Use Your Mitochondria To Prevent Disease

Hey, it’s Dr. Schmidt. So I thought of
an analogy I want to share with you related to how
the body functions when you’re healthy versus when you’re ill. So I get this poster here. I’ve shown this
poster several times, and let me give you a little
preview on this poster. And I know you’re
not going to be able to read the
words and stuff, but I’m going to point it out. Just what matters is you got
this pink part here, yellow, and then– that’s the main part,
the pink and the yellow. So what this is, is the
metabolic pathways poster created by a guy
named Dr. Donaldson. And this was his life’s work, he
died in 2012 at the age of 96. And so we’re going
back, way back, when this– all this stuff
was being discovered. And he went to all
these conferences, and he had some mentors
and he communicated with the university
professors and researchers, and he came up with the
main metabolic pathways. And there’s like five, over
500 of them on this poster– the metabolic pathways that our
bodies use in various states, in various situations. So I came up with an analogy on
some of these pathways that– the most important ones
that pertain to you and I and why you want to get into
ketosis, why fasting is good. And people talk about ketosis,
fasting, carnivore, animal fat, animal protein,
because they feel good and the clinical
trials support it, and some people get
into physiology. And that’s what this is. It’s my favorite discussion. It’s what happens
inside the body and it’s absolutely fascinating. And so let’s get
started on this. So the main point
is you get ATP, that’s the fuel for the body. And that’s created down
here with this little, looks like a little
circus carousel and it actually rotates. When your body is used– this
is inside the mitochondria, there’s 3,000, 1,200
mitochondria in each cell, depending on the type of cell. So there’s a lot of
these in the cells. And when your mitochondria are
working well, you get 30 to 36 ATP– that’s a lot of ATP per cycle. So they’re very efficient. Now a long time ago,
the mitochondria was a different
organism and our cells– that’s the peak. You can see the peak
here, and surrounding– I got this microphone,
I can hold on to it so my voice doesn’t fade. Surrounding the
mitochondria, it’s all pink. That’s the cell cytoplasm. And so this, the cell
itself is like our bodies. But a long time ago, our
cells engulfed mitochondria, which were a separate
organism, and it’s been a symbiotic
relationship ever since. And they just, they’re
really good at creating ATP, but our cells are not. So where do our
cells create ATP? There’s three, there’s
three locations. Number one, here,
that’s glycolysis, that’s sugar burning, you
get two ATP and that’s it. It’s not efficient
compared to 30 to 36. And then the more of this
that you do, the more likely you’re going to get shunted
over here and this is bad. And so you have
lactate fermentation, I’ve talked about that forever,
and alcohol fermentation– ethanol. And both of those you only get– well, with alcohol
fermentation, you only get two. And then the kicker here is
that with lactate fermentation, something I just learned,
you get minus 4 ATP. So when you’re burning
lactate as fuel– because this doesn’t work
good, and your glycolysis is in excess because
you’re diabetic, or maybe you have cancer
and you’re using lactate as your fuel and you’re ill– you get minus four
ATP per cycle. And that’s why people in
the lactic acid cycle– it’s called cachexia,
that’s how they die. It takes six months or more
and their body wastes away. Once time I had a guy drive
from Illinois to my office, his wife drove, and
he used to weigh 185. He had four cancers and
at the time I saw him, he was 102 pounds. And I’m thinking to myself,
what is he doing here in a car driving into Michigan? He should be in hospice. And he died like
two months later. And there was a lot of
denial going on there. He didn’t, he goes,
I keep losing weight but I’ve plateaued at 110. And I said, yeah,
but our records just show that you’re at 102
and he was completely perplexed at the fact
that he kept losing weight and he had four cancers. So that’s the lactic
acid cycle and that’s what you want to avoid. So let me give you
this analogy here. When you’re, let’s say you– now, pyruvate
that’s– right here, there’s this chemical
called pyruvate. The end process of
glycolysis is pyruvate. I call it the money. I actually brought money. I brought change,
I brought pennies, I brought– we’re going to
use that analogy as the money. When you make
pyruvate from sugar, it goes into the mitochondria
if the mitochondria are healthy. If you’re doing well
physically, that pyruvate goes into the
mitochondria and then you can start this whole
cycle of making 30 to 36 ATP. But the problem occurs
when the mitochondria don’t work very well. So sometimes people are born
with dysfunctional mitochondria and they don’t have
enough energy to detoxify. They don’t have good energy
for their immune system. They get a virus
injected into their arm and then they have a
fever, a seizure, and now they have autism in 12 hours. That’s because
their mitochondria aren’t working very well. These kids, especially
boys, and boys have testosterone that
sort of predisposes them to autism versus girls. And then, so you can look
up mitochondrial disease, that’s the modern term for
the old term lactic acidosis. It’s really the same thing
and it’s this complex of physiological processes. So when the pyruvate goes into
the mitochondria, now you can– when the pyruvate goes
in the mitochondria, now you start the
Krebs cycle here and electron
transport chain here. And what you end up with is– actually, the very
first step you go from pyruvate to another
thing called Acetyl-CoA. The kicker here is
when you’re in ketosis, the ketones here become
Acetyl-CoA in one, two steps. So ketosis is two steps
and it’s super easy to have healthy
mitochondria in ketosis because you’re feeding
them so easily. And ketosis, and
fasting, and autophagy enhances the number
of mitochondria. It enhances the way the
mitochondrial function. There are nutrients to help
the mitochondria– there’s carnitine, there’s CoQ10,
and eating healthy fats. It’s all good for
the mitochondria. Having healthy membranes
is super important. All these, this blue
line right there, that’s, that’s the
membranes– this blue line. The green line is
also membranes. And your membranes
are intelligent. They have to be smart
and what makes them smart is healthy fats. So when eating canola oil,
and margarine, and Crisco, and soybean oil, those
are not real foods. They’re not smart. I mean the fats have to be
smart like saturated fat, lard, tallow– you eat them and then they go
right here and they’re smart. They do things. They can accept
hydrogens and electrons and they move things around. Whereas these plastisized fats– like canola oil
and soybean oil– they don’t move anything
around, they get stuck. They’re sticky and you don’t
have this fluid motion going on inside. So where was I at? So ketone, ketone bodies– two steps later, you’ve
got Acetyl-CoA, that’s one step after the pyruvate. All right. Now once you get the Acetyl-CoA,
now you can make 30 to 36 ATP. And then how do you– so
there’s different ways to potentially get in there. One is through fats. This is all fats. See that yellow bar? And then the ketone
bodies are in this box, and then you’ve got the sugar. So I brought– so the sugar,
let’s say the Acetyl-CoA is $1. I got 100 pennies right
here, there’s the sugar. See, these pennies are dirty. They make my hands dirty. They fall on the floor. They’re cumbersome. You can’t put them
in your pocket. People think you got
something weird in your pocket and cashiers don’t like this. That’s burning
sugar, 100 pennies and you end up with a dollar. And people, some
people promote– especially vegans–
promote sugar burning as like the end-all and
your brain needs it, and it’s good for athletes. No, not at all. All right, so the
next analogy would be, here’s four quarters– that’s fat, that’s
this right here. And there’s a lot of
different steps in here to make this line of
fats become Acetyl-CoA. And then the second
line, there’s four lines of fats
listed out here. They all easily kind of
slip into Acetyl-CoA. All right, but you
can see that there’s some complexity in there. Whereas with ketones it’s
simply a piece of paper, it’s $1 like that. It’s cash money to make
that Acetyl-CoA, pyruvate to Acetyl-CoA. So there is my analogy. I got pennies on the floor now. And you notice some of these? Like this one looks pretty new. What year is this one? This is 2013. It’s nice and
shiny, it’s copper. Look at that? It’s pretty. Look at, it shines. And then this one looks like
it got ran over by a truck, like that. What’s the difference
between these two? Well, one looks better,
one’s more attractive, the other one’s dirty. They’re both sugar. It’s still the same sugar. Now this one, the pretty
one, could be fruit and then the dirty
one is junk food. It ends up being sugar
anyways, but when you take in the
junk food, you’re also taking in the rubber
left by the tire when it got run over by a truck. You’re getting in a lot of
toxicity and the fake fats and all that kind of stuff– but sugar, sugar once it
gets down into this level. So I guess the main
point here is– I’m going to wrap this up
as far as my instruction, it’s been 11 minutes. The main point here is that
as you go into ketosis– and you’re fasting and
you’re doing burst training to drop that blood,
that blood glucose down getting into fat burning mode– you’re creating a buffer
between death and health. You’re extending this cushion
so that you live longer. And then you’re using the
fats here, using ketones here, and you’re avoiding
glycolysis which is key. And the more you
avoid glycolysis, the more you avoid
lactate fermentation. And like I said, lactate
fermentation is minus four ATP– wrote a little
note right there– minus four ATP and
you waste away. So this is why people who are– they can be healthy runners,
eating salads every day, eating their little four
ounces of chicken once a day, they’ve never been in ketosis
and they have a heart attack at 65. And they didn’t see it coming. Their cholesterol is
completely normal, their blood pressure
is completely normal, and they have the physiological
processes going on inside their body. And that’s never been reversed
because ketosis reverses it, same thing with cancer. That’s another video
about– and I have videos on the mechanism of cancer. Now one other point is that
some people don’t believe me when I talk about this. Can you believe it? It’s right here on the poster. I just explained it. It’s on the poster. So it’s the mechanism. It’s how things work
inside the body. So it’s been 12.5 minutes. Let me answer some questions. Here is– the second
question right here, I recently got gout. Should I stay away
from red meat? No. Well, red meat
could be a trigger for you to make gout
flare up but that doesn’t mean it’s a cause. The cause is sugar
and carbohydrates. So as you lower your
sugar and carbs, your uric acid goes down. And then later– and it may
take six months or a year. Later, than you
can eat red meat. Can you eat red meat now? I guess I would avoid it because
the state of your biochemistry, but remember red meat
is not the cause. All right. What’s your take on coffee? Do you drink it? No, I don’t drink it. That’s my take on it. I had it once, it hurt my
stomach when I was a kid and never had it since. He doesn’t like coffee. That’s right, Sean
Davidson knows that. All right. Using an analogy– using your
knowledge to fight morgellons. Let’s talk about morgellons. That’s a good question, Ashley. Morgellons is a– Google it and maybe
it’s different now than when I studied it
six or eight years ago. But at the time,
it was a reaction to the glyphosate that’s sprayed
on agricultural carb crops– maybe somebody changed
that, maybe, I don’t know. But that was the
definition when I studied it and I had a guy
come in and he said he had it. And he would go like this
on his skin and things would pop right out. And that was the only
time that I ever saw it. And so somebody said
to me once, that they had a patient with morgellons,
and they’re doing everything right to get rid of it– avoiding wheat and all that. And it didn’t go away. And I said, well, maybe
it’s not morgellons, it’s something else. So anyways, you want to avoid
plants that are sprayed. And when you look at white
bread at a restaurant, it’s going to have five times
the amount of glyphosate that it should or some
astronomical number like that. So this is where you get as
organic as you possibly can, depending on
availability and budget. And I just told
somebody on the phone about commercial
versus organic beef. I did an experiment
last week and I had four patties
of regular meat, regular conventional
meat, and my heart was going real fast
after I ate them. And then two days later, I
had the same amount of meat but it was grass fed
from a grocery store, and my heart was very
calm and relaxed. So a big difference– same
quantity of meat, same type– same time of day,
it was actually dinner time, and
a big difference in how my body reacted to that. So keep that in mind. I’ve been curious about
using the carnivore diet to help with opioid
withdrawal and speed up detox. I would agree with that 100%,
to do the carnivore diet to help get rid of
addictions, absolutely. One time I had a guy that
was a post heroin addict. And he had quit heroin
13 years earlier and he had apocalyptic thinking. He had deep ache in
his calf muscles. He had chest tightness, anxiety. And I asked him, when
you were on heroin, did it help you get rid
of all those symptoms? He said, yes. And then I said,
but did it make it worse in the future, like
later it made it worse? He said yes. Same is true with all
the drugs, like opiates. They make it feel
better at the time, but they make it worse later. And that totally makes sense
when you know lactic acidosis. So meat is the best
solution for that, along with whatever
other detox things you’re going to be doing. So yeah, I just think this
thing keeps jumping around. I have not really
studied deuterium. Greetings from the
Virgin Islands. Canada, hi. Best analogy ever. Thanks, Kristen. Kristen works in my office. What’s your opinion on killing
morgellons or bad EMF overload. I’d love to see a
video on your opinion. I would do it. Well, bad EMF overload– I’ve loaded myself up a
safe space protection. Just Google my name– just
search my name on YouTube plus safe space or EMF and
you’ll see what I have. I had one device I thought
it was on the floor. It’s probably back in there. I’m in ketosis but my
shoulder got frozen. Any suggestions? Yes. Frozen shoulder is
typically mechanical. There’s a guy named Dr.
Francis Murphy and I believe he’s in, he’s in Dallas–
he’s a chiropractor– and he, in his
clinical practice, discovered a way to adjust
the upper neck, lower occiput, in such a way that
released what’s called the accessory nerve. And the accessory nerve
activates muscles here. So when people have a frozen
shoulder this is what happens. They raise their arm up and
they can’t go like this. What they do instead
is like that. They just– there’s just no
extra motion beyond this, because that’s the
accessory nerve. And you can Google him
and you can see videos where he has somebody raise
their arm up and they’re stuck. He adjusts them and
then five minutes later, they’re going like this and
their face goes like that. They’re just in shock that
now their shoulder works. So it’s probably worth it to
go, fly to Dallas and see him, or he’s been training
chiropractors across the country. So maybe he has a
referral network. So check that out for
your frozen shoulder. Otherwise, you’re
going– it’s going to take nine months for that
just to go away on its own. There was a question
earlier about ME– I can’t find it now. So next question here,
let me see where I’m at. There we go. Carnivore than first–
chronic fatigue syndrome, ME? Well, I wish I knew what ME was. Myalgia? Myasthenia– no,
I don’t remember. Yeah, do it. Carnivore for that, yeah. For sure, it’s the best thing. And I, I don’t say that lightly. And there’s many, many
reasons why going carnivore is really good for somebody
who is chronically ill. How do you feel about resistant? Let me go back to this one. Would taking Ubiquinol
be better than CoQ10 to have mitochondria produce
more and better energy? I don’t really know the
difference between the two. I haven’t really studied that. Can you eat meat and
poultry on a dry, hard fast? Dry– well, a dry, hard fast
would be no food, no water, no brushing your
teeth, no showering. So no, you can’t have the
meat when you’re on a dry, hard fast. Autohemotherapy will rid
you of all sorts of sora. How do you feel about
resistance starch? I don’t need it. Should I add to my diet? I don’t know. How did you cook your patties? On the grill. What is the best way to get mold
out of sinus without surgery? You inject stuff in your nose– silver, like ACL silver,
Nanosilver, restore. There is a product
called restore. They have a nasal
applicator that might work. But really the– and I’ve
had troubles with my sinus for a super long time. Carniovre has been
the best thing. And you’re not eating
plants and dairy that will cause that
to get congested. The thing about the sinuses
is Black Cumin Seed Forte which is a product from
MediHerb and maybe there’s another version that might
be as good but I doubt it. Black Cumin Seed, it has been
fantastic for cleaning out the sinuses. Now dealing with high microbe
prolactinoma on pituitary. So pituitary tumor
causing high prolactin, lowering therefore, lowering
testosterone– well, any pituitary or I’m sorry,
any tumor, cysts, fibroid, you get to go into
ketosis, and that gets rid of pathological tissue. So just try it. I don’t say– I’m not
saying it’s going to work. But a pituitary tumor? Keto. I love your different
take on modern medicine. Most doctors are just
pawns for Big Pharma, pushing prescriptions for money. I’m going to make a little
comment on that, Xanax. So, yeah, the medical doctors
are like a sales army. Really, by force, and they have
to recommend the drug or else they get in trouble with
their license enforced by the state medical
board, enforced by the federal government
and or Big Pharma. It’s all one big system. Now what’s
interesting, which I’ve been sort of discovering is
that, the reason why people get– you and I– the reason
why patients get controlled into the system is,
for example– let me give you this example. So let’s say somebody
is on painkillers and they’re on Social
Security disability. So they’re getting free
money from the government and they go to their
doctor every three months. They get a new prescription
for their painkillers. And let’s say that person said– let’s say the patient says,
oh, I’ve been on CBD oil and now my pain is 50% better. I need less painkillers. Now they’re in
trouble and the doctor says, get off the CBD oil
or you lose your free money, because a doctor
becomes in charge. And the doctor is losing
cred, street cred, with the Pharma reps and
the state medical board because they don’t want
patients on CBD oil. And they, they get– they take a loss
when a patient gets better because, then, the
patient leaves their practice. And then they lose,
they lose their points. They actually have a point
system, the doctors do. And based on the points
system, they have an income. So that’s how the system works. You get trapped
into it, especially if you’re a ward of the state. If you’re on disability
or something or Medicare, you know, like you’re
now over the age of 65, now you’re in that system. So you got to break
free from that. You’ve got to be careful
with what you say yes to. Good question. Is it bad for people with
cancer to do anaerobic exercise? Oh man, that’s a
really good question. I would do the burst training. So you can do short period
of time, hardcore sprint, let’s say 30 seconds
or 60 seconds, and then you rest for
four or five minutes. And then do that three
times, that would be better. And that drops– the whole
point is get into ketosis and stop the lactic acid cycle. Get your body burning ketones
and starve those cancer cells because they love sugar. They love other– depends
on the cancer too– but they love other
forms of fuel. And for most cancers,
they respond to ketosis. So burst training, also
known as HIIT training, is the best for
facilitating ketosis. Losing weight but my
belly just won’t go away– Henry. If the belly is not
going away, that– you have to look at hormones. So run a test for cortisol. Go to your holistic doctor
and do a saliva test where you spit for a
sample of cortisol. And it could be
even like estrogen, maybe your estrogen is too
high compared to testosterone. That’ll cause you to keep
the weight in the belly. And the best way to raise
your testosterone up is exercise with weights
in the morning, fasted– between 5:00 AM and 9
AM, that’s your window. So you’re in ketosis,
you’re fasted, it’s early and you’re pushing
weights around. Best– after massive exposure
to mold, the back of my throat glows under UV light. Have you ever seen this? No. You’ve got a lot of
killing of mold to do, and detoxing of mycotoxins. Best advice for psoriasis. It’s the carnivore diet
and kill parasites, and make sure your
kidneys are working well. Those are my, the three
things you have to look at. If you need help, you
got to contact me. Contact the office. Do you have experience
with Serrapeptase? I, no I don’t sell
Serrapeptase but I have nine enzyme products. And actually, actually,
one of my products I think has it in there. But there’s a lot
of enzymes that can clean up the
inflammation and the packing of the arteries. So I don’t think Serrapeptase
is anything super special other than the marketing is great. And it seems like every four
years there’s a marketing push on something new, which I’m
happy about– like resveratrol, was once– I remember that and
it’s, it’s worth it. You know, it was– I’m glad that the
marketing push was there. Would carnivore be OK
for hypothyroidism? I don’t know. I don’t have any
experience with that, but the carnivore diet would
be like the Homo sapiens diet. So typically, the Homo sapiens
diet is good for Homo sapiens. The best thing
for hypothyroidism would be for some
very calming minerals. Now, it’s a scary
diagnosis and MD’s will want to radio your
thyroid, cut it out. They’re going to save your life. But I’ve, I’ve had people
with hypothyroidism and we’re able to calm it down
and fix it with nutrition only. You’d have to be a patient for
me to walk you through that. OK. Those with PTSD? Yeah, PTSD– in my opinion–
is a super big B vitamin deficiency. So Catapults B or Catapults
G, but primarily Catapults D– that’s a really good question. Now, the PTSD could be a year’s
worth of divorce proceedings or like one instant bad news. So either way, it’s the
same stress on the body. The emotional,
physical stress is the same on the body with
the adrenals pumping out adrenaline and this cascade
of events happening. And then your nervous
system gets wacky, and it soaks up all the
B vitamins from the liver and then the liver
can’t detoxify. Your blood gets dirty. You end up with lactic acidosis. You get– you end
up with the toxicity and hypoxia of lactic acidosis. It’s not that your lactate
is high but it could be. And remember, lactate is
not a cause of disease, it’s a signal that something’s
going on and you got to fix it. Lactate does not cause disease. All right. Is there only fat you
would cook meat on? I don’t cook meat in fat. But if I did, it would be
bacon grease or, I don’t know, I’d let it cook
in its own juices if I ever do it on a pan. And I had a patient tell
me this great advice and it’s then really great. I put a steak in the oven at
250 degrees for 45 minutes. And then you put it on
the grill, high heat, very quickly to
sear the outside– that was fantastic. When it’s in the oven, it’s
sitting in its own juices. So it doesn’t lose
that moisture. So 45 minutes at 250
degrees, then the grill, absolutely fantastic. Is colloidal silver the
same as silver water? Possibly, I don’t know. It depends on the brand. What CBD oil do you recommend? I don’t recommend one. You’d have to do your
own research on that. Will carnivore diet
get rid of migraines? I don’t know. You have to find
out by trying it. And we have a lot of various
successes with migraines. All right. Hopefully the
Illuminati will not– doesn’t put a hit on you
for exposing these clowns. Yeah. Husband had shingles in his 40s. He has– he still has
symptoms four years later. That’s horrible. I notice Costco offers a series
of two shots for shingles. Would you recommend? I recommended fixing
his body, inside. He’s got a virus in his body. He’s got to avoid the
foods that feed the virus. Go on YouTube, search my
name plus antiviral diet. I did a video about it. Below the video, is
the antiviral diet– no dairy, no nuts,
no seeds, and there’s a few vegetables to avoid. So and then, if he
wants to be a patient, we’ve got supplements to
help the body kill viruses. Clarification– I’m going
to finish with this one. Clarification: you
say lactic acidosis is the mechanism of chronic– It’s the most common
mechanism of chronic disease. You just said lactate
does not cause disease. Correct. Did you mean that lactate isn’t
bad until it creates acidosis? Lactate isn’t bad
until it’s too high. The point is lactate gets
cleared out of the body by the liver and the kidneys. And if those are dysfunctional,
like in diabetes, then you have a
buildup of lactate. If you have a buildup of
lactate because you’re diabetic and you’re always
doing glycolysis, and the mitochondria
aren’t working good, then it would shuttle
the pyruvate over to lactate then that’s
another problem. You can have lactate for a
couple of different reasons. So you got to fix the
reasons why it’s there. I got plenty of videos on that. It’s a whole subject,
it’s a whole topic. And I’ve been looking for
some other professionals on social media– I just thought of
somebody, I’m going to ask him to be on
for an interview. And I read an article that
he wrote probably back in ’08 and actually saw him give
a lecture on this subject back in ’02. And I completely forgot about
him, recently, until now. So I’ll have him on. Otherwise, I’ve been telling
some other biochemists and physiologists
and stuff– hey, here’s the thing I
have this idea on and I’ve been reading
all these books, and nobody’s really
taken the hook yet, but I’m going to get
this other person on. So here’s a good question
before I end off. What diet would you recommend
for a type 1 diabetic and to lose belly fat? I’ve had fantastic results with
the ketogenic diet for type 1 diabetes, where the
blood sugars 300 and now it’s stable at 120
or 110 every single day, not going up above 120. I have a friend
whose dad is over 70 years old, type 1 diabetic
since he was a child, and he’s a total vegan. And it’s– that’s
been working for him. He’s been a vegan probably,
I don’t know, probably more than 20 years
that I know of. It could be 40
years, I don’t know, but that’s working for him. But in my opinion, I
think the ketogenic diet is the best one because then
you get your proteins in and you get your fat. You’re not fat deficient. Let me– so if you
want to be a patient, you got to email
or call the office. This is my plug. You’ve got– I’ve
given you a half hour with good information,
just give me 20 seconds to plug my office. Now YouTubers– they turned
my channel down and my– it’s crazy how my numbers
have crashed as far as number of views per day, number
of subscribers per day, and they’re out to get
alternative health care practitioners. And Google is owned– it owns YouTube and Google is
doing it to other websites too. And I do see the effects
in my office here. So during my lectures or during
my live streams like this, I gotta, I gotta give
you my little plug. So we have people fly in– I just had a guy, last
week, flying from Hawaii. This week I have
a guy from Nigeria and both individuals
are doing five visits. It’s called the
heart travel package. And we run this HSR– it’s called the heart
sound recorder– and we can see the improvements
in the heart day after day after day– Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. And then I’m
recommending supplements based on symptoms and
muscle testing and the HSR. And in three days,
there’s positive changes and it’s fantastic. So all based on nutrition,
my purpose in life is to bankrupt drug companies. I am unsuccessful so far. And the way that you
think of drug companies, I used to think you would
have to sue them or pass laws, that’s not going to work. And you just have to get
a lot of sick people well. And a lot of my
recommendations for supplements are now available on Amazon. And there are a
few that I can sell that are only available
through health care practitioners, practitioners. So anyways, if you– so my job
is to help solve your puzzle. So you read an article and you
say, oh I need this supplement and you take this supplement. You read another article, yeah,
I need this supplement too. Before you know it, you’ve get
30 supplements in your kitchen and you feel exactly the same. That’s a problem. So what we do in this office
is we are the puzzle solvers. We start at the
beginning and we say, what happened when you
started, before you got sick? And we look at your diet, even
when you were a kid growing up. You tell us how your diet was. Did you have a mold exposure? Did you have some
sort of a toxicity? I got to tell you about a guy,
recently, his coronary artery calcium score used to be 1,700
and then a year later, he’s been in ketosis. He’s been taking the right
supplements, especially NanobacTX. One year later, his
score is 1800s something. So it got worse and
they said, well, the only other factor
would be infection. And where do infections hide? Where do the bugs love to hide? In the jaw. And so he went to the
biological dentists. He got this 3D X-ray
called the cone beam. They found four infections
where his wisdom teeth were pulled out when he
was 19 or 20 years old. So he’s got to get
those drilled out, ozone-aided– ozone water–
flush out that bacteria, clear all that stuff out. And there are three other
teeth that are questionable. So seven possible
infections in the jaw. When I got that– I talked about that, that
documentary Root Cause. This guy talks about
the cavitations. And this was one
of my viral videos that was going on in June. I had two viral videos
happening at once. And I was getting 500 to
700 new subscribers a day. When YouTube found out,
they turned my channel down. Four days later,
I was only getting 30 new subscribers a day. So they don’t want
you to watch this. So don’t watch it. Don’t you dare watch this. All right. All right, so my email– and the email and the
phone number is below. And I will, I’m going to
start doing some videos– I’m thinking Friday
mornings, early, that way I can catch people
in the UK and in Australia. So Friday mornings, maybe
like 7:30 AM or something, that’s what I’m thinking. Let me know your
thoughts on that below. I’m still going to do
Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:10 PM, Eastern time. OK, see ya.

66 Replies to “Use Your Mitochondria To Prevent Disease”

  1. Why can’t Drs like this be the norm?! True doctors teach us nutrition and healing modalities and are not forcing feeding pill-pushers and needle-pushers and perhaps unnecessary or stupid or foreign-material cut & burn & staple back together. I wish we had “alternative” medicine hospitals so that if we did need surgery we had good surgeries with no dangerous artificial drugs, antibiotics or permanent foreign materials by diligent surgeons and knowledgeable nurses and surgery techs!

  2. Re "frozen shoulder". I had it years ago after an injury. A therapist did various exercises with me, she gradually stretched my arm to extend my range of motion, and she also used heat treatments. I don't remember how many visits it took – maybe 10 or 12. I was overseas at the time, so it wasn't very expensive. Nowadays exercises to fix it are available online.

  3. I'm going to look back in your vids for info on muscle testing. Been trying to recover daughter from autism for 12 yrs. There has been many successes with other issues, but not the autism.
    Also begining to use more keto style foods.
    Thanks for your channel. You help alot. They have blocked me from viewing live stream so sucks I can't ask you questions.

  4. ……and don't forgot to take your BioPQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) to stimulate mitochondrial biogenesis.

  5. Hi Darren

    Love your stuff.. you got me into the keto thing over 3 years ago after trying to read Dr Mercola's book. I'm constantly trying variations and modifications to improve my individual N of 1.

    Low protein, veganism, juicing etc. Works well short term to detox, but dosent rebuild your tissues and In my case led to hair loss, low libido, joint problems severe muscle loss and general bad health plus depression etc.

    Im from the UK I don't care when you release vids I'll watch them later.😎

    Keep up the good work😊
    But try not to put a target on your back😇

  6. Hi

    I was waiting to hear why the cheater regular red meat gave you a racing heart? Whereas organic grass fed beef didn’t?…. whydo you think so, what causes the heart to race?

  7. YT Corp are thieves!!! The numbers, aren't real. They are chging the algorism on everyone who doesn't support their ideology.

  8. All this knowledge is making me an outcast. Lol!
    I try to get the word out but it's tough when everyone is so jazzed by conventional wisdom.

  9. You are an awesome doctor! Thank you for your videos. I think you would be able to reach more people if your videos were a little shorter.

  10. How can I cure from hypoglycemia? I don’t have diabetes, I’m 29 years old. I tried eating low carb,, but if my sugar really drops I feel terrible, shaky, dizzy, weak, hungry. I am eating a lot of protein and healthy fats.

  11. water kefir flush is fine for sinuses too. besides that, you are doing great work, sir! the metabolic material you provide is superbly explaining and understandable. <3

  12. Brilliant analogy using dirty currency to explain the intrinsic value and convenience of the energy currency and how if its old oxidized and damaged food sources it is JUNK food that costs us health, energy levels, and damages our micro turbines in mitochondria.

  13. FaceBook suppressed and manipulated numbers then wouldnt allow me to share my viral video of my dog having a seizure in which I informed people that the rabies vaccine started his seizures and some behavioral/psychological changes when he was 3 years old.

  14. For those who want to do more research or buy the metabolic pathway poster :

  15. Dr. Schmidt, thank you for your insight. What do you think of galactosimia? They stop babies from being breastfed because of it. Is that right?

  16. Do you work with patients with pacemakers? I don't know how much an implanted pacemaker would interfere with the ability of Cataplex B/G or other SP supplements to restore heart health.

    (I also sent this question to your NHCAA website but thought others might want to know this answer.)

  17. Does your resident pharmacist at NHCAA advise people how to wean themselves off meds like satins, beta-blockers, and diuretics?

    I wish my dad had never started using any of this junk, but now that he has, we're afraid to just stop taking them cold-turkey and do ketosis and SP supplements.

  18. I've saved all your YouTube videos in a file "Dr Darren Schmidt."

    Today I went to look for my YouTube file on Dr Darren Schmidt AND ITS GONE FROM MY LIBRARY. Anybody else find there saved Dr Schmidt videos gone?

  19. Dr Schmidt, will near infrared/red light therapy (have NIR/red light tent – sauna space) help our mitochondria?

    Had MRI that showed I had torn rotator cuff. After 2.5 years of pain, found ChDr who had LLL (low level laser). After 20 – 5 min treatments over 3 mos, NO PAIN, and after 1.5 years still NO PAIN. We are now working on siatica w LLL and adjustments and it is helping hip (unbalanced right side). I'm 55 and just discovering chiropractic, yea.

  20. Paul Saladino just did a very cool podcast about deuterium and mitochondria, an interesting addition to the puzzle.

  21. 29;35 Dr. Jay Nielsen (on Reluctant Preppers channel) treats /prevents shingles with high doses B12 injections.

  22. Hi Darren do you know anything about a beta glucan supplement, and whether or not it will interfere with ketosis?

  23. Thank your patient for the great advice about using a 250 degree oven to make reverse seared steak! video 27:55 I put the seasoned steaks on a rack on a cookie sheet. Ours were a bit thinner, so I checked the temp at 40 minutes and it was higher than expected! Took them out, let them rest about 5 minutes, then seared each side for 45 seconds, pressing down to make sure all parts of the steak made contact with the extremely hot pan. Excellent! I'm going to make steak this way from now on!

  24. can you do a video on how cigarettes effect the body and brain I say smoking destroy every organ in the body promotes health cell death and it poisons the blood

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