap experts at Senior Market Solutions. And you can reach us at our website or give us a call 1-800-784-8969 and we would be more than happy to review your Medicare Supplement.

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  1. Do Medicare Advantage Plans cover more services than Medi-Gap plans [say C or F]? If so what are they [besides Rx coverage].

  2. I will get a quote and put that money in a savings account to pay my own bills. The 20% that Medicare doesn’t pay. I can bet I will be ahead at the end of the year.

  3. I am taking Medicare Supplement, Plan G at 65. It will save me on the cost of oxygen. It was only 120.99, got a greet deal. I wish I could find a deal of prescription.

  4. ECstatic.
    U know what those fly by nite coms do, they pass the buck back n forth and after a year it is dropped. Neither them nor regular madicare pays the bills!!!

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