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Hello Friends welcome to Rahul.Patki’s KHAPITU-The Foodie channel Today I have come to check out hotel Aniket Dining where we get very tasty and unlimited thali is what I have been told Today accompanying me is one of my very good friend Sachin.Desai so let’s check out how the Thali is The service is about to start wow,Dahi wada superb Rajma is being served Peas Paneer dish is being served lady’s finger dish is being served Gulab Jamun lentils curry kadhi hot phulkas are being served very nice wow…Basundi is also being served wow Every day the menu keeps on changing 190 rs unlimited thali at Aniket Dining Dal Khichdi is also being served so let’s go guys ,let’s start restaurant’s customer:we keep on coming to this place for Gulab Jamun and Dahi wada quality of food is good service is also good and it is reasonable and affordable As he mentioned that the food quality of Aniket Dining is very good service is also good chapati or phulka roti which we get here is my favorite and feels like it is home made I would definitely repeat the same,Thanks let’s start let’s taste Basundi is awesome The small cutlets are also very tasty very yummy wow very crunchy Everything is unlimited here,Gulab Jamun,Dahiwada Basundi also Friends don’t forget to subscribe to my channel like and share and don’t forget to comment Thank you so much follow me on facebook,instagram (see description box) thank you.

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