Vapor Rub for Genital Enhancement?

The following program contains mature subject matter viewer discretion is advised Vapor rubs forms are claiming the appointment can help boost sex lives cure thrush and add fragrance giving a tingling sensation of course so anyone who’s I am NOT a hater of these vapor rubs because it can be very soothing, but I’ve Well, maybe in your genitals does not sound like a good idea to me Whether it’s the penis or the vagina why because they say you can use it on both? Really, yeah, they say for guys too, so let me Anybody last time I got bengay on my private parts was not a good day. Let me tell you Not a good day Smell like vapor rub down there don’t you guys associate that would having a cold yeah Yeah, this doesn’t I mean this doesn’t say anything about putting it anywhere But rub a thick layer in the chest and throw it or rub on us once or achy muscles. It doesn’t say anything about applied to your You know your genitals. That’s an awful label use. What can I tell you so drew? Did you use this last thing it’s almost empty Why so why are people putting this down there, okay, sorry Nina Apparently they’re saying that it can help with a vaginal yeast infection because there are some antifungal properties in there however It’s just too strong for your vagina It’s really going to irritate it and also they’re saying that it can help with like a fragrance But just your vagina is not supposed to smell like a rose garden And if I have a strong odor then you need to go to the doctor it is not doctor or hardware It’s hello your friends last, but not least is supposed to boost your sex life But I mean there are some people that say it gives a prickly sensation However, there are other people who say that it feels like a quote forest fire in their underpants

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  1. Don't know how people are brave enough to do this type of shit, because i know if something goes wrong you end up in the ER thats just gonna be so awkward.

  2. I put this shit around my nostrils and it burns. It’s not a “tingly” sensation. People are crazy and doing too much

  3. I wouldn’t do it … I place Ben Gay in my thigh in high school . I was hurting so bad . I’m still hurting from that shit.

  4. Gold bond burns if you put to much on. Ben gay never. Vicks vapor rub. Only put on a small amount . It feels cool. So your body rushes blood to warm it up. More blood harder erection. Better cover it up. Cause it might burn the woman ??????

  5. BiG DiQz r the answer to all the worlds problems… & HOEz cheat on 'niggaz' packin like kong

    all kinds of vapor rub home remedies… ppl actually use to ingest the shit

  6. i would not try this on my boys.
    and i don't think any guy should try rubbing this down stairs..
    it will burn..

  7. In high school after pitching 7 innings I put some on my sore arm, washed my hands and went#1 and still after washing my hands, just holding my penis to pee it burned from touching it.

  8. My girl put it on me before head for sore throat and opens wider so she can go deeper and keeps me from early ejaculation!

  9. Yeah.. i remember i was dared to rub icy hot on my balls during class… yeah that shit rubbed all around to my dick, it was burning so Fucking bad
    I was standing by my desk with my shorts away from my waist fanning my dick with a paper fan

  10. yea they can't just be satisfied with making love they have to have more that's a problem or maybe. their partner don't know how lol

  11. I agree with that but you can use a mentol candy to stimulate your partner and she will love it ( of course not a strong mentol one) it just another way of stimulate without going extreme

  12. Hi… Sadly i heard about Vap Rup, for male- masturbation, it give the guy a very warm sensation,it don't burn, but, to get some kind of hardon, but easyer
    to ejaculation???
    As, for i haven't heard what it would do in her vagina??? Outside on the
    Skin might,be,diffrent,than
    Inside on tissues skin???

  13. True story. Back in high school 20 years ago I sprained my ankle and rub it down with Vicks Vapor Rub. I didn't wash my hands, and fell asleep right afterwards. While I was sleeping I scratched myself you know where. What started off as a mild tingle ended up with a raging Inferno. Top 5 most painful experiences of my life.

  14. When I didn't know better (high school) I used Gold Bond down there. Had a cooling effect a few times. But, one morning…ish got real. I was rolling around like a wounded dog. Felt like someone lit a match to my balls.

  15. It will get rid of a cystic pimple in no time. I know it's gross I had an ingrown hair or some type of boil on my leg I put it on there and it was gone in 3 days

  16. Yeah I put bengay on my knees one time…woke up at midnight knees was on fire so I don’t recommend this

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  18. I hate this show….its common sense vapo rub increases blood flow and open up ur blood vessels these fuckers are SO FAKE

  19. I've graduated from Vicks vapor rub on my penis and started using carburetor cleaner it's much cheaper and burns way worse specially if you light it with a match!! Lol JK

  20. Don't put Vicks vapor rub inside your body. It's poisons for children under 2. Don't do it. It's only good for on skin and not around mucus membranes. There is an ingredient in Vicks that can coat your lungs until you can't breathe. I know because I have used Vicks vapor rub in my nose once I ended up in the hospital with breathing problems. The doctor found Vick was stuck inside my throat it couldn't move because it coats the membrane.

  21. Well the ones that say it works for male and female sexual enhancement maybe they tried it and seen for themselves over time that it works, it actually works for many things that doctors don’t tell you about whether they know about it or don’t. For example it works for athletes foot because I tried it for myself and it worked, same with ginger tea it worked for me and my wife. So what I’m saying is try it, if it works then that’s awesome for you but if it doesn’t after using it for awhile then you can tell people that it doesn’t work.

  22. It works, and I'm not a doctor!! just put a dab on the top in the middle of the penis and I think it helps dilate blood vessels. When you put Vapor Rub on your muscles it helps get more blood in those areas like, your thighs or, legs! It does remarkable for leg cramps; bodybuilders (leg day) and 100 mile marathon runners! There are so many veins and capillaries, arteries in our bodies and they all need blood to get to the area fast! I would never tell my girlfriend to use it in/on her Vagina because, she would probably cut my wiener off when I was napping! If, you really want to get your girl hot, and "WET" make sure she is 100% cleaned out down there in the rectal/Anus/Colon area with warm soapy enemas because, if "NOT" this can be gross!! So, as you are going to "bang her in the tail-pipe" use shampoo with olive oil and as you are penetrating her! She will go loony-tunes after a few minutes because it burns but, after that she will be begging you to stick, more shampoo in her to excite the nerve endings in the rectal area. There are all kinds of freaking crazy shhit you can do however, people just don't want to "take a walk on the wild side!" Don't be boring, spice up your sexual desires with simple solutions.

  23. The use of fucking Vicks is the only thing that is letting me get any relief from a crazy stupid insistent yeast infection. It's the only thing that relieves the damned pain too…..

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