Turmeric Curcumin Benefits – Curcumin & Inflammation – Turmeric Supplements

Hi! Dr. Urban here.
I want to talk to you today about turmeric and curcumin benefits and
some inflammatory information. Let’s get started. First of all, I want to make
about five points, because the subject of turmeric curcumin is so broad, the
information so encompassing about this super supplement that it can’t be
covered in a five-minute video. I will have a series of videos relating to the
sub benefits & categories of benefits for turmeric curcumin which gets me back
to the introductory on the video. You saw that there was the number 1 which
means this is the first in a series of videos. Then there’s a little
caution man. That takes us to the second point I want to make in that if
you’re taking and you found yourself wanting to take turmeric
curcumin, if you take it off the shelf as a spice, that’s okay. You’re not going
to get very much absorbed of the biologically active component
which is really what you want, because turmeric is the plant. Curcumin is a
polyphenol. You want a lot of it so putting
pepper with curcumin increases the absorption about twenty fold. but the way
to go really is through supplementation. Supplements
really are the way to go and I’ll get to my recommendation here in a minute. The
second point is that there’s plenty of research supporting turmeric curcumin
I’m using those 2 words almost interchangeably. They’re not quite the
same, but you can think about it that way. The most commonly searched term on Google
is turmeric / curcumin. If you want
research, there are thousands of articles in a free database and I’m going to have
a link to it in the description below in case you or your doctor say, “Oh there’s
not anything supporting turmeric. This is fluff.” That’s just not true. Let’s talk
about curcumin and inflammation which comes together because curcumin shuts
off or counteracts a molecule that turns on 900 of your inflammatory
genes. Turmeric is a strong master anti-inflammatory. There’s also an
effect with cox-2 inhibition which is a good thing and it distinguishes curcumin
from other cox-2 inhibitors which also dampen down cox-1 which may not be what
you want. That’s where curcumin & inflammation kind of flow
together. But there are other things like curcumin and cancer. By the way, I
can’t claim that curcumin can cure anything. The FDA does not want me
to do that so I’m not making any such claims. I’m curating information,
bringing it together, giving it to you and telling you that I do take curcumin.
It’s my cancer prevention supplement. I researched it
for a while and I take it for cancer prevention. I’m not taking it for diabetes. I’m not taking it for the
information that goes along with this condition such as insulin resistance, but I expect
it to benefit and impact other chronic conditions. Where do
we go with this my recommendation? Yes, you can take curcumin and
you can add it to bioperine. Who’s going to
eat curry that every day and besides you don’t get the biologically most active
form which requires absorption with bio perine(pepper.) So I think
supplementation is the way to go. My supplement recommendation is
Curcumin Triple Burn by Dr. Al Sears. I’ve taken it for a couple years. I
researched for a while. I’m happy to do that as anti cancer
prevention while I enjoy all the other benefits which I believe are accruing.
ou may come at it from a different angle. I’ll leave that up to you.
know In the description below is a second link and that’s to Dr. Sears’
Curcumin Triple Burn which has to do with the addition of basil, ginger and
a plant called galangal. They work to enhance the turmeric
curcumin benefits. There you have it. Some recommendations. In the next video I’ll
talk about some of the more detailed benefits of curcumin
turmeric. For now, let’s get you started. So if you don’t like the link
and you don’t like someone selling you something through a video,
then just stop here., Please take the information about the biologically
absorbable biologically active curcumin to heart. I’m not sure we’re not all going to be on turmeric
curcumin some day, because in in the sense that these chronic
diseases are encroaching in on us. urcumin is a one of the strong
suggestions to approach this dilemma. See you in the next video.

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  1. This is my recipe: 1 teaspoon of turmeric, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of cocoa, 5 drops of Stevia and a small amount of black pepper ( to enhance the strength and quality of the curcumin) added to a mug of black coffee in the morning. My second cup of black coffee gets the sediments left in the bottom of the mug out. It has a taste of hot chocolate.
    That’s how you can get the spices in your diet.

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