Veg Crispy Recipe | Desi Chinese Ho Jaaye | Chef Varun Inamdar

Hello you lovely people this is me Varun Inamdar,
and welcome to Desi Chinese Ho Jaaye powered by St. Angelo’s VNCT Ventures. The recipe that I’m showing to you today
is a vegetable crispy. Let’s begin. First things first I’m going to use corn
starch because that is going to help in making this nice and crisp,
to this I’m adding equal portion of refined flour, chopped ginger and garlic
just a little bit of ginger not too much. To this I’m going to add in just a
little bit of red chilies. Mix all of this. To this black pepper and with this
I’m adding in monosodium glutamate, just a touch of dark soy sauce. I’m going to
make a batter with cold water, the batter needs to be nice, not very thick, not very
thin. It just has to be coating consistency. Heat oil on high flame, dip
each vegetable at a time do not make the mistake of combining the vegetables and
frying them together because the frying time for every vegetable is different.
Let’s begin with a hard root, in this case carrots. Mix all of this together
and drop this in the batter and fry this. Simple. Let’s begin with carrots, you can also
follow this up with French beans because the cooking time would be similar but
other vegetables of course the cooking time would be different, so you need to
fry them separately. I’m also pushing in the beans, coat them well and just kind
of sprinkle them like this, pinch them and just kind of distribute them within
the oil. Do not do the mistake of frying one bean at a time.
Well these vegetables need to be fried of course retaining a bite, because
that’s where the beauty of the crunch or the crispness of this is going to come
in. Let’s dip it once in like this and here you have the first two vegetables
of course which are fried and ready. Similarly we start frying the rest of
the vegetables. Need to fry this on high flame till they’re
crisp, golden brown and just perfect. The next step of course is to fry the
remaining vegetables, you can combine the cauliflower, the capsicums
and the broccoli this time and finally you can do the zucchini, and of course
along with that the baby corns. With this, our crispy vegetables are done
and ready, and this you can of course serve in your restaurant, you can serve
in a bar, you can serve in your home kitchen. Just make this, have fun and make
this for your family and friends and let us know how you like it in the comment
section below. On that note ladies gentlemen do not
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